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GEOPON (Pitch Deck 2014)



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GEOPON (Pitch Deck 2014)

  1. 1. Geopon is the ultimate mobile advertisement platform. Geopon delivers relevant content in the form of coupons, weekly ads, membership and loyalty cards to consumers using state-of-the-art technologies such as geo-location, geo-fencing, indoor mapping, proprietary social media aware algorithms and more!
  2. 2. PROBLEM(S) Consumer: • No time to go trough that paper circulars that overflow the mailbox. • No time to go trough all of the emails & websites and print their coupons. • Forget about the offers on the Weekly Ad. • Forget the coupon at home/the car. • Forget loyalty cards. Merchant: • The design, printing, scheduling, publishing, updating and re- publishing of coupon or weekly ad campaigns requires a big investment of time and money. • They have little or no idea about the ROI of their campaigns. • Small-medium businesses are in disadvantage because only big companies can create a Mobile App (and leverage Passbook). That’s not fair.
  3. 3. MARKET OPPORTUNITY  comScore: “As of August 2012, 234 million Americans 13 and older used mobile devices and 116.5 million subscribers owned smartphones. 50% of mobile phone subscribers in the U. S. owns a smartphone.”  WSJ: “In 2012, 20% of smartphone owners redeemed mobile coupons; by 2013, that figure jumped to 30%.”  Microsoft: “There are 40 million people redeeming coupons with their devices.”  WSJ on a study sponsored by Master Card: “The market for mobile payments is expected to reach $618 billion by 2016.” 298 618 5.3 43 Mobile Payments Coupon Redemptions US$Billions.
  4. 4. SOLUTION For the Consumer: • No more paper clipping. • Nothing to print. • No more forgotten or expired coupons. • No more plastic or cardboard membership/punch cards. • Everything is on their hands whenever/wherever they need it. • MORE SAVINGS!!!
  5. 5. SOLUTION FREE Android and iOS Apps!
  6. 6. SOLUTION For Companies, Brands & Small Business Owners: • 5 step Web registration wizard. • Easy to use web based CMS with mobile device previews for all the content they publish. A nice dashboard with real time analytics. • Cost effective model (similar to Google AdSense and low monthly flat fees). • They get a Media Kit with Geopon posters and stickers to display at their business. • Small businesses can leverage technologies such as geo-fencing, location-awareness, proprietary social media aware algorithm, our Apps and more without investing large amounts of money.
  7. 7. COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Designed for Mobile Devices Easy to Use Coupons Weekly Ads Branded Loyalty Cards Geo- Targeted Social Interaction Knowledge Engine No or at early stage No Yes Yes No No No No Yes No Yes No No ? Yes ? New No Yes No No No No No Yes No Yes Yes No ? No ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  8. 8. ABOUT OUR TEAM Executive Team: Ido Meros, CEO Co-Founder and Senior VP of LLC. Former Co-Founder and COO of Axis Interactive Media. Mike Ginzburg, COO President of Processing Operations CTO at LLC. 20+ years of combined experience on electronic payments and Internet Marketing. Advisors: Dough Brisotti Former Director of Sales at Yahoo! Chaz Berman Former Co-Founder of MyPoints (Acquired by AMEX)
  9. 9. ABOUT ME @OscarSalguero Co-Founder, CTO & Lead Mobile Developer Web and Mobile Apps Developer / Hacker 20 years of experience developing desktop, web, mobile software and hardware solutions for Airlines, Finance, Banking, Digital Signage, Business Intelligence, etc. More at:
  10. 10. CONTACT INFORMATION @geopon 877-9-GEOPON

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