September 2012 Wine and Web: Content Strategy 101


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Content Strategy (and highlights from Content Marketing World)
We just got back from Content Marketing World and people keep asking for a download. So we're going to show you highlights from some of the best of the presentations we found. Each relates to some aspect of strategy.
WHO is your content for?
Understanding your audience through basic use of personas.

WHAT do they want to read?
Finding the topics that matter to the people who matter to you.

HOW should you sound?
A quick look at the tone and the words that work.

WHERE does this content come from?
Leveraging client stories to unlock a ton of fresh content

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September 2012 Wine and Web: Content Strategy 101

  1. 1. Wine & WebContent Strategy 101Andy Crestodina@crestodina #wineweb
  2. 2. Content Strategy
  3. 3. Content Strategists… “Achieve business goals bymaximizing the impact of content.” Source: Contentini
  4. 4. Whoare you writing for?
  5. 5. Who is Visiting Your Site? 1. Use Analytics Data • Pages/visit • Time on site 2. Keyword Expander
  6. 6. Visitor Personas
  7. 7. Triggers
  8. 8. Whatdo they want to read?
  9. 9. Obvious, right?
  10. 10. Sources of Topics 1. Keywords 2. Q&A Sites 3. Listening
  11. 11. Topics: Google Suggest
  12. 12. Topics: Google Keyword Tool
  13. 13. Topics: Analytics
  14. 14. Topics: LinkedIn Answers
  15. 15. Topics:
  16. 16. Topics: Listening 1. Sales Team 2. Customer Service Team 3. Client Stories
  17. 17. Source: Ann Handley
  18. 18. Source: Ann Handley
  19. 19. Howshould you sound?
  20. 20. Choose your words “Don’t think OF the market ….think AS the market” Source: Social Triggers
  21. 21. Source
  22. 22. Choose your wordsLatinate Words Anglo-Saxon Words- More formal - Less formal- Longer (polysyllabic) - Short (often monosyllabic)- Fancy, proper - Forceful, directExamples Examplesacquire, transmit, constru get, send, build, stop, put, mct, resist, deposit, imitate, ock, setdetermined
  23. 23. Choose your wordsLatinateWould you do me the honor of introducingme to this female acquaintance of yours?Anglo-SaxonHey, that girl you were talking to is hot!Take me to her, will you?
  24. 24. Choose your words Write like an 8th grader! …but don’t dumb it down
  25. 25. Wine & WebThank you!Andy Crestodina@orbiteers #wineweb