Keywords: how to choose them, how to use them


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Keyphrase research and usage: how to select keyphrases based on three criteria: search volume, competition and relevance. Other research ideas are included and tips on how best to use keyphrases on search optimized pages.

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Keywords: how to choose them, how to use them

  1. 1. Wine & WebKeyphrase ResearchAndy Crestodina@crestodina #wineweb
  2. 2. There are 3 Parts to SEO
  3. 3. How Search Engines WorkSource: SEOmoz, 2011 Search Engine Ranking Factors
  4. 4. How Search Engines WorkSource: SEOmoz, 2011 Search Engine Ranking Factors
  5. 5. SEO (over) simplifiedLinks = How trustworthy your site isOn-Page = How relevant the page isKeyphrases = What the page is relevant to
  6. 6. How to choose them
  7. 7. 3 Criteria for Choosing Keyphrases
  8. 8. Search VolumeTextResource: Google Keyword Tool
  9. 9. Search TrendingResource: Google Insights
  10. 10. RegionalInterestResource: Google Insights
  11. 11. CompetitionThe phrase is highly competitive if all thesites on the first page of Google…• Are famous (wikipedia, etc.)• Have a higher domain authority than you• Have title tags that begin with the keyphrase• Lots of AdWords ads Resource: Open Site Explorer
  12. 12. CompetitionLook out for universal search results• Local (change tactics/choose another phrase)• Videos (opportunity?)• Images• Products• News
  13. 13. RelevanceText
  14. 14. Other Keyphrase Ideas• Use Google Instant• Check the competition Resource:SpyFu
  15. 15. Secondary Keyphrases• Shares words with the first phrase“google authorship” and “google authorship markup”• Includes words that share semantic meaning
  16. 16. How to use them
  17. 17. On-Page SEO• Once at the beginning of the title <title>• Once in the first header <h1>• Four to six times in the body of the page• In links on other pages that link to the page.
  18. 18. More Internal Linking
  19. 19. Other Key(phrase)Reasons•Better Usability•Retro Keyphrase Design•Offline Benefits new products, services, locations Resource:Keyword Design Blackjack
  20. 20. Wine & WebThank you!Andy Crestodina@orbiteers #wineweb