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VMware Nova Compute Driver


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Published in: Technology
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VMware Nova Compute Driver

  1. 1. VMware Nova Compute Driver Sean Chen @opencomp
  2. 2. Enhancing VMware Compute Driver• Current VMware Nova Compute Driver needs a lot of help• Several key areas need improvements
  3. 3. Enhancing VMware Compute Driver• Launch OVF disk image• VNC console• Attach and Detach iSCSI volume• Guest info• Host ops• VLAN• Quantum• Cold migration• Live migration
  4. 4. VMware Compute Driver• spawn: supports sparse and streamOptimized disk image, block device and linked clone• power_on, power_off• get_vnc_console• inject_network_info• attach_volume, detach_volume• get_info• get_available_resource• get_host_stats, update_host_status• host_power_action, host_maintenance_mode
  5. 5. VMware Compute Driver• migrate_disk_and_power_off• finish_migration• finish_revert_migration• confirm_migration• live_migration
  6. 6. Custom VMware Image Properties for Glance• vmware_adaptertype – Ide – busLogic – lsiLogic (default)• vmware_disktype – eagerZeroedThick – preallocated (default) – sparse (sparse or streamOptimized disk)• vmware_ostype – otherGuest (default)
  7. 7. Linked Clone• Nova configuration flag for VMware Linked Clone support --use_linked_clone=[true|false] (defaults to true)
  8. 8. VNC• Nova configuration flags for VMware VNC support Existing flag: --vnc_enabled=[true|false] (defaults to true) New flags: --vnc_port=[port #] (starting port, defaults to 5900) --vnc_port_total=[total port #] (defaults to 10000) --vnc_password=[optional]
  9. 9. Networking EC2 API OpenStack API Horizon REST Nova-API (Web GUI) Asynchronous Message – Passing Queue KVM XenServer ESX Nova Nova Nova Network Instance-X1 Instance-X2 Instance-X1 Instance-X2 Instance-K1 Instance-K2 Compute Compute Bridge NovaCompute XenAPI VMware virt driver virt driver libvirt VIM Xen API API driver Bridge Bridge VSS/VDS Linux Kernel dom0 VMKernel
  10. 10. Questions@opencomp Visit booth