VMware vSphere in an OpenStack Environment


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This vBrownBag presentation provides an overview of the integrations available for running vSphere in an OpenStack environment.

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VMware vSphere in an OpenStack Environment

  1. 1. VMware vSphere in an OpenStack Environment A quick, informal, and unofficial look at VMware vSphere in an OpenStack environment Scott Lowe, VCDX 39 vExpert, Author, Blogger, Geek http://blog.scottlowe.org / Twitter: @scott_lowe
  2. 2. Agenda •OpenStack Compute (Nova) integration •OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) integration •VMware OpenStack Virtual Appliance (VOVA) •Q&A
  3. 3. OpenStack Compute (Nova) Integration •As of Grizzly, two drivers are available for integrating vSphere into OpenStack: •ESX driver (compute_driver=vmwareapi.VMwareESXDriver) •VC driver (compute_driver=vmwareapi.VMwareVCDriver) •ESX driver is unable to take advantage of advanced capabilities (no vMotion, no DRS, no HA) •VC driver enables the use of vMotion, DRS, HA within OpenStack deployments
  4. 4. OpenStack Compute (Nova) Integration: ESX Driver •ESX driver uses one nova-compute instance per ESXi host •This nova-compute instance typically runs as a VM on the ESXi host it is “managing” •Not really being developed/enhanced over time (effort is going into VC Driver)
  5. 5. OpenStack Compute (Nova) Integration: VC Driver •The VC Driver was first introduced with Grizzly •Abstracts an entire cluster as a single nova-compute instance •Details of ESXi clusters are hidden from OpenStack •This enables HA, DRS, vMotion, etc. •Original Grizzly version was single-cluster driver •To scale to multiple clusters, you’d need multiple nova- compute instances •These nova-compute instances could run as separate VMs or as processes on the same VM
  6. 6. OpenStack Compute (Nova) Integration: VC Driver •VC Driver in Havana will introduce “multi-cluster” operation •Allows for a single nova-compute instance to represent multiple clusters •Uses multiple cluster_name parameters in nova.conf, one for each cluster •Still have the option of using multiple nova-compute instances to represent multiple clusters
  7. 7. OpenStack Compute (Nova) Integration: VC Driver
  8. 8. OpenStack Compute (Nova) Integration: VC Driver
  9. 9. OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) Integration •New to Havana, not present in Grizzly •Allows for persistent block storage volumes to be stored as VMDKs on VMFS datastores •Supports create, attach, detach, destroy operations
  10. 10. OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) Integration
  11. 11. VMware OpenStack Virtual Appliance (VOVA) •A “VMware Fling”-type tool designed to help VMware administrators “kick the tires” with vSphere and OpenStack •An all-in-one deployment of OpenStack packaged up as a vApp •Leverages vApp properties to automatically configure OpenStack and VCDriver •Get it here: https://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-24626 •Provide feedback! OpenStack Community available at https:// communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/openstack
  12. 12. Questions & answers
  13. 13. Thank you!