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Modern montessori international pre school


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Modern Montessori International Pre School is a play school which is located in Palam Vihar. The locality is a prominent one in the region of Gurgaon. It is an English medium and co-educational school. The school caters to the educational needs of the little ones with the aim to develop them into better citizens of tomorrow.

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Modern montessori international pre school

  1. 1. Online school admissions
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  3. 3. Modern MontessoriInternational Pre Schoolis a play school which islocated in Palam Vihar.The locality is aprominent one in theregion of Gurgaon. It isan English medium andco-educational school.The school caters to theeducational needs of thelittle ones with the aimto develop them intobetter citizens oftomorrow.
  4. 4. The Teacher Training program for Diploma in MontessoriMethod of Education, conducted by MMI Group is alsohighly acclaimed and the trainees are well placed inprestigious schools all over India. The Course is designed forparents, teachers or any individual who wish to have a firmunderstanding in child development, effective parentingskills and Montessori philosophy. The Diploma is awardedby Modern Montessori International, London.MMI aims at preparing true Montessorians and believesthat its students will make a difference and guide the futuregenerations to become responsible, well balanced citizensof the world.
  5. 5. Online school admissions www.onlineschooladmissi
  6. 6. Infrastructure
  7. 7. Online school admissions www.onlineschooladmissions.c om
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