Global kids republic school


Published on - Global Kids Republic School is run by Tulips Social Welfare and Educational Society which was founded by Mr. S. C. Khurana and Mr. Vikram Khurana in 2004. Mr. Vikram Khurana a young visionary, suffused with nationalism, left his lucrative career and zealously took up the cause of imparting value based education.

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Global kids republic school

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  2. 2. Global Kids Republic SchoolGlobal Kids Republic Schoolis run by Tulips SocialWelfare and EducationalSociety which was foundedby Mr. S. C. Khurana andMr. Vikram Khurana in2004. Mr. Vikram Khuranaa young visionary, suffusedwith nationalism, left hislucrative career andzealously took up the causeof imparting value basededucation.
  3. 3. About SchoolTULIPS Social Welfare andEducation Societyestablished a small schoolin Saket in the year 2004.Prompted by its success,the society decided toresettle the school in NebSarai in a much bigger areathis time in 2010 andbecame one of the biggestplayschool in Delhi.
  4. 4. About SchoolIts a matter of great pridefor the management,administration, teachingfaculty and innumerablestudents of the school whohave studied or arestudying here. Sheer hardwork and dedication notonly brought laurels butalso made us reach newerheights. The school hasbloomed from a tendershoot to a nourishing tree.
  5. 5. Mission Of SchoolGKR aims to develop a childharmoniously andholistically by providing theexperiences for physical,intellectual, sensorial andsocial development throughcreative and moderneducation in an attractiveand caring environment. Theschool focuses on totalpersonality development,conceptual ability, Toprovide every child freedomand space for individualexpression and growth tobecome self reliant, selfmotivated, and a confidentresponsible human being iswhat we aim at.
  6. 6. Infrastructure of Global Kids Republic SchoolSmart Classes Theme rooms The school has adopted a top All the classrooms are given class comprehensive separate themes technology providing teaching purposefully. A child solutions with top class identifies his/her classroom teaching resources to aid with a theme. The Thematic teachers with animation, variety of pictures and text System provides learning by from a vast repository. doing step by step. It Teachers use all the above stimulates and satisfies resources inside the childs curiosity and classrooms using computers to enlarges childs mental teach their subjects. horizon.
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  8. 8. Infrastructure of Global Kids Republic SchoolStrong Parent School Interaction Regular workshops and seminarsProgram for parents We strongly believe that parents School organizes various are the most important part of the school. Thus we take special workshops and seminars for care to involve the parents in the the benefit of parents e.g. education process. A weekly planner is sent every week to workshop with a Dietician, inform the parents about the workshop with the child activities, events that the child is involved in and the topics which psychologist etc. All these are to be taught in class. The workshops help the parents parents are also sent samples of stories and rhymes that are being immensely in grooming done. The parents have regular their children in a proper access to the school principal and teacher. manner.
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  10. 10. Infrastructure of Global Kids Republic SchoolStrong Management andadministration Safe Transport Facility Global Kids republic is The school has an efficient managed by highly qualified and well-organized and experienced team of transport facility up to 10km professionals. The radius. All the students are management has a strong escorted up to their educational background doorsteps by a trained and has a dedicated team of nanny. The transport in- teachers. charge and the teachers ensure the safety of the children.
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  12. 12. Infrastructure of Global Kids Republic SchoolBig School Admissions Sports We provide a lot of support and School offers various outdoor help in securing admission to the school of your choice. During sports activities such as admission season, we provide you skating, karate, basketball, and with regular updates on the timelines of admissions, and athletics aiming at the physical development of rules and development of the learner. regulations. We inform parents about the list and ratings of schools The training is provided by in Delhi, their criteria for reputed coaches in their admissions, upcoming deadlines, respective fields. School also give personalized letters of recommendations, procure offers indoor activities like admission forms if required, counsel carom board, chess and parents about filling up admission forms and essays. gymnastics.
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  14. 14. School FacilitiesSmart ClassesAC Class RoomLibraryTransportationSwimming PoolPlay GroundDance RoomArt RoomMusic RoomMedical RoomToy RoomActivity Room
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  16. 16. Directors MessageDear Parents,GKR fosters excellence. Excellence is achieved when each person is helped to continuallydevelop his or her potential as an individual and a member of society. We at global KidsRepublic School, work together to create a nurturing environment so that students can learnwithout anxiety and can ask questions freely.GKR offers an environment to its students, which allows for their multi-faceted growth anddevelopment into responsible citizens and professionals of tomorrow, GKR fosters anatmosphere of trust, love and respect for each person as the basis for sound education. Thehighly qualified professional staff of the school works closely with parents to ensure thatboth home and school provide the best environment for the growth of the child. I wish eachstudent to have an enjoyable, rewarding and positive experience at GKR.Mr. Vikram Khurana – Director"Parents can now submit school application form online"
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