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Royal Castle Public School Pitampura New Delhi, Royal Castle Public School information, Royal Castle Public School address. Read more about Royal castle public school from here -

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Royal castle public school

  1. 1. Royal Castle Public
  2. 2. AboutRoyal Castle Public School is located inPitampura one of the eminent locations inNorth Delhi. The school is established with avision of providing quality education tostudents. One of the most crucial anddefining factors concerning the competencyof a primary school campus is itsinfrastructure.
  3. 3. Royal Castle Public
  4. 4. AboutWe have structured our classrooms andoutdoor spaces in such a manner that there isample space to provide safe and free movementfor the children. The school is well lit with bothnatural and artificial light and is well ventilated.Seating arrangement has been designed in sucha manner that it is conducive for child to beseated with a good posture and the teacherscan maintain a constant vigil in the classrooms.
  5. 5. Royal Castle Public
  6. 6. AboutEach building has been constructed adheringto the most stringent of safety standardsincluding making the entire campusequipped with fire and electrical safetynorms. Our play schools have beenconceptualized and built in a bright, multi-colored and attractive format in order toinvigorate a child’s mind.
  7. 7. Royal Castle Public
  8. 8. AboutThe school is affiliated to the CBSE board andfollows the NCERT pattern of Curriculum.The school is a coeducational and conventschool that imparts education from Nurseryto Class V.
  9. 9. Royal Castle Public School Library TransportationA library is the nerve The school has its own fleetcenter for all intellectual of CNG buses. The busresearch and the main service is provided to thesource of strength to the defined roots. Thestaff and students. The students from distant partsschool has a good library of the locality canwith standard periodicals. commute easily with theThe reference section has help of these buses. Eacha variety of universally bus has one guard whoused reference books on take care of the studentsalmost all disciplines at the while boarding and de-school level. boarding from the buses.
  10. 10. Royal Castle Public School Auditorium CanteenThe school boasts of an The School Canteen suppliesauditorium with a large hygienic and healthy snacks andseating capacity. It is fruit juices to its students. The school does not permit Aeratedequipped with state of the drinks in the school sound and light facilities The Menu is monitoredand is used for major school carefully and revised from timefunctions, theatre and to time. The school canteendance presentations and for serves fresh and nutritiousguest lectures. snacks, health drinks and juices. Hot lunch is available as an optional facility on extra monthly payment.
  11. 11. Royal Castle Public SchoolMedical Room Conference Hall
  12. 12. Resource Room Computer LabA resource room, attached In tune with the times theto the library is well school takes special care tomaintained by the school offer computer classes to allwhich serves as the archive students. There are aof the school. This room is number of computer sets inmaintained by the staff specially furnished, airmembers and consists of conditioned class rooms forinformation about the the young learners’school and the students. academic progress.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Audio-Visual RoomSet apart from regular classrooms this venue is aspecial favorite with all the students. Equipped withthe latest models of TV, VCR and overhead projector,the curiosity of students and their thirst forknowledge is satiated with great satisfaction in thisclass. An LCD projector has been installed to assistteachers to impart knowledge (both curricular &general) to the students with the help of the latesteducational Videos & CDs. The frequent use of videoand audio cassettes provides a vast range ofknowledge and gives tremendous exposure to theseyoung minds
  15. 15. Day Boarding Facility Creative Learning MaterialRoyal Castle provides day The school developed a wideboarding. The school authority range of specially designedconstantly monitors the learning material for theactivities of the children growing minds, so that theythrough CCTV cameras placed can explore the world into ain different parts of the school new light. This in turn helpsand hostel premise. The school the teachers totakes full care of the nutrition demonstrate differentpart of the students and thus things to the studentsprovides delightful nutritious to them.
  16. 16. SportsThe indoor games suchas badminton, caromand many more areavailable for thechildren.