Kids home international school


Published on - Kids Home International School is located in Aya Nagar, one of the eminent locations in Delhi. The school is established with a vision of providing quality education to students.

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Kids home international school

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  2. 2. About SchoolKids Home InternationalSchool is located in AyaNagar, one of the eminentlocations in Delhi. Theschool is established with avision of providing qualityeducation to students. It isan English medium, co-educational school. Theschool is dedicated toprovide world classeducational facilities to thestudents and offerseducation from Pre-Nursery till Class V. Theschool has facility of playschool also.
  3. 3. PhilosophyChildren are the bestinnovators, Keep the instinctintact. The ever-inquisitivenature of children is atestimony of their eagernessto earn. It simultaneouslyunderlines the hugepotential a child possesses.Hence, we provide anidealistic, controlledenvironment where abalanced form of freedom isgiven to children. Radiatingwarmth, happiness, enthusiasm and color, this playschool has been started witha spirit and avision, committed to developthe inquisitive nature ofchildren.
  4. 4. VisionCarve a personality, rightfrom childhood. Ouremphasis is on developingoverall personality, rightfrom the beginning. Webelieve a child needs tohave complete freedomeven at the place oflearning; only then he orshe will inculcate the habitof self-development. Thisfreedom empowershim/her to become self-reliant and gain self-confidence and become alifelong learner. Theultimate aim here is shapethe young minds to getbetter equipped to take onthe challenges of life.
  5. 5. Infrastructure of Kids Home International School Library Sporting Arena The school maintains a fully  In order to promote all round development of students, the fledged library along with a School has always laid stress on reading room. A big collection sporting activities. In addition to of reference books is also there teaching various physical and sporting skills to students, the in the library to cater the school encourages needs of the students. multidimensional activities which satisfy human urges of Magazines, journals and competition & taste of victory. newspaper are also Annual sports meet for students maintained in the school. are held regularly. The Sports Academy which has been functional for some years includes coaching in Taekwondo.
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  7. 7. Infrastructure of Kids Home International School Medical Room Kid Room There is a doctor and trained  External aids are also used to help nurse available on the school them explore more, like nursery premises during the working rhyme sessions, crayon coloring, hours of the school. The playing with blocks, picnics, medical room caters to routine dramas, celebration of festivals, medical problems. All children yoga, aerobics, dance and wonder undergo an annual medical rooms which helps them learn check-up and a health file is faster and keep their interests maintained for each student. alive in education while they learn In the event of an emergency, easily with playing games. All the children are sent to a nearby toys, books and activity related hospital, which is well equipment conform to the highest equipped with competent staff standards of international safety. and facilities.
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  9. 9. Infrastructure of Kids Home International SchoolAudio Visual Room Dance Room The school has audio visual room  There is a dance room in the school which is used at times for the which helps in developing the entertainment and educational dancing skills of the students. needs of students. Children are trained in different forms of dances that includeMusic Room different classical and western dance styles. There is a music room in the school which helps in developing the musical intelligence of the children. Transport Children are taught in depth about  The school offers transport facilities the music and they are also taught for the students. The school owns to play various instruments buses that fulfill the transport depending on their abilities. facilities for the students.
  10. 10. InfrastructureComputer EducationKeeping in view the needs ofthe future and the evidentnecessity of computerknowledge, the school laysstress on computer as acompulsory part of thecurriculum from class twoonwards. A fully equippedcomputer lab with hi techsystems is maintained by theschool in the interest of thestudents.Conference HallSchool has big conferenceroom in which meetings,debates, dramas andfunctions taken place.
  11. 11. School FacilitiesAC Class RoomLibraryTransportationSwimming PoolDay BoardingMid-Day MealDance RoomArt RoomMusic RoomMedical RoomToy RoomActivity RoomConference Room SplashPool
  12. 12. Directors MessageDear Parents,The greatest service to mankind is through education. Education is a soul searchingexercise, committed towards excellence. The process of fulfilling this commitment hasbeen an evolutionary one.Our school aim is to provide facilitated learning with experimental approach to meet thechallenges of growing minds. Kids Home International has adopted a very dynamic andprogressive attitude to expose children through an educational program which will enablethem to face any eventuality in future and be learners throughout the life.I conclude by wishing each and everyone involved in the process of bringing out what isinternal in a child to an external world, the very best.Mrs. Gurpreet Singh - Principal"Parents can now submit school application form online"
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