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I Impact India CSR Consultancy | Cause Related Marketing


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This is I Impact india's official Corporate brochure

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I Impact India CSR Consultancy | Cause Related Marketing

  1. 1. Affiliated with Rotary Club (Delhi) CSR  CONSULTANCY    |    CAUSE  RELATED  MARKETING  SOLUTIONS  
  2. 2. Impact India I
  3. 3. A  CSR  Consultancy    providing  Cause  Related  MarkeDng  soluDons  for  brand  enhancement  &   posiDve  societal  reputaDon.       Simple  words  –  Delivering  Ideas  with  Business  and  Social  Impact.   The  Business  Idea   How  We  work  ?  
  4. 4. "Rather  than  try  to  elicit   sympathy,  we  believe  that   chari6es  in  the  future  will  need  to   create  innova6ve  funding   streams  that  create  a  bridge  to   business,"         Arnold-­‐Baker  Fast  Company.  
  5. 5. Clients  Served   (Cinema  Unit)   TesDmonial   “Thank  You  I  Impact  India  for  your  con6nued  support  in   connec6ng  us  with  the  correct  NGOs  and  genera6ng  Cause   Related  Marke6ng  content  for  the  events  .    Your  Par6cipa6on  ensured  a  smooth  flow  of  work  &  success  of   the  event”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Mr.  Amit  Shah                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (DGM  ,  DLF  Cinema  unit)  
  6. 6. Our Services - Cause Promotions - Fundraisers - Charity & Cause Events - CSR Consultancy - Cause Related Marketing - Corporate Philanthropy - Employee Engagement Programs - Charity & Knowledge Partner - Digital Marketing for Causes - Social Design Services.
  7. 7. Providing  Cause  Related  Campaigns  &  other  InnovaDve  charity  soluDons  .     Our  USP  
  8. 8. Impact India I ONE  PACKET  PER  VIEW   •  Uploaded a video for Rotary club of Delhi highlighting the social issues to sensitize the public. Promised to donate packet of biscuits equivalent to the number of views on the video by Valentine’s Day. •  Reached out to 15,000 people in 25 days. •  On 14th February, 2013, donated 7,000 packets in Vasant Vihar slums & got covered by the media for running an innovative campaign & including everyone around us in creating an IMPACT. SUCCESS  CAMPAIGN  
  9. 9. OUTREACH   Social Media , Website ,e-Newspapers ONLINE ASPECT {2,00,000 Views} OFFLINE ASPECT Newspapers, Posters ,Magazines {40,00,000 Views}
  10. 10.  We  Add  Value  To  Your  DonaDons   BENEFITS  
  11. 11.  Providing  Social  Impact   BENEFITS   Knowledge  &  Charity  Partner     InnovaDve  SoluDons  with  Grassroot  implementaDon     Strategic  Branding     50  Credible  NGO  Partners  with  varied  causes.     AdministraDon  &  Monitoring     Cost  &  Time  EffecDveness     Unique  &  Appropriate  markeDng  strategies        
  12. 12.  T      :  +91  9811470695  ,  01145090145                                             W    :                                            E      :             I IMPACT INDIA B  45  SatyawaD  Colony  Ashok  Vihar  Phase  3     New  Delhi-­‐110052