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Fundraising potential of special events


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"Fundraising without special events? No way" explores the role of special events in an organization's fundraising program and shows how events are fundamental to increased and sustainable funding.

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Fundraising potential of special events

  1. 1. Fundraising Without Special Events? No Way!" Deborah Spector, PresidentCreative Solutions & Innovations Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  2. 2. WARNING!Do not hold a special event without proper planning! Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  3. 3. Special Events are Key to Successful Fundraising Special Events: Bring attention to your mission. Improve bottom line performance and market share through new donors & sponsors. Provide a captive audience Create a meaningful way to thank your existing supporters. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  4. 4. Fundraising Event Characteristics Generate funding streams Are a means to an end, not an end in and of themselves. Provide your experiential marketing focus. Without events people may not know – or care who you are! Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  5. 5. Fundraising Event Benefits Can be the most tangible expression of an organization‟s mission. Offer an opportunity for supporters to donate their time, treasure, and talent to support a cause. Gateway to sponsors Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  6. 6. An integrated model Your development planincludes events at every level: Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  7. 7. EVENTS AS PART OF YOUR DEVELOPMENT PLAN Bequests Recognition Events Capital Campaigns Launch events for public phase Major gifts Targeted Events Annual Giving Volume Events Event360 – Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  8. 8. Experiential Marketing“Research shows that face-to-face events have a greater return on investment than most other forms of advertising or public relations.” Mike Cleary of Abcom Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  9. 9. TAKE AWAY: Events are the experiential aspect of your developmentefforts. Without them peoplemay not know or care who you are! Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  10. 10. Brainstorming: Create Your Vision Vision is your grand scheme of howyou perceive your event, what type to hold, who will attend, what you hope to accomplish. Vision gives you the energy to movetoward your goals. A visioning exercise allows everyone around the table toshare in the ownership of the goal and as such the success of the event. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  11. 11. Special Event Timeline Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  12. 12. Develop a Budget Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  13. 13. Revenue Follows Good Communications“Any group that does not have an effective communication program will raise only a fraction of the money they would otherwise attract.” Fundraising Guru Roger Craver Strategic Communications for Nonprofits Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  14. 14. Promoting Your Special Event Plan publicity early Budget ahead Define your target audience Set Goals Develop a strategy Know your deadlines Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  15. 15. Website Newsroom Creative Solutions & InnovationsDecember 2011 | | 404.325.7031
  16. 16. Creative Solutions & InnovationsDecember 2011 | | 404.325.7031
  17. 17. Why Social Media?Special events that are promoted through social media increase their outreach, revenues and participants.Participants who use social media in event fundraising were also among the top fundraisers for their respective events. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  18. 18. Social Networking Sites – tell everyone about your fundraiser in 140 characters – tell everyone in your network about your fundraiser – professional nonprofits „share‟ information about fundraiser – create a video for your fundraiser Creative Solutions & InnovationsDecember 2011 | | 404.325.7031
  19. 19. Creative Solutions & Innovations| | 404.325.7031
  20. 20. SponsorshipsA sponsorship is a contract entered into between a company and an organization for marketing purposes that includes rights and benefits. Creative Solutions & InnovationsDecember 2011 | | 404.325.7031
  21. 21. Keys to SponsorshipsNorth American businesses spent more than $17.2 billion sponsoring events in 2010. These included charity galas, athletic contests, concert series, and the like -- according to IEG Sponsorship Report. Creative Solutions & InnovationsDecember 2011 | | 404.325.7031
  22. 22. Why are sponsors important? Sponsorship provides financial contribution to a nonprofit event or program. The nonprofit promotes a company‟s involvement. The company in turn promotes the cause to a wider audience. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  23. 23. What is Ultimate Goal of Sponsorships?Sponsors pay a fee that helps cover the costs of a fundraising event, so that more of the funds paid by attendees go to the nonprofit or charity.Your goal should be to get enough money from sponsors to pay for all costs, so that 100% of the money generated by individual attendees goes to your organization. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  24. 24. Atlanta Jewish Film Festival Case study Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  25. 25. Creative Solutions & Innovations| | 404.325.7031
  26. 26. Creative Solutions & Innovations| | 404.325.7031
  27. 27. Creative Solutions & Innovations| | 404.325.7031
  28. 28. Independent Fundraising Events IFE are activities designed and run by non-staff to raise money on behalf of a specific nonprofit organization. They are conducted locally by individuals with minimal support from the beneficiary organization. The types of activities that these local supporters conduct are quite literally endless. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  29. 29. Benefits Of IFE An effective addition to any organization‟s development portfolio. Independent fundraisers are more likely to have a much stronger and direct emotional connection to the organization. An IFE program is a great way to give these highly dedicated individuals the opportunity to match their passion without the limitations of traditional fundraising events. Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  30. 30. How to Support Independent FundraisersDevelop a secure website with useable tools: Media Kit and publicity guide Approved logos, graphics, banners, stickers Informational pieces Personal fundraising page for online donations Printable donation forms Registration materials Staff support Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  31. 31. IFE Challenges Budgeting Revenue Justification of Costs Connecting with IFE donors Supplies and Giveaways Reputation/Brand Risk Shortage of staff support Unavailability of board members to participate Zach Anderson, Canadian Internet Summit Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  32. 32. IFE ProgramsAlex‟s Lemonade Stand – Fighting Childhood Cancer Once Cup at a Time - Team Fox – Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson‟s Research – Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031
  33. 33. ResourcesSponsorships:• Patricia Martin, Made Possible By: Succeeding With Sponsorship Jossey- Bass, 2004Communications:• Kathy Bonk, Henry Griggs, Emily Tynes, The Jossey-Bass Guide To Strategic Communications For Nonprofits, Jossey-Bass, 1999• MarketingProfs - Social Media:• Using FaceBook for Your Nonprofit- Events:• How to Make the Most of Your Special Event -• Alan L. Wendroff, Making the Most of Special Events, Jossey-Bass, 2003 Creative Solutions & InnovationsDecember 2011 | | 404.325.7031
  34. 34. Thank You! Please contact for samplebudgets, event management timelines or film festival promotion template.December 2011 Creative Solutions & Innovations | | 404.325.7031