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  1. 1. By @CJuppet Exploring the presence ofBienvenue à ma tableon social media platforms
  2. 2. Are you sick of EATING ALONE?Spending your lunches and dinners lookingfor a place to really ENJOY your meal time? t ’t wai d Don , an re a nymo a real e e xplor RFING U CO OKS pt! e conc
  3. 3. Discover the concept now with a video first!“Bienvenue à ma table is a social network that puts its members in touch to create culinary experiences, whether at home, in a restaurant or every where in the world.” even mentions them on their website!
  4. 4. The entry page of the website: just create your account toget access to recipes, events, create your groups, uploadpictures, videos, etc… and be part of the community!
  5. 5. On the blog, news are shared; but not any kind of news: things that you just never heard about…! Check this blog post are shared; but not any kind of news: things that you justnever heard about…! Check this blog post about a prison hotel restaurant, and their crush for
  6. 6. They have a Facebook page, where they promote really interesting recipes and events! Example of a FB post: is someone available to welcome people in Limoges?
  7. 7. The Photos section is quite rich and interesting! We find funstuff like « Art culinaire », and their meetings!
  8. 8. They really do have a great photographic collection!
  9. 9. Great discoveries on the timeline!
  10. 10. Tweets are directlyintegrated into the Facebook page
  11. 11. They have created a Youtube channel, with different themesin their videos such as “Bizarre Foods”, “Noma, the bestrestaurant in the world”, etc. They are active by liking a lot oftravel videos like presentation of foreign countries!
  12. 12. “Dark sides”●Unfortunately this platform is supposed to be international, butapparently the blog is only available in French.●I did not find important stats such as number of subscribers to thisplatform and the influence that the platform has; if you do have this kindof information, please share more!●The concept is not very far from the French TV show “Un Dîner presqueparfait”: the participants do not know each other, they meet new people,cook and talk about everything! The main difference for me is thatBienvenue à ma table is not a competition!●They should develop a mobile application, so that people can sharepictures on the spot (like Food reporter, and they do have a mobileapplication)!
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