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Airbnb - a fully optimized web user experience


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Airbnb - a fully optimized web user experience

  1. 1. AirbnbA Fully Optimized Web User Experience Hoteliers, follow the example… AirBnB has adapted the powerful features used by online lodging providers to its products & services By Emilie Alba October 13, 2012
  2. 2. 1- A Search System Similar to “Hotel- Friendly” OTAs’  Comparison with &
  3. 3. Airbnb - the search system is visible, simple, easy to use !
  4. 4. “Hotel-friendly” OTAs - similar optimized search system
  5. 5. “Hotel-friendly” OTAs - similar optimized search system
  6. 6. 2- The Advantages of an Online Travel Guide without the OTAs’ Presence Comparison with
  7. 7. Recreative &Simplified search entertaining feature Airbnb - “Photo gallery” design
  8. 8. Similar “photo gallery” design on Online Travel Guides
  9. 9. WanderflyThe booking system is nothighlighted & OTAs arepresent ! Airbnb OTA OTAs The booking system is visible, simple, easy to use & without OTAs !
  10. 10. 3- Airbnb’s Wish Lists:The 1st Social Platform that combines Utility and Pleasure  Comparison with
  11. 11. Airbnb - Possibility to create boards In addition to the social function, the boards’ content provides a direct access to booking and search
  12. 12. Pinterest is only social !
  13. 13. To complete the boards: Same process, Same design ! Airbnb Pinterest Airbnb succeeded in combining utility and pleasure drawing inspiration from Pinterest !
  14. 14. 4- Confidence is Guaranteed with Airbnb’s Verification Mentions !  Comparison with &
  15. 15. Airbnb Similar verification mentions !Google +Twitter
  16. 16. 5- Relevant Online Content forAirbnb Guests, Hosts, Partners Videos Tutorial Social Media posts
  17. 17. Airbnb TV Excellent Communication Tools • Local experience of a dynamic team through videos• Tutorials for hosts and guests The necessary elementsto entice Hosts, Guests & Partners !
  18. 18. Customer service is enhanced on Facebook
  19. 19. Airbnb - Regular activity on Facebook Communicate about their productsCommunicate about their partners
  20. 20. Communicate about Regular activity on Facebook their hosts Entertaining posts for guests
  21. 21. Airbnb - Regular activity on Twitter Twitter page should be updated Very active on twitter, whether there is an event or not !
  22. 22. Airbnb - Regular activity on Google +
  23. 23. Efforts in Optimizing the Web User Experience are worth it… Twitter Google + Facebook
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