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The Entertainment Hub

  1. 1. The Entertainment Hub Presents……<br />Sensational Singers<br />
  2. 2. PRIYANI VANI<br />This gorgeous looking DIVA hail Right from the platform of STAR VOICE OF INDIA, is a perfect Blend of fabulous looks and sensational singing .<br />She holds the credit of being the winner among the female contestants and gracefully making it the top 6th in the show. <br />Here are some of the known daily soaps to be specific, like <br /><ul><li>“MEET MILA DE RABBA”(STAR),
  4. 4. “KITNI MOHABBAT HAI”(NDTV imagine).</li></ul>She plays role of an anchor for a T.V Show at Focus channel called “KAK KHO GAYE”!!!EK SACH”.<br />She is also an anchor and singer to a T.V Serial ”GAZAL SARA” at the E TV URDU.<br />
  5. 5. HARISH MOYAL<br />Harish Moyal Indian Idol finalist season-1 <br /> &Indian Idol Season-1 <br /><ul><li> On Sony TV - DUS KE DUS LE GAYE DIL 
  6. 6. On Star one- BOL BABY BOL                  
  7. 7. On Sony TV - DEAL YA NO DEAL             
  8. 8. On Sony TV - WAAR PARIWAAR              
  9. 9. On D D 1 - MUSIC MASTI OR DHOOM  
  10. 10. On  Zee TV - SA RE GA MA PA 2001</li></ul> He performed in more than ten T V shows<br />Harish has sung three songs for the music album by HMV Saregama named Bollywood Unplugged. <br />He has also showed his singing skills for other famous music albums like YAARON and PAL by Sony BMG<br />Very soon his solo Music Album is going to be on air.<br /> <br />
  11. 11. Harshishida Mad<br />Harshi is born and brought up in UK. She participated in the UK round of Indian Pop Idol in 2007. She sang her way into the top 3 of the UK finalists and went on to represent the UK and competed against 150 contestants from India. This was the first international series featuring contestants from UK, Dubai and India with up to 35000 participants from India alone. She worked her way into the top 15 and the only international contestant remaining. She then hosted Indian Idol 4’s UK auditions and is now based in Mumbai.   A unique entertainer with the ability to combine her singing and dancing to keep you entertained throughout. As well as her ability to sing in different languages from Hindi , English, Gujarati and Punjabi to suit the audiences taste, ranging from old classic numbers to the current hot pop songs she is a delight to listen to as well as watch. She has performed worldwide and alongside many well known artists.  <br />She has recorded background vocals, jingles and written lyrics for top music directors such as:<br /><ul><li> Rajesh Roshan
  12. 12. AadeshShrivastav
  13. 13. Pritam
  14. 14. Anand Raj Anand
  15. 15. Monty Sharma
  16. 16. SandeshSandaliya</li></li></ul><li>RAHUL VAIDYA<br /><ul><li>Rahul finished third on the first season of Indian Idol. Although he was hotly tipped to win, Rahul faced his defeat in the penultimate round, on February 18, 2005. Eight months later, he released his debut album TeraIntezar. Sajid-Wajidcomposed the music for his debut album. He also sang a duet, "Hello Madam, I am your Adam", with fellow Indian Idol runner-up Prajakta Shukre, and "God Promise DilDola" with ShreyaGhoshal in the Bollywood film Shaadi No. 1. He has also sang the title song of drama "EkLadkiAnjaani Si" which airs on Sony Entertainment Television. Other than that Rahul has performed in live shows and concerts in the United States, Bangladesh and The Maldives.
  17. 17. Rahul was the male anchor of the popular show "Jhoom India" on Sahara and was a playback for several films, such as Shaadi No. 1, Jigyaasa, Hot Money, and Krazzy 4.
  18. 18. Rahul won the title of Jo JeetaWohi Superstar, a reality singing show on Star Plus. On the show, he was known for his multi talented singing.</li></ul> Music Ka MahaMuqqabla<br />RahulVaidya is a successful and excellent participant of the singing show Music Ka MahaMuqqabla on STAR Plus on the Team Shankar's Rockstars and his team has won the Music Ka MahaMuqqabla contest, beating Shaan's Strikers in the Finale.<br /><ul><li>Hello Madam (Shaadi No. 1)
  19. 19. God Promise (Shaadi No. 1)
  20. 20. SaanseMeriSaanse (Jigyaasa)
  21. 21. KaboolKar Le (Jaan-E-Mann)
  22. 22. Aafno Mann (Aafno Mann)
  23. 23. AikRupaiya (Krazy 4)
  24. 24. 'olavumudida a kshana' [houseful][kannada]
  25. 25. Give me some sunshine;; ([[3 Idiots'(2009)(singing with Ram AvtarVerma)
  26. 26. Albums
  27. 27. He has two new albums coming out titled Mere Maula and Mere Sun. He has sung for a song kero mama in the album 'Burn d dance floor'.</li></ul> <br /><br /><br />
  28. 28. Parthiv Gohil<br />
  29. 29. AKRITI KAKKAR<br /><ul><li>Ek Sapna (released during Last World Cup)
  30. 30. Punjabi Pop Dhamaka 2000,
  31. 31. Baby Doll Chapter 2, song “Rangeela Re” became a chart topping remix
  32. 32. A-TEEN (A for Akriti; TEEN for teenager), featuring the hit track “Jal Bin Machli”.
  33. 33. Chicks on Fire (song “Saaiya Jhootto ka bara sardar”) -Film Do Akhen Bara Haath
  34. 34. “Chham se voaajaye” (2004) Film “DUS”
  35. 35. Music Vishal-Shekhar</li></ul>  “One night stand”- O jaana love you miss you harlamha, (2006) Film “ROCKY”<br /><ul><li>Music - Himesh Reshammiya
  36. 36. “DilVichLagyaWeh” (2006) Film "CHUP CHUP KE"
  37. 37. Music Himesh Reshammiya
  38. 38. “Shakalaka Boom Boom” Title song (2007) Film – Shakalaka Boom Boom
  39. 39. Music – Himesh Reshammiya
  40. 40. “DilLagaayenge” (2007) Film – Shakalaka Boom Boom
  41. 41. Music – Himesh Reshammiya
  42. 42. “Loneliness is Killing Every One” (2007) Film – RED “the dark side”
  43. 43. Music – Himesh Reshammiya
  44. 44. “AananFaanan” (2007) Film – Namastey London
  45. 45. Music – Himesh Reshammiya
  46. 46. “You Good You Good Good Boy”(2007) Film- Good Boy Bad Boy
  47. 47. Music – Himesh Reshammiya
  48. 48. “Dekhu Tujhe To Chain Aaye”(2007) Film –Apne
  49. 49. Title Song of Johney Gaddar
  50. 50. Music – Shankar Ehsaan Loy
  51. 51. Insha Allah (2008) Film- Welcome
  52. 52. Music- Himesh Reshammiya
  53. 53. Freeki Freeki Raat (2008) Film- Kismat Connection
  54. 54. Music-Pritam
  55. 55. Title Song of golmaal returnsReturns ( Aaja Lag Ja Gale Tu Tha Karke )(2008)
  56. 56. Music- Pritam 
  57. 57. Marjani Marjani (2009) Film- Biloo Barber
  58. 58. Music-Pritam 
  59. 59. Mohabbat Aapse (2009) Film- AaDekhen Zara
  60. 60. Picturised on BipashaBasu
  61. 61. Music- Pritam  </li></ul> Upcoming projects -My name is Anthony Gonzalves by Dir. E. Niwas, Cinema by Dir. Bharati Raja. NEXT – <br /> A solo music album with fresh original tracksiso been<br /> Released “Mehrmaava”<br /><ul><li>
  62. 62. Akriti started learning Hindustani Classical music at the tender age of 5, from her mother, who is a post graduate in Hindustani Classical music and her Guru (Late) Sh. Byomkesh Banerjee. She gave her first stage performance at the age of 5 years and from there became a part of “Little Stars” the Anand Ji (Kalyanji Anandji fame) troupe, where she made her way through two world tours. Winner of TVS SA Re Ga Ma National Talent Hunt1998 (Junior / Children’s Special) on Zee TV,The mostprestigious award from Sangam Kala Group (New Delhi) . Schooling done from Springdales School, Pusa Road, New Delhi, currently doing Graduation from Delhi University.</li></li></ul><li>PRAJAKTA SHUKRE<br /><ul><li>Prajakta Shukre (born 29 November 1987), is an Indian singer who works in Bollywood films, as well as reality shows. She was studying science in 12th standard in Jabalpur when she decided to participate in Indian Idol Season 1. She finished at 4th place.
  63. 63. Discography
  64. 64. Dhakka (2007)
  65. 65. Eethun Dhakka, Tithun Dhakka Detos Kaye? Are, Eethun Dhakka, Tithun Dhakka, Hai Tu Kartose Kaye ! Neeyat Teri Bhalu Nahi, Yerda Samastuska !
  66. 66. Hey Ganapati (2005)
  67. 67. Shaadi No. 1 (2005)
  68. 68. Jaan-E-Mann(2006)
  69. 69. Kehna Hai Aaj(2009)
  70. 70. My Name Is Khan(2010)
  71. 71. She will be hosting Indian Idol 5</li></ul><br />
  73. 73. IshQBector<br />Fresh out of the hit TV series "Iss Jungle Se MujheBachao!" (Indian "I'm ACelebrity Get Me Out of Here!"),<br />ishQBector has set the stage for next level entertainment<br />This triple threat on the rise burst onto Indian television with the famous ‘Aye<br />Hip Hopper’ video, carrying with it a large fan base waiting for more. ‘Aye Hip<br />Hopper’ connected India’s music hungry youth culture with ishQ’s unparalleled<br />style.<br />For Bollywood ishQ has written, produced and sang for films like Ugly aur<br />Pugli, Race, Dhoom 2, Fight Club, Pyarke Side Effects & Mission Istanbul.<br />The sexy actor has also lit up tinsel town to feature in big banner movies like<br />‘Barsaat’ & ‘Karle Gunaah’ with the sensational MallikaSherawat.<br /><br /><br />
  74. 74. Sonu Kakkar<br />Nusratfatehali khan is her inspiration. It was the time time when most of the aspiring female singers were following latamangeshkar and ashabhosle kind of singing style but she followed the other way of full throated voice. Sandeepchowta counts Sonu as one of his most favourite singers. She has won MTV IMMIES AWARD for her song babuji. At the very young age she has performed with musicians like Virgil Donati, Frank Gambale, Bunny Brunel and Mitch Forman. She has also worked with A R Rahman. Her recent single "Mallika I Hate You" is another superhit as well.<br /><ul><li>"Babujizaradheerechalo" (Dum)
  75. 75. "Blue theme (Blue)"
  76. 76. "Bareilly kebazzarmein (Jail)
  77. 77. "O sikandar" (Corporate)
  78. 78. "Hitchki" (risk)
  79. 79. "Mallikai hate you" (mallikai hate you)
  80. 80. "Sun charkhedi" ( call of the lover- mitti)
  81. 81. "Yaadanteriyaad" ( now thatssandeepchowta)
  82. 82. "Ni main yaarmananani" ( virus)
  83. 83. "Ishqdatadka" ( naach)
  84. 84. "lawani" (Bombay to Goa)
  85. 85. " Mudduletti" Super(Telugu) [2005]
  86. 86. "Rama Rama" (Shivamani), Kannada [2009]
  87. 87. "Jeena" (mukhbir)
  88. 88. "Abe saale(Toss)
  89. 89. "Relarey" (Kedi), Telugu [2010]
  90. 90. " Dream deepavali" Tamil Film-Varalaru/godfather,for AR RAHMAN
  91. 91. " Bin Laden" kannada Film- JOGI</li></ul><br />
  92. 92. Ad Jingles (popular)<br />1. You & I (Hutch) <br />2. Yamaha  <br />3. Happy to help (Vodafone) <br />4. Crizal <br />5. Reliance <br />6. BSNL <br />7. HDFC <br />And about a 100 more<br />SurajJagan<br />Tumbhi ho wahi ( 2010 ) : Kites <br />Karthik calling Karthik - Theme Song (2010) : Karthik Calling Karthik <br />Rang de (2010) : My Name Is Khan <br />Maula ( 2010 ) : Hide & Seek <br />Hide & Seek ( 2010 ) : Hide & Seek <br />Give Me Some Sunshine ( 2009 ) : 3 Idiots <br />Dil Kare ( 2009 ) : All the Best <br />Chatle Chalo ( 2009 ) : Toss  <br />Saanson Ka Rukna (2009) : Straight <br />Humse Jo ChuraiyeHumkoHee (2009) : Straight <br />KyaHuaHooHoo (2009) : Straight  <br />Love LoveLove (2009) :  Straight  <br />Run RunRun (2009) : Straight <br />Sooni Raah Pe (2009) : Stoneman Murders <br />Zehreelay (2008) : Rock On!! <br />Theme Song Hijack (2008) : Hijack  <br />Missing Sunday (2008) : Sunday <br />I am a bad boy (2008) : Bhram <br />Yeh Faasle ( remix) (2008) : Rama RamaKya Hai Drama <br />No Big Deal (2008) : Money Hai Toh Honey Hai<br />Zindagi (2007 - yet to be released) : Brides Wanted<br />Hey Johnny (2007) : Johnny Gaddaar <br />Dum Lagaa (2007) : Dil Dosti Etc<br />Hum Naujawan Hai ( 1997 ) : Pyar Mein KabhiKabhi<br />Telugu Film Songs<br /><br />
  93. 93. Parashar Joshi<br />Finalist of Indian Idol 4 on Sony Entertainment Television.<br />Top 2 (Runner-Up) of Pune Idol 2008.<br />Runner-Up in Voice of Pune 2008.<br />Only Indian to be chosen by Sonu Nigam for the Worldwide MJ Tribute Project.<br />Performed along side AvadhootGupte, VaishaliSamant, SudeshBhosale, SachinPilgaonkar, etc.<br />Parashar Joshi was the only Indian among 6 worldwide singerschosen by none other than Mr. Sonu Nigam for a special Michael Jackson Tribute Song. This global project had Parashar collaborating with Mr. Sonu Nigam and the song along with its video was released on 29th August ’09 on the occasion of Michael Jackson’s 51st birth anniversary.<br />
  94. 94. NehaKakkar<br />Mumbai girl Neha has been singing divine notes of Jagarans since she was very young. Inspired by her elder sister SonuKakkar, a well known playback singer, Neha has seen dreams of becoming the Indian Idol since the show began last year.<br />Though she has received no formal training in music, she sings from her heart, bringing her emotions to her audiences in all her performances. She also appreciates Sufi music and loves the music of NusratFateh Ali Khan.<br />Also inspired by SonuNigams versatility, shes confident that she too will be able to sing diverse kinds of music.<br /><br /><br />
  95. 95. KshitijTarey<br /><ul><li>Jingles:
  96. 96. Walmart – Bharti
  97. 97. Fortune Hair Oil
  98. 98. Neptune Builders
  99. 99. HDFC Standard Life
  100. 100. Society Tea
  101. 101. Zee News TVC
  102. 102. Maruti Suzuki - ‘Ghar Aa Gaya Hindustan’
  103. 103. BSNL
  104. 104. ESPN ICC Champions Trophy 2009
  105. 105.
  106. 106. Monte Carlo
  107. 107. Bournvita
  108. 108. Mitsubishi (Marathi & Gujrati)
  109. 109. Taj Tea
  110. 110. Sunfeast
  111. 111. Move
  112. 112. Anwar (Hindi movie), Produced by Rajesh Singh - Dayal Creations, Directed by Manish Jha, Music by Mithoon, Lyrics by Hassan Kamaal, Saeed Quadri. Music released on HMV SaReGaMa.
  113. 113. Songs: Jaaveda Zindagi (Tose Naina Lage)
  114. 114. Maula Mere
  115. 115. The Train (Hindi movie), Produced by Siddhivinayak Creations, Directed by Hasnain S.Hyderabadwala & Raksha Mistry, Music by Mithoon, Lyrics by Saeed Quadri. Music released on T-Series.
  116. 116. Songs: Beete Lamhein
  117. 117. Mausam
  118. 118. The Train - Title song
  119. 119. Aggar (Hindi movie) , Produced by Siddhivinayak Creations, Directed by Anant Mahadevan, Music by Mithoon, Lyrics by Saeed Quadri
  120. 120. Song: Ke Bin Tere Jeena Nahin
  121. 121. Diva (Malaysian movie), Produced by Astro Shaw, Directed by Sharad Sharan, Music by Mithoon.
  122. 122. Background vocals
  123. 123. Song: Mushkil Kusha
  124. 124. Dus Kahaniyaan (Hindi movie), Produced by White Feathers, Music by Bappa Lahiri, Lyrics by Panchhi. Music released on Eros International.</li></li></ul><li>Krishna Beura<br /><ul><li>Max Stardust Award 2008 </li></ul> Winner (Best Playback Singer Male)<br /><ul><li>Maula Mere (Film CHAK DE! INDIA)
  125. 125. Lion’s Gold Award 2008-2009
  126. 126. Winner (Lion’s Special Award for Playback Singing)
  127. 127. Maula Mere (Film CHAK DE! INDIA)
  128. 128. APSARA Award 2006
  129. 129. “NachBaliyeTiltle Track” (Star One)</li></ul> Singer of Best Title Track for Television<br /><ul><li>Raaz-2 Soniyo(From The Heart)**** , Banda Re****
  130. 130. NAMASTEY LONDON Main JahanRahoon*****
  131. 131. CHAK DE INDIA Maulla Mere (Stardust Award Winner)*****
  132. 132. AASHIQ BANAYA AAPNE AapkiKashish*****
  133. 133. WELCOME Insha Allah*****
  134. 134. JUMBO Jaya He
  135. 135. RISKLakhonKarodon Mein KoiLetaHai risk
  136. 136. NAQAAB Aa Dil Se DilMilla Le*****
  137. 137. RUDRAKSHIshqKhudaiRab ne Bannai*****
  138. 138. MUSAFIR Zindagi Mein KabhiKoi Aaye Na Rabba*****
  139. 139. SaasBahuAur SENSEXMithriMithri****</li></ul><br />
  140. 140. BhavyaPandit<br />- Indian Idol 4 top 6 Finalist- Has done her first playback for Priyanka Chopra in the film "What's Your Raashee?" in the song "AajaLehraate" along with Shaan. <br />The song is written by JavedAkhtar and composed by Sohail Sen. - National Balshree Award winner received from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam at RashtrapatiBhavan - 1st June<br />- Bhavya had done more than 150 live shows all over world<br />Mujhe Rang De   <br /><br /><br />
  141. 141. Sourabhee Debbarma<br /><ul><li>Sourabhee Debbarma (born 1985 in Agartala, Tripura, India) was a contestant on the fourth series of Indian Idol, where she became the first female Indian Idol winner.
  142. 142. Personal life
  143. 143. Sourbhee Debbarma was born to a couple of Twipra (indigenous people of Tripura known as Rajbanshi living there since from the decade ruled by some Rajbanshi king) descent. Even though Sourabhee’s parents are government employees and disconnected from the world of music, they have been supportive of her decision and encouraged her. </li></li></ul><li>PRATIBHA SINGH<br />Pratibha SinghBaghel  is from Rewa, Madhya Pradesh.<br />She was one of the contestants of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009, a highly popular Indian Television singing competition on Zee TV channel. She represented the LakshyaGharana. She was eliminated on January 2, 2009.<br /> <br />Pratibha Singh Baghel comes from a town of Madhya Pradesh called Rewa. She was one of the most popular contestants of the number one musical reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2009 which was aired on Zee TV. She is classically trained and comes from a musical background. She reached the highest level of the contest (Top 4th), and she preformed with Shankar ji at GATEWAY OF INDIA in finale. Her performances on songs 'Taarehaibarati' and 'Hum Dil De ChukeSanam' are still fresh in people’s mind and she is considered most applauded performer by the mentors.<br />After the successful series her popularity has only increased, she does live shows regularly with bollywood biggies like Himesh Reshamiya, Shankar Mahadevan, AlkaYagnik, Abhijeet Bhattacharya, ParthivGohil, Raja Hasan etc; her strong musical background gives her a unique combination of performing Ghazals as well as commercial bollywood songs on live stage with a lot of ease.<br /> She has done playback in some forthcoming big banner feature films, which should book her a seat soon in the A list of music industry.<br />
  144. 144. Toshi Sabri<br /><ul><li>Muhammad Ovez Sabri (born 4 July), popularly known as Toshi Sabri (Hindi: तोशीसब्री) , is a singer of Rajasthan's Sabri Family. Toshi specializes in many genres ranging from Qawwali to Pop. He is also lead playback singer on Raaz 2 in a song titled "Maahi". And he has composed the film Jashn as a full Music Director along with his brother Sharib Sabri.
  145. 145. Toshi Sabri was born in Punjab (4 July) , India but later moved to Jaipur in Rajasthan. Sabri, being from a musical family, started singing at an early age. Sabri's father is a classical Indian musician. Sharib Sabri, his brother, also belongs to the musical field and has participated in a few musical contests as well.
  146. 146. ToshiStarted his official music career from the film Raaz - The Mystery Continues in the Blockbuster track Maahi [1] He along with his sibling and finalist of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2005 Sharib Sabri composed the superhit track of maahi and maahi rock with me version. He was a finalist inAmul Star Voice of India which kick started his career and he has never looked back since then.</li></ul>He even sang a Telugu song "Seheri" along with Priya from the movie OY! composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and lyrics was penned by Surendra Krishna , Krishna Chaitanya.<br /><ul><li>Recently , he has sung a very soulful song " Waqt Ki Dhoop " for Daboo Malik in the movie KisToshi Started his official music career from the film Raaz - The Mystery Continues in the Blockbuster track Maahi [1] He along with his sibling and finalist of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2005 Sharib Sabri composed the super hit track of maahi and maahi rock with me version. He was a finalist inAmul Star Voice of India which kickstarted his career and he has never looked back since then.He even sang a Telugu song "Seheri" along with Priya from the movie OY! composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja and lyrics was penned by Surendra Krishna , Krishna Chaitanya.</li></ul>Recently , he has sung a very soulful song " Waqt Ki Dhoop " for Daboo Malik in the movie Kissan[2]<br />
  147. 147. <ul><li>He Also Sang A Song ` Vaada Raha ` For The Movie ` Vaada Raha - I Promise . He Is Also One Of The Music Directors Of This Film along With The Living Legend In Music Babbu Maan , Starring Bobby Deol and Kangana Ranaut .</li></ul>As a Composer<br /><ul><li>Toshi and Sharib have composed the Maahi track of Raaz2.They have also composed the whole album of Jashnn - A movie from Vishesh films.</li></ul> Music Ka Maha Muqabla<br /><ul><li>Toshi is currently participating in Music Ka Maha Muqabla aired on Star Plus. He is a part of the Mika's blasters team.</li></ul>san[2]<br /><ul><li>He Also Sang A Song ` Vaada Raha ` For The Movie ` Vaada Raha - I Promise . He Is Also One Of The Music Directors Of This Film along With The Living Legend In Music Babbu Maan , Starring Bobby Deol and Kangana Ranaut .</li></ul>As a Composer<br /><ul><li>Toshi and Sharib have composed the Maahi track of Raaz2.They have also composed the whole album of Jashnn - A movie from Vishesh films.</li></ul> Music Ka Maha Muqabla<br /><ul><li>Toshi is currently participating in Music Ka Maha Muqabla aired on Star Plus. He is a part of the Mika's blasters team
  148. 148. 2008 Summer 2007 Sung by Toshi-Sharib.
  149. 149. 2008 Horn Ok Please Nathani Utaro”Sung by Toshi and Sunidhi Chauhan
  150. 150. 2008 Raaz - The Mystery Continues…MahiComposed by Toshi-Sharib.
  151. 151. 2009 JashnnAaya Re, "Nazrein Karam", "Aish Karle”Composed by Toshi-Sharib.
  152. 152. 2009 kisaanwaqt ki dhoop Composed by -daboo malik&sung by toshi.
  153. 153. 2009 Vaada Raha Vaada Raha” sung by Toshi sabri Composed by-toshi &sharib.
  154. 154. 2009 JailSainya ve, Milke Yun Laga”Composed by Toshi-Sharib.
  155. 155. 2009 Oye—TeluguSeheri” Composed by Toshi-Sharib.
  156. 156. 2010Veer Kanha Thumari”Sung By Toshi&Sabri
  157. 157. 2010PhhirMahi wayComposed by Toshi-Sharib.</li></li></ul><li>N. C. Karunya<br /><ul><li>N. C. Karunya (Telugu Hindi), was the runner-up on Sony Entertainment Television's reality show, Indian Idol (season 2)
  158. 158. He was a complete singer and was a clear favorite of judges Sonu Nigam, Anu Malik and Farah Khan.
  159. 159. Indian Idol' runner-up Karunya has bagged his first professional singing assignment in Vidhu Vinod Chopra's 'Munnabhai' 2nd Innings. Highly impressed with his vocal skills, producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra got the talented and versatile singer to record a track 'Aane Char Aane' for his forthcoming comic caper. The track will be picturized on Munnabhai himself, SanjayDutt
  160. 160. With lyrics by Swanand Kirkire and music by Shantanu Moitra, 'Aane Char Aane' was recorded by Karunya at Media Mind Studio in Mumbai. Vidhu Vinod Chopra and director Rajkumar Hirani too were present at the recording. Vinod thought Karunya being a new singer, will probably take the entire day to sing the song, but he finished in fifteen minutes flat.
  161. 161. Vinod discovered Karunya in a rather interesting way. He was in Los Angeles, writing his next script. His sister, Shelly, who was visiting, burst into the room in tears. Vinod thought something dreadful had happened. But Shelly was crying because she had just found out that Karunya had not become the 'Indian Idol'.
  162. 162. Vinod had no idea who Karunya was, but found out as soon as he returned.The film's music composer Shantanu Moitra did his voice test and soon Karunya got the famous 'Jadooki Jhappi' from Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Rajkumar Hirani. The light-hearted comedy, starring Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi</li></ul><br /><br />
  163. 163. JahnviShrimankar<br /><ul><li>Sachi-Jigar present the talented JahnviShrimankar along with Master Salim in a tranquil-paced love duet ''LejaLeja'.
  164. 164. Jhanvi's wonderful vocals make this an album to remember.</li></ul><br />
  165. 165. ANKITA MISHRA<br /><ul><li> Ankita Mishra was born on April 10, 1990 in Kanpur.
  166. 166. Her hobbies are dancing, acting and skating. Her dream is to become a stage performer. She can also sing in a male’s voice. Ankita auditioned from Kanpur for Indian Idol 3, a singing competition on Sony Entertainment Television channel. After being voted out once, she bounced back into the main contest through a wild card entry. She was among the top 10 finalists on Indian Idol 3 and attained 4th place in the competition with public votes. She was eliminated on September 01, 2007.</li>