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SpicMacay Chapter, UPES organized an event featuring the distinguished group of musical Maestros “The Chaar Yaar.” Ustad Amjad Khan shaib, popularly known as Ustad Chote Zakhir Hussian, Pandit Pritam Ghoshal, Deepak Castelino, the guitarist and Dr MadanGopal Singh, the master of a soulful presented mesmerising sufi music and insights about music.

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Upes Music Show

  1. 1. Ruhani Rang by ChaarYaar Music is the language of the soul.In this busy life we rarely get opportunity to experience good soulful music to fulfill the hunger of our soul. SpicMacay is an organization which promotes Indian culture among youth and generates several such opportunities to experience divine soulful music. UPES SpicMacay Chapter was inaugurated by Pandit Ronu Majumdar in the year 2012 with the inaugural show. 28th April 2014 was marked as the milestone for the students & staff of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies(UPES) as this was one of the day when the students & staff got a life changing opportunity to experience the divine performance of the distinguished group of musical Maestros “The ChaarYaar” organized by UPES SpicMacay Chapter. Maestro Ustad Amjad Khan Shaib, popularly known as Ustad Chote Zakhir Hussian as the name suggests one understands the aggressive music in the form of rhythm you would experience when he puts his “thap” on the tabla. Pandit Pritam Ghoshal, is a known disciple of India’s well known maestro Ustad Amjadali khan Sahib , his sarod paint our mind with the color of serendipity and takes us to some other world. Deepak Castelino, is said to be one of the best guitarist of India , who plays both Indian classical and western music with full affection and dedication. Dr MadanGopal Singh, is the master of a soulful voice and has been a distinguished learner of sufi music. He has been a music composer, poet, and lyricist of many award winning films across the globe. The show introduced the concept of Sufism and plural cultured society by the artist using different sufi poems in different languages referring to coexistence which is the core concept of Sufism. Musicians who have been inspired by Sufism and have used it in their work like as A.R Rehman in his superhit film dil se composed the song “chaiyachaiya” which was inspired by a sufi song and the Beatles song “Imagine” carries a message of Sufism. Then the audience were made aware about the different poets like Baba Bulleh Shah, kabir,etc and their views and thoughts about the sufi poem blended in Hindustani classical music. At one point, the audience was asked to participate & was totally a fun moment. The Spicmacay programs help the spectators to actively learn and inculcate the seeds of culture in form of music, dance and other art forms in one’s soul by participating.
  2. 2. After the performance was over, the platform was open for question of the viewers which were amazingly answered by the artist and the day ended with the vote of thanks by Mr Arun Dhand preceded by the memento presentation to the artist. I surely believe words are just not enough to describe what the audience gained from such an amazing experience.