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The rahman quiz

  1. 1. 20 questions, answers later.
  2. 2.  Please don’t leave answers in comments. Online quizzes are pretty pointless, unless you are trying to show how well quiz questions can be reverse-engineered online. Yes, we all know. Find out how many answers you get without even thinking. Find out how many answers were at the tip of your tongue. It’s ok, you can Google for them. Keep a count. How many questions did you not know the answer to? How many questions made you want to email me about how stupid it was? Write that darn email. Or talk about it. Vent. Or make your own quiz. It better be good. How many seconds does it take you to identify a Rahman song when you hear it? That is your RAT (Rahman Acknowledgement Time). Tell me about it. If you are going to be linking to it, please use the blog-post link instead of the Slideshare link.
  3. 3.  Naveen is the Rahman regular on the flute/wind instruments. Who is the Rahman regular on the solo violin?
  4. 4.  A very peculiar music sample is associated with Raghuvaran’s character in Kaadhalan (Humse Hai Muqabla). The theme music of which other Rahman film begins with the same sound?
  5. 5.  Which are the only Rahman songs that have been lip-synched on screen by  Amrish Puri  Kailash Kher
  6. 6.  Name the first Rahman film dubbed into Hindi to not have lyrics by PK Mishra/Mehboob. For additional points, name lyricist.
  7. 7.  The promotional poster for which Rahman album had the words – “Chinna Chinna Aasai, Grammy vaanga aasai”?
  8. 8.  Before Sukhvindara Singh sang in Dil Se (1998) and became a Rahman Regular, he wrote the lyrics for song 1 and sang song 2,for two 1997 films . Name both songs and movies.
  9. 9.  The title of which song came from a Haj visit, where ARR heard a man selling water?
  10. 10.  Rahman has often spoken of the influence of Peter Gabriel’s Passion: The Last Temptation of Christ, and used the bassline of ‘Of These, Hope’ in Anbae Anbae (Jeans). In which Rahman OST would you hear a sample from Baba Maal’s ‘Call To Prayer’ from Passion: Sources, the companion album to Passion?
  11. 11.  What is common to the soundtracks of Jeans, Bombay, Taal, Alaipayuthey and ThirudaThiruda? Hmm, also Vande Mataram.
  12. 12.  This could be controversial. Name two (non-pop) male and female singers who have sung only one song for ARR. I am thinking of four names, there could be more.
  13. 13.  Danny Boyle recommended song Z for the end sequence of Slumdog Millionaire, but Rahman insisted on ‘Jai Ho’, wchich was originally composed for a situation in film X, where the director chose the song Y instead. ID X, Y and Z.
  14. 14.  In an interview, ARR complained that this song X used a sample that crashed his software a record number of times (vague memory says 21). The sample was reused by artist Y as the opening song Z of an album released 2 years later. Incidentally, ARR worked with Y’s lead guitarist around that time, so that might explain this. Once again, ID X, Y and Z.
  15. 15.  What was the first authorized remix of a Rahman track? Who remixed it? (Authorized: appeared on the official album)
  16. 16.  During the opening credit sequence of Rangeela, we hear the sounds of a Bombay street as the cast and production names roll. What do you hear when Rahman’s name flashes on screen?
  17. 17.  Which AR Rahman OST saw its CD release on a German label known for manufacturing Varese Sarabande releases for non-US markets?
  18. 18.  Easy: Which OST features Rahman and Himesh Reshammiya together?
  19. 19.  So, Bappi Lahiri claimed that the Hindi song B was a rip-off of his song A. A however bears more than a passing similarity to a 1974 number C. Strangely, the definitive site on Indian Music copycats mention that a Tamil song by ARR, D was inspired by C. ID A, B, C, D. Umm, sorry if this is confusing.
  20. 20.  By Rahman’s own admission (and a mention in one of his biographies), which album did he compose in the shortest period of time? 6 days, if I remember right. And a damn fine album it is, too.
  21. 21.  The name of which Rahman song translates to ‘The Chosen One’?
  22. 22.  “When we did (film) A, we had a song in the beginning and we used (song) B while shooting and editing. We went through HMV and asked for the rights to B and they quoted 1 crore rupees. We said “forget it”, composed a new piece C and it came out fine. Much later, they asked us permission to use (song) D. We quoted exactly the same figure.” Who, talking about what? (ID speaker, A, B, C and D)