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Women In Agile Thesis Research - Natalie Warnert, St. Catherine University


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Summary of findings for Women in Agile thesis defense presentation. Increasing women's involvement in the Agile community. by Natalie Warnert #WomenInAgile

May 2015

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Women In Agile Thesis Research - Natalie Warnert, St. Catherine University

  1. 1. + Increasing Women’s Involvement in the Agile Community Natalie Warnert
  2. 2. + Agenda  Introduction and Purpose of Research  Background and Context – What is Agile?  Research Methods  Findings  Recommendations & Strategy  Conclusion  Questions
  3. 3. + Purpose of Research
  4. 4. + Research Question What are the reasons that prevent female Agile practitioners from achieving higher levels of involvement in the Agile community, and what strategies can overcome them?
  5. 5. + What is Agile?
  6. 6. + What is Involvement? External to daily job responsibilities  Blogging  Conference attendance  Submitting to present at conferences  Submitting work for publication  User group attendance, membership, participation  Earning certifications
  7. 7. + Context – Initial Literature Review Agile • Expertise • Involvement • Culture Societal • Stereotypes • Environments • Perceptions Individual • Mind-set • Priorities • Standards
  8. 8. + Method  Interviews with women in the Agile community (7)  Qualitative data  Survey of the Agile community (103)  Quantitative data Female 60% Male 40% Survey Gender Distribution
  9. 9. + The Interviews
  10. 10. + Reasons that prevent women from achieving higher levels of involvement  Competing priorities for time  Organizational and career reasons  Lack of confidence, fear of perception from others  Intimidation from lack of diversity  Some event or interaction has deterred my involvement interest  I am not interested in being more involved
  11. 11. + Survey Questions  What prevents you from being more involved in the Agile community?  When you think about the Agile community, in your opinion why are men more involved than women?
  12. 12. + Yes 60% No 40% Company Provides Financial Support for Involvement Career or Organizational Reasons Involvement Level and Company Support (Men and Women) T-Test Involvement with Financial Support Involvement without Financial Support Mean (0-10) 5.31 4.12 Observations 52 33 P(T<=t) one- tail 0.0378
  13. 13. + Lack of Confidence, Fear of Perception from Others “I received comments at multiple conferences I’ve gone to along the way that, ‘you’re not just a pretty face ‘and then when I start talking, people think that ‘wow she actually knows what she is talking about’.” (personal conversation, February 2015)  Men (Individual): 24%  Women (Individual): 19%  Men (Perception of women): 43%  Women (Perception of women): 37%
  14. 14. + Intimidation from Lack of Diversity “You’d go in and you are the only female, I can see how a lot of people might drop out and be deterred from that fact. It’s not like in a college setting, where there’s three women and 28 guys, and the professor can call on you and boost your self-esteem and say that you’re just as smart as everyone else in the room, there isn’t that community across states and in the country. I think it’s a little more probably intimidating for women to look at all these people writing these blogs and articles, and they seem super smart and you compare yourself to them.” (personal conversation, February 2015)  Women (Individual): 9%  Men (Perception of women): 60%  Women (Perception of women): 33%
  15. 15. + Competin g Priorities for my time Organizati onal/Care er Reasons Lack of Confidenc e, Fear of perception from others Intimidatio n from lack of diversity Some event or interaction has deterred my interest I am not interested in being more involved Men and women are involved equally Men (Individual) 94% 39% 24% 3% 6% 9% Women (Individual) 84% 35% 19% 9% 9% 11% Men (Perception of Women) 60% 30% 43% 60% 47% 3% 10% Women (Perception of Women) 59% 31% 37% 33% 9% 4% 19% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Men vs. Women – Reasons for lack of involvement
  16. 16. + Men and Women are Not Equally Involved Mean Difference in Men and Women’s Involvement Levels: T- Test Women’s Involvement Level Men’s Involvement Level Mean (0-10) 4.47 5.67 Observations 57 36 P(T<=t) one- tail 0.0317
  17. 17. + Increase Involvement
  18. 18. + Strategy Questions  What support or actions have helped you or would help you to become more involved within the Agile community?  What support or actions do you think would help encourage women to become more involved in the Agile community?
  19. 19. + Research Findings: Strategies to Support Women’s Involvement  Immediate:  Extend a personal invitation to participate  Mid-Range:  Increase company support to participate  Promote and seek out diversity in Agile community activities  Encourage and facilitate networking among women  Long Term:  Increase early recruitment efforts of girls/women in Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) fields
  20. 20. + Immediate: Extend a Personal Invitation to Participate
  21. 21. + Mid-Range: Encourage and Facilitate Networking Among Women “All these men are typically reaching down to pull up other men like, ‘Hey let’s talk about this project. Do you want to go get a beer?’ It’s going to be really weird for me to go get a beer with another married person. I’m a married person. He’s a man. I’m a woman. That just doesn’t have good optics and so there are really no women to reach out and look for sponsors.” (personal conversation, February 2015)
  22. 22. + Long-Term: Early Recruitment in STEM fields “I did a few classes for elementary school kids where we brought in computers and I tore them apart and I let them look at them, and then ask me any questions they had about the computers. At fifth grade level, 24 kids signed up. Not a single girl…I don’t understand how we’re losing the girls.” (personal conversation, February, 2015)
  23. 23. + Recommendations Agile • Expertise • Involvement • Culture Societal • Stereotypes • Environments • Perceptions Individual • Mind-set • Priorities • Activities • Standards Change Perceptions
  24. 24. + Future Research  How do men perceive themselves?  Will these strategies be successful?  What are the benefits of involvement?  How do perceptions affect involvement and interaction?
  25. 25. + My Commitment
  26. 26. +