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Security Development Lifecycle Tools


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Security Development Lifecycle Tools by Sunil Yadav @ null Mumbai Meet, March, 2011

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Security Development Lifecycle Tools

  1. 1. Security DevelopmentLifecycle ToolsPresentation By : Sunil Yadav
  2. 2. Security Development Lifecycle SDL process used by Microsoft to develop software, that defines security requirements and minimizes security related issues. Software development security assurance process SD3+C – Secure by Design, Secure by Default, Secure in Deployment, and Communications
  3. 3. A Security FrameworkSD3+C
  4. 4. SDL Phases
  5. 5. SDL Tools Binscope Binary Analyzer SDL Regex Fuzzer Code Analysis Tool (CAT.NET) Minifuzz File Fuzzer
  6. 6. Binscope Binary Analyzer Binscope is a binary analyzer security tool to ensure that the assemblies comply with SDL requirements and recommendations. Binscope performs the following security checks to test the weaknesses like buffer overflow, data execution etc. Check/Flag Description /GS Prevent buffer overflow /SafeSEH Ensures safe exception handling /NXCOMPAT Ensure compatibility with Data Execution Prevention(DEP) /SNCHECK Ensures unique key pairs and strong integrity check.
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  8. 8. References Download =90e6181c-5905-4799-826a-772eafd4440a Links
  9. 9. SDL Regex Fuzzer SDL Regex Fuzzer is a tool to help test regular expressions for potential denial of service vulnerabilities SDL Regex Fuzzer testing must be performed during Microsoft security development lifecycle (SDL) Verification Phase. Evil Regular Expressions ([a-zA-Z]+)* (a|aa)+ (.*a){x} | for x > 10 (a|aa)+
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  11. 11. References Download: Download SDL Tools: Links:
  12. 12. Code Analysis Tool (CAT.NET) Code Analysis Tool (CAT.NET) is a binary source code analysis tool that helps in identifying common security flaws in managed code VulnerabilityCross Site Scripting(XSS)SQL InjectionProcess Command InjectionFile CanonicalizationException InformationLDAP InjectionXPATH InjectionRedirection to User Controlled Site
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  14. 14. References Download Links :
  15. 15. Minifuzz File Fuzzer Minifuzz tool helps in detecting security flaws that may expose application vulnerabilities in file handling code The Minifuzz tool accepts the file content and creates a multiple variations of the same file to identify the application behavior for handling different file formats Minifuzz testing must be performed during Microsoft security development lifecycle (SDL) Verification Phase.
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  17. 17. References Download Links:
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