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How we build relationships using Contactually - Nrip Nihalani


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These are slides from a talk I recently gave on How we build relationships using Contactually. Contactually is an amazing Saas Software that I personally love and use.

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How we build relationships using Contactually - Nrip Nihalani

  1. 1. How We Build Relationships Using By Nrip Nihalani Plus91 Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Adding Value to Healthcare
  2. 2. What is this talk about?
  3. 3. What is it good for Organizing My Network Getting More Referrals Generating More Business
  4. 4. How does it do this? • Syncs with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Unlimited Email Accounts, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Android Phones and iPhones • Deep Integrations with Google Apps, Calendar • Supports Sending of Emails from your own server • See Contacts across Accounts in One Place • Generates Follow Ups for you based on Set criteria • Provides a Very Useful API
  5. 5. The Main Ingredients • Buckets - Create Buckets to Put Contacts In • Templates – Create Well Crafted Templates for Common Purposes • Programs – Create a Set of Linear Steps to Take for a Variety of Outcomes • Pipelines – Trace Leads through various stages
  6. 6. Buckets • Buckets are how we organize and segregate our contacts. • Contactually sends us Daily/Weekly reminders of who to follow up with based on the buckets we have organized and the bucket rules we set.
  7. 7. Templates • Email templates allow us to send the same message, but personalized, to our contacts. • Having a pre-written template allows us to send the message with just a few clicks of a button. • Must Have Templates – Following up with someone after an event – Asking for a referral from a current client – Introducing a current client to someone in your network – Reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a long time – Sending an article – Following up with someone after a new job change
  8. 8. Programs • Programs allow us to set up a series of actions with a particular contact or group of contacts over a period of time, either automatically or by nudging us to do so • Sample Programs – Current Client Engagement – Reaching out to clients you recently worked with – New Contact Engagement
  9. 9. Pipelines • The Pipeline functionality provides a visual representation of where our deals are in their current process and what steps need to be taken. • ​A pipeline is broken into Stages while stages are broken into Deals.
  10. 10. Case Study – ArabHealth 2015 • We Created 4 Templates – [Immediate Follow Up] – [Post Event Follow Up 1] – [Post Event Custom Follow Up] – [Post Event Follow Up 2] • We Created a Bucket – [TradeShow Lead] – We planned to add everydays contacts into this bucket • We did it for 3 of the 4 days  • We added the final days contacts 3 days after the event
  11. 11. Case Study – ArabHealth 2015 • We Created a Program- [TradeShow Initiation] – When Someone is added to the Bucket [TradeShow Lead]  Send the [ImmediateFollowUp] Template – After 2 Days  Send a Connection Request on LinkedIn – After 9 Days  “Ask me to follow up” – We planned to then use either the [Post Event Follow Up 1] or the [Post Event Custom Follow Up] template based on my notes. – After 39 Days  “Ask me to follow up” – We planned to use the [Post Event Follow Up 2] – After 60 Days  “Ask me to follow up”- We planned to share an article from the company blog or my curated news blog depending on the tag I have added in these 60 days
  12. 12. Case Study – ArabHealth 2015 • We collected 212 Business Cards – 148 were contacted within 24 hours of collecting their cards – All 212 were contacted at least once within 10 days of the event getting over. – 14 Emails Bounced :: 198 Emails were delivered – responses were received from 82 contacts within the first 30 days[4 skype calls were setup] – BUT in the first 60 Days  This number became 104 – Post the final share in the program, The Article , This number was 138.
  13. 13. Case Study – ArabHealth 2015 – Our Deals from ArabHealth 2015 • 1 Deal closed • 2 Deals in the price negotiation stage • 2 Deals in the qualification stage • 4 Deals in the early discussion stage – We found that Contactually worked for us and it was worth the money and time investment Get yourself a Free Trial Using My Personalized Link
  14. 14. Lets have a coffee and a chat sometime. I am just a text (09561092934) or an email away Email: Twitter: @plus91 @nrip Web: Facebook: