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New Jersey Future letter urging governor to sign a2694 s1073


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Letter to New Jersey Gov. Murphy urging him to sign legislation allowing the establishment of stormwater management utilities.

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New Jersey Future letter urging governor to sign a2694 s1073

  1. 1. February 26, 2019 The Honorable Phil Murphy Governor of New Jersey Office of the Governor PO Box 001 Trenton, NJ 08625 Dear Governor Murphy, New Jersey’s municipalities are experiencing more extreme rainfall more frequently as a result of our changing climate. The increased rainfall causes flooding that shuts down streets, damages property in homes and businesses, and pollutes our waterways. It is estimated that $16 billion will be required to properly address stormwater issues in New Jersey. In addition, 21 municipalities with combined sewer systems are required by the EPA to upgrade stormwater management systems--an expensive endeavor that requires a steady revenue source. This is not a unique problem, and over 40 states in the nation have recognized that enabling municipalities to implement stormwater utilities can dramatically alleviate flooding and improve water quality. New Jersey’s legislature passed A2694/S1073 on January 31. This bill would permit communities to voluntarily establish stormwater utilities which can collect fees that are dedicated exclusively for stormwater management upgrades. Stormwater utilities provide municipalities with a tool to address and manage polluted runoff. Access to this funding mechanism is not just a flooding or pollution issue--it is also an equity issue. Cities with lower income populations such as Newark, Trenton, and Camden, are hit hardest by the impacts of flooding and polluted runoff, reducing the quality of life for residents, endangering local businesses, and dampening the attraction for new businesses to relocate. New Jersey’s cities and towns deserve the opportunity to address chronic flooding and polluted runoff. Please sign A2694/S1073 and give our communities that opportunity. Thank you, Peter Kasabach Executive Director New Jersey Future