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Promoting a company with promotional usb drives


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Promoting a company with promotional usb drives

  1. 1.
  2. 2. An USB drive is a compact memory storage unitthat is used for transporting files from onecomputer to another. The drive is physicallysmaller than a stick of chewing gum and caneasily be carried around in your pocket or purseor even in key rings. The data that had to bestored in piles of paper can now easily be storedin these small devices permanently and can onlybe removed if the user explicitly wants them to beremoved. The drive can be connected to yourhome desktop computer or laptop through anUSB port which makes it easy for use. Their largedata carrying capacity along with very fast uploadand download speeds has given these devices animmense popularity.
  3. 3. The USB can be used by anyone, adult or childalike. It is a very practical item that is alwaysin demand. The custom credit-card USB willfit into a wallet just like the traditional creditcard. This credit card however will havecustomized graphics that will reflect thebrand and logo of the business ororganisation that is being promoted.
  4. 4. The metallic pen USB is a suitable item forboth men and women where a certainsophistication is required. A pen is alwaysneeded and the USB is easy to locate in thesuit pocket or pocketbook. Pens can also behung from a lanyard around the neck andthey would not look out of place. The choicesare many and it is up to the wearer to decidewhat the most appropriate way is suitable forthem.Promotional messages in the form of textsand logos with background color or graphicsmatching your companys brand can beplaced on the drive in different
  5. 5. fonts, font sizes and bright colors. To makeit more catching to the eyes you can makethe text as large as possible and print it onboth sides if your budget permits. Generallythe more number of devices you buy thelesser you pay per piece since design printerswill require a minimum purchase amountwhen you request for a custom job.Manufacturers can also be requested to putthe website address or other contactinformation on these devices. People may notknow what your company does so you mayalso put a short message telling theconsumer what you offer.
  6. 6. Dont waste money on printing trainingmanuals, store it on a custom USB flash driveand have your participants leaving happy!Brand your organization’s logo on thepromotional flash drive to advertise yourservice and you will have everyone smilingincluding your pocket. Come and trypromotional USBs for your company, dont beleft in the digital dark ages in this tech savvyworld we live in.