Use your mind to communicate use your pyschic powers


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The mysterious subject of psychic powers has remained unstudied ever since owing to the confusion and fear that people suffer regarding it. Essentially, psychic powers are those superhuman abilities of man that enables him to perceive paranormal vibes from the environment that others cannot see or perceive.|Psychic power is a mysterious subject that has remained unstudied since time immemorial. A true psychic is someone who can see or perceive things that others cannot. However, usually man is a bit scared and confused regarding such powers and abilities.|Singe age old times, psychic powers have remained a mysterious and unstudied subject. An individual with true psychic powers is able to perceive things that are otherwise invisible to others. But, common man is usually highly confused and even frightened regarding such powers and abilities.

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Use your mind to communicate use your pyschic powers

  1. 1. Use Your Mind To Communicate - Use Your Psychic Powers!
  2. 2. Psychic power is a mysterious subject that hasremained unstudied since time immemorial. Atrue psychic is someone who can see orperceive things that others cannot. However,usually man is a bit scared and confusedregarding such powers and abilities.Each and every one of us humans possesspsychic power within us to some extent or theother but only a very small percentage candisplay the high level of psychic skills.
  3. 3. Psychics are said to possess and extra senseapart from the usual five sense organs. It is thissixth sense that enables them to perceive psychic information.While some psychics can predict the futurewith their power of precognition, some havethe ability to retell the past, or the power ofretrocognition. There are even others who cansee spirits and perceive other forms ofenergies in the surroundings.
  4. 4. Names such as fortuneteller, oracle reader,soothsayer, spiritualist, wise man have beengiven to such psychic individuals over time.Countless pretenders in the art are a reasonfor fuelling the fire of controversy that alreadyexisted regarding the subject.
  5. 5. Infact, there isn’t any need to pretend to be a psychic. Psychic powers exist within each and every one of us, lying dormant, waiting to be tapped into and developed. Once we do that, we can use such powers whenever there’s a need.Once you are ready to start this journey of selfdiscovery, the first thing you need to learn ishow to balance your emotions, spirit and mind through meditation.
  6. 6. People having true psychic powers havebecome masters at cleansing their minds andremoving all bad thoughts and negativity,opening up the minds to the infinite energy ofthe universe in the You will come alive and feel intensehappiness along with a feeling of immensecreativity bursting from within.
  7. 7. Create a schedule and take time out formeditation at least for 30 minutes each day.Spending thirty to sixty minutes of focusedconcentration will remove all negativity fromyour mind and thoughts.Find yourself a calm spot where you haveminimal chances of getting disturbed. Thisplace can be in your home, in a park or even ina cave but it must be a peaceful spot whereyou can concentrate without gettinginterrupted.
  8. 8. Begin by studying the flow of emotions andfeelings that course though your body whenyou meditate. You can intensely concentrate orpractice deep breathing in case of any negativethoughts that might come in your mind duringthis time.
  9. 9. With more and more practice you will becomeaware of the different vibrations occurringaround you and be able to differentiatebetween the different kind of energies that ispresent in your environment. Remember thatyou can develop your psychic powers fullyonly when you can attune to the infiniteenergy of the cosmos that connects each andevery one of us.
  10. 10. ‘Practice makes it perfect’ holds good for psychic power development as well. Get hold of eager friends and relatives and try your hand at palmistry or tarot card reading. Remember that your perceptions would be easier if your subject has an open mind. Meditation and practicing daily will make you adept at viewing the different coloured aura of different people. You will also start to recognize the colours of an individual’s aura without much concentration.
  11. 11. Moreover, you shall now be able to know anindividual’s true intentions from his aura andfind out any illnesses that he might have even ifhe himself is not aware about it.As your skills continue to grow you will be baleto view events of the past, present psychicpowers that have faced huge controversy andeven gained immense fascination over theyears.stronger when we are children. Adultshave to be taught again not to fear aspectswhich cannot be seen.
  12. 12. Till the time an adult forces a child to erect adefense against the unknown, the child will beopen to things which he cannot understand –continuing to communicate with the spirit in this case.So keep all such preconceived notion aboutthe unknown at bay and take a lesson fromthe children. You will see that once all suchnegativity is flushed out, connecting to theinfinite energy around us is a simple task.
  13. 13. Possessing psychic abilities is a naturalphenomenon and the only difference lies inhow much you are born with and thereafterhow much you block out in the process.Thus, one can safely conclude that with a littletime an effort an individual can successfullyhone his latent psychic skills and use it for thebetterment of the world around him.