The best usb producer in united kingdom


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USB flash memory has become an established marketing tool over the last few years, with ever increasing data storage capacity and literally hundreds of off-the-shelf

designs. Against this backdrop of ever increasing popularity it was only a matter of time before the industry made it more cost effective and easier to facilitate the

production of bespoke or custom shaped flash drives.

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The best usb producer in united kingdom

  1. 1. The Best USB producer in United Kingdom
  2. 2. USB flash memory has become an establishedmarketing tool over the last few years, withever increasing data storage capacity andliterally hundreds of off-the-shelf designs.Against this backdrop of ever increasingpopularity it was only a matter of time beforethe industry made it more cost effective andeasier to facilitate the production of bespoke orcustom shaped flash drives.
  3. 3. Small scale custom moulding of the qualitypreviously only possible on mass market goods isnow available to create a genuinely unique USBproduct even on low volume orders of 250. Thesebespoke shapes can be made from a variety ofrecycled and recyclable materials such asPVC, ABS, Silicon and PET. These materials offernot only a cheaper way of producing USB flashdrives in custom shape USB, but in additionlighter, more malleable materials offersphenomenal detail when it comes to text andlogos. This is because moulds for these materialsare made from low density metal alloys that canbe cut with finer tooling.
  4. 4. PVC especially offers a great feel as well asfantastic detail and makes production of 2Dand 3D custom shaped USB sticks on small andmedium sized quantities cost effective. It’sideally suited for the production of these highlydesirable marketing tools on a budget.
  5. 5. The process is fairly straightforward, first theobject (such as a bottle or shoe) is sent to themanufacturer and from this a 3D or 2Dwireframe CAD rendition is created. If howeverthe object is too large to send to the facility then2 or more photographs from different angles canbe used instead. Once this CAD representationhas been approved a mould is made from softmetal by using a computer controlled lathe.
  6. 6. Once the mould is ready the molten PVC isapplied, for small orders this is usually with ahand held pneumatic tool. The material solidifieswithin a few seconds on contact with the metaland is then ejected.This first production sample is sent to the clientfor approval or can be photographed if lead timesare tight. Once approved the full quantity can bemanufactured, usually in about 5 days for lowervolume orders. Larger orders will require multiplemoulds to speed up the process.
  7. 7. The housing is then usually sent to a specialistUSB assembly plant where the memory andcontroller chip assembly is combined with theouter casing to create the final product. Anydata required would be uploaded at this stage.
  8. 8. The overall lead time from conception todelivery can take as little as 15 business days,while the same mould can be used to create alarge number of branded USB sticks. A mouldcan also create flash drives in a range of coloursby the colouring applied to the molten PVC andhand painted into the moulds prior to beingfilled with the material.
  9. 9. Despite marketing budgets being continuouslysqueezed it seems that clients still demandground breaking ideas. Promotional gift andmarketing companies are under pressure toprovide more for less. Custom shaped USB sticksin quantities of 250 cost no more than some ofthe ‘off the shelf’ models. The lighter PVC andABS custom moulded USB flash drives offer acost effective solution to finding that unique,useful marketing ‘give away’ to put your brandahead of the competition.