The truth is out there remote viewing


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There are various techniques to remote viewing. Remote viewing methods generally refer to the ways or means by which an individual can view objects hidden or situated at great distances with the help of the mind. The subconscious part of our brain helps in doing so.~Remote viewing methods can have different facts and figures behind. However the basic fact related to the methods is the viewing of distantly situated objects or hidden from normal human eyesight. Some individuals with the help of their subconscious can view such objects without any hindrance.~When it comes to remote viewing methods, techniques will vary. However, if you as a remote viewer can do this skill, which involves seeing or viewing a particular object, simply by using the power of your own mind.

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The truth is out there remote viewing

  1. 1. The Truth Is Out There - Remote Viewing Methods
  2. 2. When it comes to remote viewing methods,techniques will vary. However, if you as aremote viewer can do this skill, which involvesseeing or viewing a particular object, simply byusing the power of your own mind.
  3. 3. Astral travel is somewhat similar to suchmethods and in all cases, the human brainplays a vital role to make them happen. Eventhough both astral travelling and remoteviewing both point at the same direction ofpsychic abilities they have major differences intheir occurrence. Remote viewing methods areskills that happen in some as inborn gift, butwe can still grow this ability if we give thecorrect amount of effort.
  4. 4. Everyone have this bliss of remote viewingwithin themselves. In fact this is quite a naturaland normal occurrence. But in some casesindividuals may not recall the ways or methodsof remote viewing even though it may bewithin them innately. As a result this gift startsto wither off and ultimately the person maynot be able to use his power any more. This gifthelps a psychic to perceive things situated athuge distances and that too without moving.
  5. 5. Remote viewing and the methods it utilizes mayseem to be New Age, but really, they are asold as time and have been around since thefirst humans took their first breaths.Remote Viewing by Any Other Name Is StillRemote Viewing
  6. 6. You mightve heard of somebody whos aclairvoyant, which is a person who can pick up amessage with no sender. When a message has asender and receiver, thats generally called telepathy.However, certain remote viewing talents cometo mind as a natural course of everyday life,such as the talents mothers use when they usematernal instinct to simply know thatsomething is wrong with their baby.
  7. 7. The main point here is that one needs to be very open minded to enhance the common sense of perception one holds. Yes, one can open and enhance the mind, body and soul in various lesser known ways through being to age old methods that may still possess much value but whose value has yet to be completely understood.
  8. 8. There are various modes to grow remote viewingmethods in our selves.If you want to practice remote viewing andbecome good at it, youre first going to have tofind the best way to get into a proper frame ofmind. You can of course have developed yournatural abilities of extrasensory perceptionalready, or you can train yourself in visualizationand meditation. There are several ways you cando these things, and you should find the methodor methods that work best for you and yourparticular lifestyle.
  9. 9. When you practice guided meditation and visualizations as part of your remote viewing practice, youre going to be able to concentrate your minds power and focus intently on any subject or area you want to see.It will take a great deal of time and patience to do this and that means you need to be receptive to messages and images you receive as you develop such skills.
  10. 10. There are books, audio tapes and videos that help learn the ways to develop our extra sensory perceptions and hence allow us to grow within ourselves the abilities like remote viewing and clairvoyance. These aids provide the helping hand to intensify the things that are dormant inside and waiting to come out of the shell.
  11. 11. There are numerous training procedures forenhancing and developing our psychiccapabilities. However among them some arenot so fruitful for many. Thus the requirementfor researching is important to find out whichbest suits a individual.
  12. 12. Understanding and trusting your own natural instincts is also vital. Yes, you need to take directions on common strategies to hone these types of extra sensory skills, some images may not be clear no matter how hard you work on the skill. As such, it becomes necessary to trust your instincts on what the less than clear images are.
  13. 13. In trainings such as these we need not over do ourselves and need to follow a specific schedule to reach success.That is why it is best to start by selecting a halfdozen or so simple images and drawing imagesbased on your meditation on these images.
  14. 14. Place these pictures in an envelope and seal itshut. Use them to practice and test your abilities,recording what youve found in your testingsessions in your remote viewing journal.And, of course, it is best to be patient withyourself and examine the results over time. Noone can magically develop these skills overnight sosimply be patient and you will discover yourremote viewing becomes much easier over timewith the right amount of practice.
  15. 15. Before long you will notice that remote viewingdoes become easier and you will enjoy beingable to see what you want to see when youwant to see it.