Important Developments In Paid Search


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Presentation to SEMNE, May 18, 2010 - How to leverage Google's recent ad innovations: location extensions, sitelink extensions, product extensions, mobile advertising. Expand advertising reach, engage users, increase conversion rates with Ad Extensions.

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  • Make all edits in AdWords interface – not Editor!Location extensions serve the most appropriate phone number based upon user’s location
  • If PPC is synched with Google places -feeds map into ppc ad-google announced the hiring of 300 temp workers to fix maps bugs
  • How does it work if you don’t have a specific location?“Service area” now permitted
  • Expand your messageQualify your trafficDrive traffic deeper into your siteIdeal for service orgs. & when product feed is not an optionUseful for Brand campaignsServed when Goo thinks they provide the “best answer” for the userLikely to show for top ranked ads w/high QSOur experience: before ad extensions, sitelinks were frequently served – now just Brand campaign – all others serving ad extensionsBE SURE TO DISABLE CONNECTION TO GOOGLE MERCHANT CENTER IF YOU HAVE A PRODUCT FEED!
  • RESULTS: “FASTER CONVERSIONS”Tagging can be tricky – should have ‘auto-tagging’ enabled for full Analytics capability We modify one of the non-UTM tags that passes to the URL report.
  • Set up Google Merchant CenterUpload data feed (relatively easy – just follow template)Enable within Campaign settings tab
  • Remember to synch merchant center with AdWords accountBE PATIENT - Once everything is synched & extensions created, it can take 1+ days for extensions to serve!The longer they are enabled, the more Impression Share they receiveNOTE: It’s relatively easy to modify your google data file for Amazon PPC!
  • Google now monitizing results that were formerly “free” in product searchPlusbox (note: SEARS ad)Can rank from 1-11 positionsNo cost to expand plusboxData feed supplies PPC and organic product searchNote: This position is “sweet spot” for client for onsite metrics & Conv/rate
  • Here is the plusbox expandedMake sure feed includes all imagesHowever, occasionally google is inconsistent pushing out all images
  • Note the 4 vs. 6 images (Google chooses most relevant)Helps support organic listings – improving brand awarenessImage for First listing in Product Search is displayed
  • Example of a specific model search – only one listing meets this queryDrives traffic to specific product page – improves customer experience increases conversionNote that SM is not included in first 3 organic product listings – very competitive modelTop competitor has 0 organic rank and is not using data feed
  • My first observation of both sitelinks & product extensions in one text adThis is an ad from a “misc” campaignGoogle showing 2 of 4 possible extensions
  • Tight adgroups and negative keywords prevent poor quality impressions!Compare visual impact with competitors’ messagesWe’ve been serving extensions since December and have yet to see a comparable competitor ad!!
  • IS and show rates are climbing as ads gather CTR history
  • 15% increase in impression shareGet a better position with a lower CPC!
  • Universal search pushing organic rankings further down the pageData feed provides multiple opportunities for page 1 above the fold rank
  • Observation since last Dec. – no plusbox requiredGoogle’s beta for Affiliate NetworkCPA modelMust be a merchant in the affiliate network to participateNote how the client’s #1 organic listing is out-ranked by the product search results!Happy to report that our high QS now results in a #3 ad rank
  • Extend your advertising reachUsers not only see your ad, they can dial simply by clicking on your phone numberApproach depends upon deviceFull browsers will see PC adsWAP phones will see abbreviated mobile ads (wireless application protocol)
  • Why bother with mobile???They’re finding you on mobile devices, you might as well make it easy for them to contact you!72 million mobile web users (Nielson, 2/10)Verizon shipping 65,000 units dailyClient launched website redesign on april 1st with mobile version capabilityMost visitors had full web capability, but WAP now enabled
  • We are choosing “all devices” as Google will serve “best match”“All devices” supposed to be default setting – but it’s best to confirm
  • Make this a priority to improve smartphone/mid CTR and customer experience
  • Create an ad – select “mobile ad”Need to know your website’s mobile compatible markup languageLimited to 12-18 characters for title & description depending upon markup languageLimited to 20 characters for display url & business nameBanner images have ad size and file size limits
  • Google recommends mobile specific Campaigns/adgroups:-shorter message-easier reporting/measurementWAP good for local businesses (i.e., restaurants, retail)Verizon/Google developing a tabletDell developing a tablet aka “Streak”HP supposedly working on a competitive device
  • CTR evaluation tricky due to highly branded nature of PC adAlso, this client in a very competitive apparel space – so PC ads CTR not as high as other merchantsCPC definitely measurable!GOOGLE SAYS: if you run a click to call/text ad AND WAP ad on same keyword, CPCs will likely varyExperience w/mobile – most traffic on full text ad w/click to callMy clients advertise nationally, not locally, so WAP not as useful
  • Cost for video/ppcCharged click cost after 11 seconds of video viewing OR click through
  • Also:Google Account as a portal to all your google appsDozens of Google videos on their blogs and YouTube (look for those produced by Google!!)
  • Important Developments In Paid Search

    1. 1. Important Developments in Paid Search<br />Matt Van Wagner, Find Me Faster<br />Barb Young, ppc-Strategies<br />
    2. 2. Ad Innovations<br />Google Places<br />New developments for search & mobile<br />Google Sitelinks<br />Target 5 audiences in a single ad<br />Google Product Extensions<br />Display product image ads for paid & organic listings<br />Google Mobile Advertising<br />The new frontier is here!<br />
    3. 3. AdWords Extensions<br />What they are<br />How they work<br />How to enable<br />Performance results<br />Coming soon<br />
    4. 4. Enabling Ad Extensions<br />Campaign level/Settings tab<br />Same PPC pricing as click on traditional text ad<br />
    5. 5. Enabling Location Extensions<br />Synched to Google Places (formerly Business Local)<br /><ul><li>Just Announced: Replacing Google Local Business Ads!
    6. 6. More flexible & scalable for multiple locations
    7. 7. Ads eligible to display:</li></ul>Google Search Network, Google Maps & Google Maps for Mobile<br />Phones with full internet browsers (iPhone, Android, etc.)<br /><ul><li>How-to video w/step by step instructions:</li></li></ul><li>Location Extensions in Text Ads<br />Multiple locations permitted<br />Location/phone closest to user will be displayed<br />
    8. 8. When Google Places Synched w/PPC<br /><ul><li>Google Search Network
    9. 9. Google Maps & Google Maps for Mobile
    10. 10. Phones with full internet browsers (iPhone, Android, etc.)</li></li></ul><li>Google Places Now Supports “Service Area”<br />Specific location address no longer required <br />
    11. 11. Enabling SitelinksDisplay up to 4 additional links in one ad<br />Aligned to website navigation<br />Unique tag will pass to URL report<br />
    12. 12. Sitelinks Performance<br />Branded Campaigns/Ecommerce<br /><ul><li>Links receive 2-4% higher CTR than Headline
    13. 13. 1.5 fewer page views
    14. 14. 1:30 Less time on site
    15. 15. 6% Increase in conversion rate!</li></ul>Reporting<br /><ul><li>URL report
    16. 16. Should have “auto-tagging” enabled in both AdWords & GA
    17. 17. Add a unique tag that passes to the URL report, i.e., SL=name of anchor text</li></li></ul><li>Enabling Product Ad Extensions<br />Display up to 6 images within one ad<br /><ul><li>One data feed supplies both PPC ads and Google Product Search (organic)
    18. 18. Be sure to “verify and claim URL” by May 18th
    19. 19. Verify at Google Webmaster Tools
    20. 20. Claim at Google Merchant Center</li></li></ul><li>Google Merchant Center<br />Important:<br /><ul><li>Synch with AdWords to enable Product Extensions!</li></li></ul><li>Ad Extensions w/Plusbox<br />
    21. 21. Be Sure to Include Images in Data Feed!<br />
    22. 22.
    23. 23. Qualified Buyer Primed for Purchase<br />Model-specific query serves one extension result<br />Be sure to optimize your data feed titles, descriptions & images!<br />
    24. 24. Recent Observation: New Hybrid?<br />
    25. 25. Clean Up Your Act!<br />
    26. 26. Product Extension Reporting<br />AdWords “Ad Report” – data selection items<br />
    27. 27. Product Extensions Rock!<br />Performance Results<br /><ul><li>Plusbox Show Rate: 10% to 80%
    28. 28. 50%+ on our most heavily trafficked campaigns
    29. 29. Headline CTR when ad showed a plusbox: 5.3%
    30. 30. vs. 5% regular CTR
    31. 31. Avg. Plusbox Expansion Rate: 6.5%
    32. 32. CTR when plusbox was expanded: 30%
    33. 33. Overall increase in conversion rate: 13%</li></ul>Specific products showed increase of 22%<br />
    34. 34. Impression Share Up!<br />
    35. 35. Google Ad Extensions<br /><ul><li>Why enable Extensions?
    36. 36. Improved CTR (30-80% vs. 2-12%)
    37. 37. Speak to multiple buyers ( 5 links in 1)
    38. 38. Drive traffic to categories & specific products
    39. 39. Increase Conversion Rate
    40. 40. Stay above the fold!
    41. 41. PPC rewards:
    42. 42. Improved position
    43. 43. Reduced cost per click </li></ul>One client saw position increase and cpc decrease by 10% with Ad Extensions<br />
    44. 44. What the Heck is This?<br />Product Listing Ad from Google’s Affiliate Network<br />
    45. 45. <ul><li>Smartphones with full HTML browser capability
    46. 46. Android
    47. 47. iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad
    48. 48. Blackberry
    49. 49. WAP Cell phones
    50. 50. Everything else
    51. 51. Do you have a mobile version of your website?
    52. 52. Pricing
    53. 53. CPC
    54. 54. CPM in the works</li></ul>Google Ad Extensions: Phone<br />
    55. 55. Why bother with mobile??<br /><ul><li>1.5 billion devices shipped thru ‘09
    56. 56. 2.25 billion estimated thru ’14
    57. 57. Smartphone sales growing at a faster rate than WAP*</li></ul><br />
    58. 58. Enabling AdWords Phone Extensions<br />Step 1: Select Your Device & Carriers<br />
    59. 59. Enabling AdWords Phone Extensions<br />Step 2: Enable Click-to-Call feature<br />Nothing else required for full browser capable devices!<br />
    60. 60. Creating Mobile Ads for WAP Phones<br />
    61. 61. Different Devices = Different Ads<br /><ul><li>Full HTML browser capability (Droid, et al.)
    62. 62. Full text ads on Search network with “Click-to-Call”
    63. 63. Image ads on Content network
    64. 64. All types on Downloadable apps on Content network (
    65. 65. WAP Cell phones
    66. 66. Create mobile specific ads
    67. 67. Opt in to content network for image ads
    68. 68. Best practice: create mobile specific campaigns!
    69. 69. What’s best?
    70. 70. Targeting “Smartphones” & MIDs is easiest & growing fastest!
    71. 71. Do you have a mobile version of your website?
    72. 72. Are you likely to engage with local users?</li></li></ul><li>Mobile Ad Performance<br />105% higher CTR (3.5% mobile v. 1.7% pc)<br />19% CTR for Brand campaign (pc)<br />47% lower CPC<br />Mobile text ad reports:<br /><ul><li>Ad Reports & Placement Reports (content network)
    73. 73. Note Avg CPM – CPM pricing coming soon!
    74. 74. Mobile image ad data currently not available in reports</li></li></ul><li>Coming Soon!<br />Customer reviews in Product Search Results <br /><ul><li>Specify canonical URLs
    75. 75. Bazaarvoice- currently enabled
    76. 76. More review platform providers - coming soon
    77. 77. Submit reviews directly – coming soon</li></ul>Video Extensions!<br /><ul><li>Now in Beta mode</li></li></ul><li>How to Stay Current<br />Google AdWords Blog<br /><ul><li></li></ul>Google Merchant Blog<br /><ul><li></li></ul>Google Mobile Blog<br /><ul><li></li></ul>Google Business Solutions<br /><ul><li></li></ul>Search Engine Land/SearchCap<br /><ul><li></li>