Insight Fuelled Shopper Marketing - Engage Shopper Marketing


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Insight Fuelled Shopper Marketing - Engage Shopper Marketing

  1. 1. Insight Valley Asia 2013 | May 16 & 17 | Bangkok, Thailand |
  2. 2. Insight Valley Asia 2013 | May 16 & 17 | Bangkok, Thailand | www.insightvalley.comThank you to our sponsor & partners!Gold SponsorSupported byOrganised by
  3. 3. Insight-fuelled ShopperMarketingConnect with us for all of the latestshopper marketing news from around the globe!
  4. 4. We have helped over 100 companies across AsiaIdentify massive growth opportunitiesIdentify huge savings in trade spend and marketingConfigure teams to be most effectiveDevelop people to be able to make a difference...We help consumer goods companies…
  5. 5. Marketing used to be simpleDevelopingpowerful brandsDrive depth ofdistribution
  6. 6. The consumer communication world is fragmented;and is fragmenting further at unprecedented rates050100150200250300350400450Mobile advertisingGlobal internetInteractive TV promotionsIn-game advertisingU.S. product placementGlobal cable/multichannelGlobal broadcastU.S.MSO advertisingGlobal radio and outdoorGlobal magazineGlobal newspaperU.S.local stationNewad formats22.4%Traditionalad formats77.6%41201919205555422CAGR(2006-2010)Global advertising spend by categorySource: Morgan StanleyAs media continues to fragment, reaching consumers isincreasingly more expensive
  7. 7. Grabbing and keeping the interest of consumers isgetting more and more tricky
  8. 8. The journey from consumer desire to a sale is gettingmore complicated74%75%76%77%78%79%80%81%82%83%84%Traditional media Internet sources In-store marketingSource used by media typeSource: Google inc. 2011
  9. 9. More and more money is spent in the belief that this“First moment of truth” is critical197819982005Expenditure as a proportion of budgetAdvertising & Media Consumer Promotion Trade Promotion
  10. 10. In-store media use Thailand0100200300400500600Skincare Milk & dairyproductsHair Care Detergent /Fabric careMotorvehicleToothpast &toothbrushPreparedfood2011 2012In 2012, in-store media spending of consumer products rose69% to 2.7 billion compared to 2011
  11. 11. 70% of promotions lose money – US$ 196 billioncould be wasted every yearSource: Manufacturer data & analysis, Nielsen Data, (CAS GMBH)/ Analysis/Trade Insight Trade global spend survey/ DeloitesManufacturer : WinRetailer: LoseManufacturer : LoseRetailer: LoseManufacturer : WinRetailer: WinManufacturer : LoseRetailer: Win60%10% 15%15%
  12. 12. What is shopper marketing?“The systematic creation andapplication of elements of themarketing mix to affect positivechange in shopper behavior in orderto drive consumption of a brand”
  13. 13. True, integrated, shopper marketing creates coherentlinks between the end consumer and the in-storeenvironmentShopperbehaviorConsumerprioritiesChannelprioritiesIn–storemarketingInvestmentInsight is required to understand this entire ‘journey’
  14. 14. Define and quantify clear consumption opportunitiesOccasionsExperienceNeeds anddesiresAvailabilityto consumeWhyWhere Why NOT?WhenWhatOpportunityWho
  15. 15. Understand the differences between your consumersand your shoppers
  16. 16. Changing consumer behavior…
  17. 17. Requires shoppers to change behavior too
  18. 18. Knowing the shopperWho is the targetshopper?What is their currentbehavior?What is their desiredbehavior?What evidence existsto suggest that thischange is possible?
  19. 19. Shopper marketing created a new way of looking atshoppers, channels, and priorities05101520Hypermarket Supermarket ConveniencestoreTraditional trade(urban)Traditional trade(rural)Performance barrier Brand barrier Price barrier Availability barrierOpportunity size for monthly purchase
  20. 20. One killer insight… a consumer isn’t a shopper…0%20%40%60%80%100%City Urban RuralHypermarket Supermarket Convenience storeTraditional trade (urban) Traditional trade (rural) OthersMain shop for “Category Z” purchaseHuge percentages of the rural opportunity could be accessed(or influenced) via the modern tradeHypermarket is the key channel for city while traditional trade contributesmore than XX% in urban and rural areas
  21. 21. Mapping target shoppers onto channels to help prioritize05101520Hypermarket Supermarket ConveniencestoreTraditionaltrade (urban)Traditionaltrade (rural)Taste rejecter Brand barrier Price barrier Distribution barrierOpportunity size for monthly purchaseOver 40% of the opportunity could be accessed in modern trade
  22. 22. Invest in an integrated in-store marketing mixOfferCommunicationChangingshopperbehaviorAvailability
  23. 23. Changing shopper behavior often works better witha blend of activityEncouraging shoppersto buy across the rangeMerchandise in rangesrather than by producttypeDeals to buy acrossthe rangeSignage which showssystem usage
  24. 24. Availability should be the primary focusPeople can’t buy a product that they can’t find!
  25. 25. Communication is about understanding the targetshopper, the message and the mediaWhat message is critical totaking the shopper topurchase?Which barriers needovercoming?Where should the messagebe delivered?Which media is likely towork in this environment?How much time do we haveto deliver a message?What will retailers allow?
  26. 26. An effective promotion must change shopper behaviorSupportsconsumptiongrowth bychanging shopperbehaviorProfitably meetscompanyobjectivesProfitably meetscustomers’objectives
  27. 27. Promotions can undermine so much brand value
  28. 28. The best in-store promotion ever!
  29. 29. Insight is required to answer five key questionsWhatconsumptionopportunitiesexist?Whichshopperswill supportthese?Where canyouinfluencetheseshoppers?What isrequiredin-store?Whatinvestmentis needed?Let’s connect!
  30. 30. Find out more in“The Shopper Marketing Revolution”Find out how integrating the disciplines ofconsumer marketing, shopper marketing andcustomer management can step changeconsumer goods’ performance.Learn about Total Marketing - an approach thatcreates coherent links between the endconsumer and the in-store environment. TotalMarketing will enable marketers to adaptstrategies and resources to respond effectivelyto new shopping behaviors and environments.“A treatment on modern marketing… and for those on the fast track of modernbusiness is a must read” Paco Underhill, Author of “Why We Buy: The Science ofShopping.“(The Shopper Marketing Revolution) provides a clear and practical framework to guideorganizations in making the necessary changes to successfully navigate and prosper fromthis new and exciting business environment.” Brian Harris, Chairman, The PartneringGroup>>
  31. 31. Insight Valley Asia 2013 | May 16 & 17 | Bangkok, Thailand | www.insightvalley.comThank you to our sponsor & partners!Gold SponsorSupported byOrganised by
  32. 32. Insight Valley Asia 2013 | May 16 & 17 | Bangkok, Thailand |