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Mobile marketing

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing:<br />By Lerévérend Agnès<br />MBA 2A<br />
  2. 2. Find 2 examples of Local+Social+Mobile - 1 from hospitality; 1 from another industry:<br /><ul><li> What are the objectives of each campaign ?
  3. 3. What social tools are used in each campaign?
  4. 4. How will the results be measured?
  5. 5. Which one do you think is 'smarter', please explain why?</li></li></ul><li>Mytwoexamples:<br />Wynnhotel & Casino Las Vegas :<br />Westfield ValleyFair<br />A hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.<br />Present on several social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,…), withoutspecialoffers, promotions,...<br />Its last Marketing campaign on Foursquare => WhenFoursquareusers check-in to Wynnhotel & casino Las Vegas, theyobtain a complementary glass of champagne at Blush Boutique, one of Wynn Las Vegas ‘s nightclubs.<br />A premium shopping center based in Santa Clara.<br />Present on Facebook and Twitter, itsspecialoffers, promotions, discounts… only on itsFacebook page.<br />Its last Marketing campaign on Facebook Places => WhenFacebook Places userscheck-in to Westfield ValleyFair, theyobtainsome discounts and specialoffersfor few of itsshops.<br />
  6. 6. Mytwoexamples:<br />Wynnhotel & Casino Las Vegas :<br />Westfield ValleyFair<br />
  7. 7. The objectives of eachcampaign:<br />Westfield ValleyFair<br />Wynnhotel & Casino Las Vegas :<br />OfferattheirFoursquareguests an even more luxuriousexperience.<br />Refine their approach to service and learn more about their guests (their wishes, needs, complaints...).<br />Improve the overall services provided by the hotel and the casino.<br />Attract more clients and develop the loyalty of customers.<br />Reward fans for every check-in (offer discounts for each check-in in Facebook Places).<br />Bring more shoppersinto the shopping center.<br />Promoteitsmerchants.<br />Attract more clients by reaching the friends of each person who clicks on check–on Facebook Places.<br />
  8. 8. Social toolsused in eachcampaing:<br />Wynnhotel & Casino Las Vegas :<br />Westfield ValleyFair : Facebook Places<br />A location based services used on web or with mobile application.<br />A viable and great tool for businesses, for their marketing campaigns for example.<br />Used by many hotels chains like Hilton Hotels; to offer tips, specials offers, complementarities... <br />Foursquare users can share their check-in with all their Foursquare friends, Facebook friends and Twitter Followers ; which helps to promote the business / brand across multiple social networks.<br />A location based services, one Facebook Application.<br />Has a partnershipwith the most important Location Based Services (Foursquare Gowalla, Yelp ...) => When a person makes a check-in on one of these LBS, his status on Facebook Places can be updated directly if he wishes .<br />Offers to the brands a way to sharespecialoffers, discounts, promotions…<br />Facebook has over 500 Million users, each of them can used Facebook Places and communicate with their communities.<br />
  9. 9. Social toolsused in eachcampaing:<br />
  10. 10. Social toolsused in eachcampaing: Facebook Places<br />
  11. 11. How will the resultbemeasured?<br />Wynnhotel & Casino Las Vegas :<br />Westfield ValleyFair : Facebook Places<br />Foursquare has a Merchant Platform whichhelps businesses to developthem on Foursquare. <br />The signing up for thisFoursquare’s Free Merchant Platform allows a brand, a merchant, a business access to their venue statsdashboard, allowingthem to tracktheircustomer foot traffic over time . The elementsmeasured are:<br /><ul><li>Total daily check-ins over time
  12. 12. Theirmostrecentvisitors
  13. 13. Theirmostfrenquentvisitors.
  14. 14. Thesestats help to know the impact of the marketing campaign, in order to make adaptations if necessary.
  15. 15. There are few tools to measure the results of a campaign made on Facebook in general, and on Facebook Places :
  16. 16. The companyWebtrendshas rolled out new measurement capabilities for Facebook => Measure deep metrics of all major Facebook features like Facebook Places.
  17. 17. Facebook Google Analytics=> A tooldeveloped by Google Analytics, measuremanyelements, like the results of a marketing campaign.
  18. 18. Klout => an influence measurement scores, thatcanmeasure the influence of a campaign made on Facebook Places.</li></li></ul><li>How will the resultbemeasured on Foursquare?<br />
  19. 19. How will the resultbemeasured on Facebook Places?<br />The analysis of Webtrends for a specificFacebook Page (all itsfeatures, likeFacebook Places)<br />
  20. 20. How will the resultbemeasured on Facebook Places?<br />Facebook Google Analytics<br />
  21. 21. Which one do youthinkis « smarter », pleaseexplainwhy?<br />For me, betweenthesetwocampaigns, I think the campaign of Wynnhotel & casino Las Vegas is « smarter » than the campaign of WedfieldValleyFair. <br />Why I thinkthat?<br /><ul><li>Foursquareis a LBS more completethanFacebook Places, whichisonly one application of Facebook. In regard to the study made by LBMA , foursquareis the mostpopular LBS.
  22. 22. Whenyou talk about Location Based Services, people think, the most of time, atFoursquare, not atFacebook Places.
  23. 23. The campaign of Wynnhotel & casino Las Vegas is a good idea and permitsattheirguests to discover one of their services. Moreover, Wynnhotel & casino Las Vegas is more active and present on FoursquarethanWedfieldValleyFair on Facebook Places. </li></li></ul><li>