Top 10: Ways Enterprise Marketers Can Leverage foursquare


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While user adoption of Foursquare is growing at a staggering pace, many brands are
taking a “wait and see” approach before adding Foursquare to the marketing mix. This presentation discusses the Top 10 ways enterprise marketers can leverage foursquare as well as the top 4 challenges enterprises face with foursquare.

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Top 10: Ways Enterprise Marketers Can Leverage foursquare

  1. Top Ways  Enterprise 10 Marketers  Can   Leverage  foursquare produced by social marketing software Mike Lewis VP of Marketing, Awareness Inc @bostonmike / @awarenessinc
  2. before we talk about opportunities, we need to understand the challenges social marketing software
  3. 4 challenges of enterprise marketing on foursquare social marketing software
  4. Venue Ownership & Management Thousands of venues are being created daily. Managing these venues and maintaining consistency across these channels is a tremendous challenge for brands. social marketing software
  5. Simple Tip Creation & Management There is no simple way to create a single tip to share with multiple venues. Creating tips for multiple locations is a manual process that requires constant updating and management. social marketing software
  6. Access to Specials & Badges Venue ownership must be established to create “Specials Nearby”, however specials can not be created for multiple venues simultaneously. Also, custom badges can not created without the help of foursquare directly. social marketing software
  7. Integration with Loyalty Programs There are only loose tie-ins between foursquare and existing corporate loyalty programs. social marketing software
  8. all challenges are opportunities in disguise social marketing software
  9. 10 Ways Enterprise Marketers Can Use foursquare social marketing software
  10. Own Your Venues 1 Venues get created by individual members and can be missing information, or be inaccurate. Claiming a venue allows brands to update venue information, give the company access to extra data and provide special offers. social marketing software
  11. Venue ownership has it’s privileges Once businesses establish ownership of their venues they can access real-time data including who has “checked in”, when they arrived, the male-to-female customer ratio and which times of day are more active for certain customers. Venue owners can also offer instant promotions to try to engage new customers and keep current ones.
  12. Utilize Tips 2 One of the easiest ways to get started in foursquare is to utilize the Tips. For example, a user who checks into a local movie theater can get a Tip saying “Be sure to check out the newest comedy from Will Ferrell”. This helps to influence and drive traffic to point of sale conversions. social marketing software
  13. Case Study HISTORY: Utilizing Tips “Teaming up with foursquare for the Background AMERICA THE STORY OF US promotion reinforces the HISTORY • Tips placed at Historically significant locations brand's 360 degree approach of around the country aggressively reaching our viewers in new platforms," • Tips are focused on location but serve to Chris Moseley, SVP of Marketing for HISTORY. promote the TV show “America: The Story of US” • Users automatically entered into a sweepstakes, in which 10 randomly selected users will win prizes each week from April 25 through June 6 Results  Great viral ‘Buzz’ throughout the series  New viewers to history channel  "America The Story of US" became the most watched and highest rated program in the network's history. Sources: 'America: The Story of Us' Is History Channel Record Breaker”, The Wrap by Brent Lang “History Channel Launches Foursquare Campaign and a New Badge”, Mashable, by Jolie O’Dell
  14. 3 Follow your Visitors Sure it sounds creepy, but many Foursquare users are also using Twitter. When you click on their profile, drill into their Twitter account and be sure to “follow” them. If they reciprocate, you have another way to get your news and information in front of them. social marketing software
  15. Case Study The Pit BBQ Background • Local BBQ restaurant in Raleigh, NC • Recognized people who regularly mention The Pit in their tweets • Became popular meeting location for Twitter users • Spent time connecting with and reaching out to patrons on Twitter and foursquare • Rewarded foursquare mayors and social media followers with lunch Results  Solid Buzz across multiple channels  Loyal followers and patrons  Identified brand enthusiasts and influencers to spread the word and encourage repeat business  The restaurant is constantly packed and continuing to benefit from developing relationships through social channels Sources: '21 Unique Location Examples from Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, and MyTown”, Social Fresh by Jason Keath “Social Media Case Study: How The Pit Uses Twitter and Foursquare”, 1918 Internet Services, by Phil Buckley
  16. 4 Market your Participation While some of your social media savvy customers will checkin and adopt foursquare, a majority don’t even know it exists. Therefore, it’s important to promote foursquare deals and specials to your customer base to increase participation. social marketing software
  17. Case Study Harvard University Background • First university to use foursquare to help students explore their campus and surrounding places of interest • Users can create an up-to-date ratings of stores, restaurants, businesses, and other venues throughout Harvard Square • Users can earn points, and ultimately acquire coveted foursquare badges Results  Marketed a new channel to students and visitors to help explore surrounding area  Buzz for students and visitors alike  Channel to highlight local tips  Encourages students to explore their campus with tips Sources: '21 Unique Location Examples from Foursquare, Gowalla, Whrrl, and MyTown”, Social Fresh by Jason Keath “Harvard on Foursquare”, Harvard Gazette
  18. PlaceWidget makes it easy to add your foursquare venue information to your company’s website or Facebook page with just a few clicks. Source: About Foursquare
  19. 5 Promote Check-Ins Although the percentage of visitors using foursquare is relatively small, having user’s check-in, and share that check-in virally is a powerful marketing tool. Encourage each check-in to be broadcast to that users Twitter and Facebook account. social marketing software
  20. Offer a Special 6 Offer specials to mayors or everyday visitors and even specify how many check-ins are required to achieve a special. In order to do this you need to “claim your venue” (see point 1.) Once a special is offered, foursquare includes a “Special Icon” next to your venue when it is listed in search results. social marketing software
  21. Source: About Foursquare
  22. American Eagle Outfitters is offering a 15% discount to foursquare users who check in at any of their 950+ stores nationwide. The offer is good through July 31. Mayors receive a 25% discount, while other users receive a 15% discount for their 5th checkin. The Ann Taylor offers show a coupon code for cashiers to use. Source: About Foursquare
  23. Mirror your Venue(s) on Facebook 7 Because of the viral nature of social media it’s important that your audience can access your company’s information through several channels. Many multi-location venues typically have one Facebook Fan Page. Think about a main corporate page and multiple local pages. Publish relevant info to one or both. social marketing software
  24. The Facebook widget (above) is automatically added as a tab on your company’s page through a Facebook application. With more screen real estate to work with, the Facebook version adds a map of your venue’s location to the information provided by the widget. foursquare even uses it on their own Facebook page. Source:
  25. 8 Reward Loyalty Develop a loyalty system for repeat customers. For example, every 10th check in gets a free small coffee or 5% discount on a purchase. Starbucks recently offered a dollar off to “mayors” of the various Starbucks venues. social marketing software
  26. Starbucks Mayor Special • First ever nationwide special exclusively for Mayors • Mayors of this store, enjoy $1 off a NEW however- you-want-it Frappuccino blended beverage. Any size, any flavor. Offer valid until 6/28.
  27. 5 Unique foursquare Specials 1. Reserved parking spot for the Mayor at MarketFair Mall in Princeton, NJ. 2. Escalating rewards for checking in and bringing more friends along at B&O American Brasserie in Baltimore, MD 3. Free Black Beauty rides for the Mayor of Britt Reid’s Garage at Comic-Con San Diego. The “garage” was set up by Columbia Pictures to promote their film The Green Hornet. The Mayor of the garage got a free ride and a free pass to the front of the line. 4. Free bottle of wine during the week of your birthday — worth your age in dollars — at Restaurant Max in Minneapolis. 5. Free round of shots for the Mayor — and five friends — at Front Page News in Atlanta. Source
  28. 9 Identify your Influencers Use Foursquare to identify your most loyal customers and encourage them to spread the word. Offer specials targeted at Mayors or individuals who have a high number check-ins over a specified period of time. social marketing software
  29. Bravo offers badges and special prizes when viewers visit more than 500 Bravo locations. The locations will be picked by Bravo to correspond with select Bravo shows including “The Real Housewives,” “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” “Top Chef,” “Kell on Earth,” “Top Chef Masters” and “Shear Genius.”
  30. 10 Offer First Check-In Promotions Brands can benefit by rewarding first time check-ins to encourage new customers to visit locations. While most brands are focused on rewarding repeat customers, there is an opportunity to reward first time customers. social marketing software
  31. Closing Thoughts • Influence Matters • Earn points and word of mouth • Customer loyalty deserves rewards • Invest in growth • Test and grow
  32. foursquare Perspectives is a free tool that provides brands with valuable and useful insights about how foursquare users are interacting with their physical locations. The report delivers key statistics including: • total venues • total check-ins • unique visitors • total mayorships
  33. !"#$%&'()(*+,+-.()(*.+&"/.()(.,-+-. The Awareness Social Marketing Hub helps marketers publish, manage, and measure their marketing across key social media channels, and helps marketers engage with users around that content. • Control your social media publishing with enterprise-grade permissioning, workflow, and audit controls • Centralize your social media strategy and execution to coordinate product, business unit and corporate messages • Use social media to engage throughout the entire customer life-cycle • Engage and interact directly with the people who are talking about your social marketing campaigns • Measure success across social media channels
  34. !"#$%&'()(*+,+-.()(*.+&"/.()(.,-+-. Interested in a Demo? Contact me today! Mike Lewis VP of Marketing, Awareness Inc @bostonmike / @awarenessinc
  35. Mike Lewis VP of Marketing, Awareness Inc @bostonmike / @awarenessinc social marketing software
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