Digital Marketing Guide for Hotels


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The first rule in digital marketing is that content needs a purpose: to stimulate, engage, convert and build a buzz around a brand. It’s got to be useful, visible, desirable, engaging and provide a platform to position the hotel as a socially-connected brand.

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Digital Marketing Guide for Hotels

  2. 2. The New Marketing Challenge The Drivers • Self educating consumer powered by search • Conversations powered by Social Media • Perpetual connectivity powered by Smartphones Lead us to an environment where “Social is how consumers hear about us, search is how they find us and content is how they remember us”
  3. 3. The Key Success Factors in this environment are: • Win in Mobile & Search • Meaningful conversations in Social Media • Create a personalized experience • Content that is contextual and useful Let’s look at some of the opportunities that Hotels can benefit from.
  4. 4. Mobile How to show up in mobile search results?
  5. 5. Mobile, Explosion
  6. 6. Mobile, Local Overlap Mobile refers to a device and/or the method that a consumer is using to find information Local refers to the type of information or search query they are looking for Google officially says that 40% of mobile queries are local in nature Microsoft has said this number is roughly 53%
  7. 7. Mobile Search Opportunities & Best Practices Many of the fundamentals for local/mobile search optimization have not changed It’s still important to: • Have an address in the city that’s being searched • Have an address close to the city center • Associate your business with complete and proper categories. • Have a mobile website • Ensure your data is accurate and complete across the Local Ecosystem • Focus on Google + Local
  8. 8. Google + Local Ranking Factors The number, authority and velocity of +1’s on a hotel website. Google provides ‘+’ badges and widgets that you can place on your site. Getting more follows and “+’s” for your website can help you rank better in local search.
  9. 9. Google + Local Ranking Factors The number, authority and velocity of Adds/Shares on Google+ Setup your Google+ profile, post often, interact with others
  10. 10. Google + Local Ranking Factors Google is heavily pushing their reviews product They are not promoting third Parties like TripAdvisor, Expedia, MakeMyTrip and Cleartrip any more Find ways to encourage customers to leave reviews on Google+
  11. 11. Thoughts for Local & Mobile Search Ensure your data is accurate and complete across the Local Ecosystem Setup and ensure your Google+ Local page is optimized Get more involved with the Google+ environment, add a link from your website to your Google+ profile Optimizing for Google+ is not a “silver bullet” for Local SEO, but it matters
  12. 12. Meta Search Emerging alternative to OTAs
  13. 13. Meta Search Marketing Meta search marketing in hospitality is online advertising that requires real-time room availability and pricing feed. This new “hybrid” digital marketing format, the result of the convergence of hotel online distribution and online advertising, it requires: Real-time hotel inventory availability + pricing Marketing campaign, budget and bid management by property
  14. 14. Meta Search Marketing The most popular meta search sites and features in the hospitality and travel space include: Google Hotel Finder (HPA pricing drop-downs): Google Hotel Finder beta, Google Maps, Google search engine results pages (SERPs), etc. TripAdvisor Meta Search (Europe) (Asia Pacific)
  15. 15. Meta Search Marketing: The Google Example
  16. 16. Meta Search Marketing: The Google Example Hotel Location: The best mapping service on the web Hotel Information: There is more information about any hotel, its location, destination, local attractions, etc. than anyone could possibly read in a lifetime Customer reviews: Google provides Zagat’s Reviews plus a summary of reviews from all reviewing sites, including TripAdvisor Real Time Availability and Rate Comparison: With Google Hotel Finder, Google has “closed the loop” and now provides 360-degree hotel stay research with easy planning and booking
  17. 17. Thoughts for Meta Search Meta search marketing is a great way to level the playing field with OTAs throughout the fast growing meta search eco-system. Not only does meta search marketing help hoteliers compete against the OTAs and shift share from the OTAs to the direct online channel, it generates cost-effective incremental bookings at great ROAS levels.
  18. 18. Facebook Travel is one of the most shared activity on FB
  19. 19. How to leverage FB strategically Opportunities for engagement: Fan Photos, Videos and Contests Opportunities for Exposure: Staff Speak, Photo/Videos from events Showcase your personality and win social proof Always be in the context of current times and location Make the best of Facebook Platform through apps ….
  20. 20. Hotel Information App Give travelers an online view of what your hotel has to offer. You can include property images and videos and a list of the best and finest amenities available at your property.
  21. 21. Special Offer App Increase your hotel’s fan base and online bookings by sharing current specials and offers on your Facebook App
  22. 22. Book Now App Increase your hotel’s online revenue by offering them a way to book a room on the channel they frequent most.
  23. 23. Contest Apps Generate buzz and increase social reach and engagement by hosting a contest or sweepstakes.
  24. 24. Polls and Surveys Improve your hotel’s social engagement score by integrating a poll or survey on your Facebook App. Gamify the survey to make users want to share it, by giving the user a reason to complete it – like providing unique insight into attractions to visit in your area based on their specific interests.
  25. 25. Thoughts for Facebook Facebook can do three things: inspire, convert, and retain, Your website is the official space on the web, whereas your Facebook is your more relaxed home. Be the most authentic source of tourist information for the cities you operate in Make the most of FB Platform to build engagement through apps
  26. 26. Twitter 140 characters are worth 1000 words
  27. 27. Twitter for Hotels Connect and engage customers and prospects in conversations Give followers the information they care about Create buzz about special events and deals Real time Q&A with followers Use Twitter integration with YouTube / Vine to share video content
  28. 28. Twitter Sample Page
  29. 29. Thoughts for Twitter Create a main account and a local account for each property Listen on keywords or what people are talking about Keys and competition Broadcast, offers, events and promotion Engage guests in one on one conversation Ask for suggestions and feedback
  30. 30. Pinterest An emerging social channel you should know about
  31. 31. What is Pinterest? It’s a place to bookmark (Pin) images and videos you find from around the web Your “pins” are visible to other Pinterest users and you can see the pin boards of others. Search for topics and ideas that are of interest Pinterest Business Pages
  32. 32. Pinterest – Who and How? Source: Mashable
  33. 33. How Can It Benefit Hotels? Visually show off your property and brand through images and video
  34. 34. How Can It Benefit Hotels? Demonstrate local area expertise, itineraries
  35. 35. How Can It Benefit Hotels? Target specific business segments like weddings, meetings, family/kids, romance, etc.
  36. 36. How Can It Benefit Hotels? Adopt early – differentiate from competitors SEO - No direct inbound link benefit but strong social signal - Optimize pins for search on Pinterest Add Pinterest integration to your site through follow buttons & pin buttons Pinterest for Business - Post case studies & tips for success - Eventually – Buy now button, targeted ads and business analytics may be in the works for businesses on Pinterest
  37. 37. Retargeting The next big digital marketing opportunities
  38. 38. Search Remarketing Example After visiting a site the user sees PPC ads in Google search results
  39. 39. Why Search Remarketing? Leverage information you have about a consumer to impact you’re messaging and bidding strategy within your SEM campaigns to improve performance. Maximize your PPC ad copy Manage CPCs better – Spend more to get the click from the consumer that already knows your brand More personalized landing pages
  40. 40. Display Retargeting Example After visiting a site the user sees targeted messaging on other sites across the web
  41. 41. Why Display Advertising? eMarketer projects that display will overtake search as the largest online ad spending category by 2015. Google reports that the average travel shopper uses 10.2 information sources before buying. Being present on as many of these channels as possible is becoming more critical. $26.04 $31.30 $36.80 $41.20 $45.50 $49.50 $9.91 $12.22 $14.82 $17.06 $19.66 $21.99 $12.00 $14.38 $17.03 $18.85 $20.19 $21.53 $- $10.00 $20.00 $30.00 $40.00 $50.00 $60.00 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 US Online Display and Search Ad Spending, 2010-2015 (billions) Total Online Ad Spending Display Search
  42. 42. Retargeting Case Study – Spruce Point Inn Situation - Spruce Point Inn had two months before they closed for the season - They had select inventory available to fill during the remaining 8 weeks Strategy - Developed a Autumn Romance package to target couples looking to escape for a weekend - Decided retargeting would be a perfect opportunity to message previous website visitors with targeted message about the package
  43. 43. Display Case Study – The Creative Creative set 1 – Getaway, romance, memories Creative set 2 – Getaway, autumn, Botanical Gardens, memories
  44. 44. Display Case Study – Campaign in Action
  45. 45. Considerations for Hotels Consider budgeting some additional advertising spend for display opportunities Display opportunities can help differentiate and shift-share What segments can you create? Broadly retargeting everyone, or targeting people based on certain actions? Budgets can start as low as $50/week and can easily turned off/on
  46. 46. Content Personalize content & increase conversions
  47. 47. Conversion Rate Optimization As everyone gets familiar and comfortable with marketing tactics like email, SEO and PPC, everyone now knows how to do a better job of getting people to their site The next phase of this evolution is how to better convert those people once you get them to your site. Enter Conversion Rate Optimization. Conversion rate is impacted by many factors: – Site usability – Site content – SEO keyword strategy – Paid search keyword strategy – Rate – Occupancy – Targeted content
  48. 48. Personalization is What We Need to Do Many hospitality companies and hotels around the world have perfected personalization at a property level Personalizing and customizing things like: - Room preferences - Rate preferences - Meal/snack preferences - And more This level of service does wonders for guest service and makes guests come back Technologies exist that allow us to bring this same level of service to our website
  49. 49. Targeted Content Case Study – The Wentworth
  50. 50. 51
  51. 51. Considerations for Hotels Think about how you can better convert the visitors you are already getting to your website Look at targeted content methods to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time Create a glossy lifestyle magazine style blog
  52. 52. RECAP Takeaways
  53. 53. Takeaways 1. Think about what you need to do with your mobile strategy 1. Get ahead of competition through channels like Google+ and Pinterest 2. Make the most of FB Platform to build engagement through apps 3. Use Twitter to Listen and Respond in real time 1. Consider retargeting and remarketing to differentiate and shift share 2. Bring personalization philosophies to the web through targeted content 3. Setup a authority Travel Blog
  54. 54. ABOUT US
  55. 55. Who We Are Marketers with deep operational experience in growing business globally, designers who can code and engineers who have developed award winning products for the modern web/mobile. Together we deliver exceptional digital results.
  56. 56. What We Do
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