Next frontier for lean manufacturing From Mc Kinsey & Company


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Next frontier for lean manufacturing From Mc Kinsey & Company

  1. 1. 1 article | McKinsey Quarterly Next frontiers for lean February 2014—Lean-production techniques have been revolutionizing operations for 50 years. Advances in technology, psychology, and analytics may make the next 50 even more exciting.more The strength of ‘weak signals’ How technology can drive the next wave of mass customization The benefits—and limits—of decision models
  2. 2. In the news article A multifaceted future: The jewelry industry in 2020 2 February 2014–While Valentine’s Day always provides a sales boost, the jewelry industry hardly needs help: it’s growing strongly, with global sales of more than $340 billion expected annually by 2020. We explain this surge–and why jewelry companies should learn from the apparel sector.more Editor’s choice book excerpt | McKinsey Quarterly Bad to great: The path to scaling up excellence February 2014—Before senior executives try to spread best practices, they should use seven techniques to clear out the negative behavior that stands in the way.more includes: o interview Robots mean business: A conversation with Rodney Brooks February 2014—Industrial robots revolutionized manufacturing. The chairman and CTO of Rethink Robotics explains why advances in technology mean much more is still to come.more includes: o article | McKinsey Quarterly Remaking the industrial economy February 2014—A regenerative economic model—the circular economy—is starting to help companies create more value while reducing their dependence on scarce resources.more Article | McKinsey Quarterly 3-D printing takes shape
  3. 3. January 2014—Additive manufacturing is evolving quickly. Senior executives should begin preparing for five disruptions that will accompany it.more article | McKinsey Quarterly Why the COO should lead social-media customer service January 2014—Although social channels have become powerful and cost-effective tools for customer service, management may be in the wrong hands.more 3 Article Sub-Saharan Africa: A major potential revenue opportunity for digital payments February 2014—Sub-Saharan Africa offers tantalizing potential for mobile financial services, but as yet there have been few success stories. One hurdle has been the lack of clear numbers on the size of the opportunity.more article | McKinsey Quarterly Next-shoring: A CEO’s guide January 2014—Proximity to demand and innovative supply ecosystems will trump labor costs as technology transforms operations in the years ahead.more article The enterprise IT infrastructure agenda for 2014 January 2014—IT infrastructure managers must simultaneously capture the next rounds of efficiencies, accelerate the transition to next-generation infrastructure, reduce risks, and improve organizational execution.more article | McKinsey Quarterly Why leadership-development programs fail January 2014—Sidestepping four common mistakes can help companies develop stronger and more capable leaders, save time and money, and boost morale.more report
  4. 4. Risk and responsibility in a hyperconnected world: Implications for enterprises January 2014—For the world’s economy to get full value from technological innovation, it must have a robust, coordinated approach to cybersecurity. A new report from the World Economic Forum and McKinsey & Company looks at how that could happen.more Explore 4 Our business publication, shaping the senior-management agenda since 1964.more Our business and economics research arm, informing management and policy decisions since 1990.more Stay connected E-mail alerts Twitter Facebook LinkedIn McKinsey Insights app for iPad YouTube RSS Also new interview Why every leader should care about digitization and disruptive innovation interview Navigating the circular economy: A conversation with Dame Ellen MacArthur
  5. 5. article Why marketers should keep sending you e-mails 5 Commentary The rediscovery of India survey Moving mind-sets on gender diversity: McKinsey Global Survey results report Education to employment: Getting Europe’s youth into work About Insights & Publications The creation of knowledge supports McKinsey’s core mission: helping our clients achieve distinctive, lasting, and substantial performance improvements. We publish our insights and those of external experts to help advance the practice of management and provide leaders with facts on which to base business and policy decisions. Views expressed by third-party authors are