Social Media Week 2013: How to build a social community from scratch


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Building a robust community on social media can often be an expensive and time-consuming prospect. Targeting, audience profiling, brand tone of voice and conversational planning are all key parts to getting the community right from the get-go. Tug recently undertook the task of building the social media community for Bombardier Beer, creating one of the largest ale communities on Facebook. The core campaign objective was to grow the Facebook and Twitter communities; develop the social media profiles into a key channel for brand messaging and consumer engagement to drive beer sales.

In this event for Social Media Week 2013, community building is the focus, showing you how to go about creating and growing a community on social media from scratch. It is common on social media to find communities that have become less reactive to engagement efforts made by community managers that have worked on the brand for long periods of time.

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Social Media Week 2013: How to build a social community from scratch

  1. 1. How to Build a Social Media Community from Scratch #SMWBuild @tugagency Friday September 27th 2013 WE BIG TRAFFIC
  2. 2. Tug Credentials  Established in 2006, based in Shoreditch, London  Offices in London & Toronto  Staff of 40+ search and social marketing specialists  Display, SEO, PPC, Social Media & Affiliates  100% accountable, transparent & results focussed  DMA Award winner 2009 & 2010 & 2011 for Best Use Of Search  2011 & 2012 Revolution Awards finalist  BIMAs 2013 Finalist – social community building
  3. 3. Some of our Clients
  4. 4. Background – Bombardier Beer  Wells & Young’s asked Tug to develop its Facebook Page for flagship beer Bombardier  Tug were involved in determining the media spend and campaign ideas to drive fans to the page and build an effective community where people can discuss all things Bombardier  We are proud to say that we have developed the UK’s largest online ale community, with over 75,000 likes engaging over 10,000 people every week
  5. 5. The alcohol sector and social media  Alcohol brands are moving to using a social media platform as their main B2C facing digital property – primarily Facebook Pages  Websites for many alcohol brands are now seen as a B2B property for on-trade and suppliers to find more information and make contact  The primary reason is that this sector depends on brand awareness (as there is no e-commerce aspect) and responsiveness from a social media community is a key way of ensuring this in a measurable way
  6. 6. Building a social community from scratch  For many people, a social media community is still a numbers game measured by likes or followers  Starting from scratch with an empty Page or profile can be a daunting prospect as its success/ progress is so immediately obvious  The trick is to hit the ground running, ensuring that even the first fans to arrive have fresh and engaging content to play with
  7. 7. What you will need  Clear objective and purpose – what is your community trying to achieve  Launch idea and possible competition  Creative assets pre-prepared  Ideas for creative and engagement  Access to Photoshop or a creative team  You need someone who lives and breathes social media working on the account ...
  8. 8. Listening to your target audience  There are a range of social media monitoring tools that can allow you to listen to what your audience is talking about  This is the first key step to understanding what type of content is going to keep your community engaged  Conversations and discussions are going to be the lifeblood of your community  What theme or conversation can you capitalise on and join?
  9. 9. Determine your budget and platform  Growing a community from scratch will cost time and money  Before setting the budget, it is important to have a goal or KPI in mind for how many people you are hoping to reach  It is possible to set your budget against the number of people you are expecting to bring into your community  Then it is important to think of the action that they are set to take when the user has clicked the ad and arrive in your community – what do they do now?
  10. 10. Setting up and launching  Register the social media domain names (use  Use a launch event and chose your day carefully, your media budget starts and it needs to be significant  Tie in some kind of activity that can take life on the community to kick start that initial conversation and make sure you have some good content pieces
  11. 11.  Determine a content calendar based on new product launches, seasonality, specific events  Determine key categories and content for social distribution – each link should regularly lead the visitor to a point of engagement  The community should be an“anchor” for all content, to amplify the messaging that you know works with your community, channel by channel Planning your conversation
  12. 12. Starting the conversation  Launch idea should tie in with an event or celebration that will kick start the engagement and get the community buzzing  This will also give you plenty of things to talk about, filling the page with comments and content to avoid people arriving on a blank page  New and potential fans clocking engagement and activity is more important than viewing the numbers of fans on the page
  13. 13.  EdgeRank is Facebook’s way of determining what content gets seen in a person’s newsfeed  Continual engagement – with rich & relevant content, is needed to grow reach and likes, building awareness and ultimately retain your community on Facebook Edgerank and the importance of engagement
  14. 14.  Respond to your community regularly, ideally daily on Facebook  Balance between types of content and avoid repetition, particularly across different channels  Brand tone of voice should be adopted by anyone updating a status on a social media community  We recommend best practise is to respond to user comments within 20 minutes of a post being placed live Community management
  15. 15. Learning from your community  The types of conversations that emerge in your community need to be addressed and understood  Popularity of posts is a good measurement for determining what topics and types of content resonate best with the community  We know on Facebook that embedded videos and pictures perform best in terms of content  We also know that fans prefer campaigning/ event based topics over observational/ announcement based posts
  16. 16. Competition fatigue?  People suffer competition fatigue on social media  Too many page depend on competitions to generate fans, giveaway are commonplace and often do not add much value  Small competitions that happen regularly run the risk of losing as many fans as you gain  Competitions now need to match the brand identity to ensure they target the right people and ideally offer something offline or event
  17. 17. Running Facebook ads
  18. 18. Facebook Ad Targeting Choose your target audience carefully!
  19. 19. Matching the conversation with Ads  The ad targeting, copy and creative that brought people to your community is an important indicator as to what conversations they are going to engage with  Target audience profile demographic on Facebook to deliver advertisements  Facebook ads will increase the number of fans on the Page as an additional extra, creating a larger community to interact with following the campaign
  20. 20. The right content and the right time
  21. 21. Keeping up the momentum Friends and fans and followers who are exposed to engagement & activities Increase reach among targeted fans and followers across your community Engagement Ideas and Launch Continually check Facebook Insights and keep an eye on all available metrics Tweetreach is an effective tool to monitor how many people are seeing your messaging week on week
  22. 22. What we did for Bombardier AIM 75k Facebook fans and take advantage of St George’s Day CHALLENGE Ensure engagement and community grow together Fans become brand advocates and adorers
  23. 23. St. George’s conversation peak Enter the conversation, at the right time
  24. 24. Relaunching the Facebook Page St. George’s Day cover image Populate the community with content Landing Tab listed in the Page Apps New Posts reflecting the creative concepts Pin St. George’s Day status to the top of the page
  25. 25. Competition and landing page
  26. 26.  Standard Ads Sponsored Video Post AdSponsored Image Post Ad Facebook advertising  Page Post Ads: turn content uploaded on Fan Page into ads
  27. 27. Targeting new audiences Campaign Interests Reach 35-55 - TV Comedy #Rik Mayall, #Dave (TV channel), #Hammersmith Apollo, #Red Dwarf, #Have I Got News for You, #Mock the Week, #Never Mind the Buzzcocks, #Men Behaving Badly, #The Young Ones (TV series), #Bottom (TV series), #Stephen Fry, #Blackadder, #Mr. E. Blackadder, #The New Statesman 559,200 35-55 - Sports #Cricket, #Yorkshire County Cricket Club, #Lancashire County Cricket Club, #Warwickshire County Cricket Club, #Barmy Army, #The Ashes, #Test cricket, #Pakistan national cricket team, #India national cricket team, #Indian Premier League, #ICC World Twenty20, #2014 ICC World Twenty20, #ICC Test Championship, #Ireland cricket team, #Andrew Flintoff, #Rugby union, #Rugby World Cup, #Rugby league, #Heineken Cup, #England national football team, #Football, #Sport, #UEFA Champions League, #FA Cup, #UEFA Europa League, #Wayne Rooney, #David Beckham, #Manchester United F.C., #Manchester City F.C., #Chelsea F.C., #Arsenal F.C., #Liverpool F.C., #West Ham United F.C., #Tottenham Hotspur F.C., #Newcastle United F.C., #Fulham F.C., #Aston Villa F.C., #Stoke City F.C., #Football team, #Scottish Premier League 1,729,440 35-55 - England #Saint George's Day, #England, #London, #Manchester, #Cornwall, #Oxford, #Cambridge, #Salisbury, #Coventry, #Bristol, #Plymouth, #Brighton, #Portsmouth, #Nottingham 1,221,840 35-55 - Army #British Armed Forces, #British Army, #Red coat (British army), #Artillery, #Royal Air Force, #Royal Navy, #Royal Marines, #Military, #Military tactics, #Military history, #Territorial Army (United Kingdom) 473,660 35-55 - Drinking #Ale, #Pale ale, #Drinking, #Alcohol, #Alcoholic beverage, #Bitters, #Bitter (beer) 340,960 35-55 - Pubs #Royal Oak, #White Hart, #Pub names, #Pub chain, #The King's Arms, #King's Arms, #The Bull's Head, #Carpenters Arms, #Three Crowns, #The Star and Garter, #The Eagle and Child 12,860
  28. 28. Social advertising – not just Facebook  Social advertising has many pros and cons  Page post ads work well and attract a high click through  Standard ads often have a high click through but poorer cost per like  People can often get annoyed with ads appearing in newsfeeds and this can sometimes come back to the community  Ensuring that the targeting and messaging is appealing to this audience prevents these problems
  29. 29. Media spend & fan estimates Facebook Ad Campaign 4th – 30th April 4th – 8th April Budget: £XXX 9th – 16th April Budget: £XXX 16th – 23rd April Budget: £XXX 24th – 30th April Budget: £XXX Month Budget Impressions Clicks CTR Avg. CPC Conv. Rate CPA Fans April £50,000.00 2,000,000 20,000 0.07% £0.43 44.00% £0.83 60,500 Example budget!
  30. 30. Twitter opportunity  Hashtag #stgeorgesday featured as a trending topic on the 23rd of April #St. George’s Day #AllTimeLow3Days #ByTheWayBuyTHEWAY #ASK5SOS #WeWantOLDTwitterBACK #FollowMeRichard Abu Qatada iPod Cheers Bombardier’s tweets can take the top positions in the hashtag #StGeorgesDay Direct interested parties to the communities run by Bombardier
  31. 31. Build your channel with help Driving the community to the Facebook Page Youtube Twitter Website Use multiple social media channels to drive the audience to join the community you are building Ask yourself when the perfect journey is and where do you want the user to end up? In the case of Bombardier we drove everyone from the website, Twitter and Youtube through to the Facebook Page
  32. 32. Results of the campaign  Hit KPI of 75,000 Facebook fans  10,000 Twitter followers  on time and in budget!  Bombardier now own the largest social media ale community in the UK  Facebook reach topped 2.8 million impressions on St. George’s Day  Bombardier had several of the top messages on the trending hashtag #stgeorgesday  Weekly Twitter impressions reached 43,000
  33. 33. To wrap things up
  34. 34. Takeaway points  You need an event to kickstart to your community successfully  Build your community using the right messaging that closely follows your ad copy and targeting data  Continually test messaging and content for highest reach and highest engagement  Spend to your budget and always keep your target in mind  Once you have built your community to a size you are happy with, it will always be there as an effective communications channel that reflects your brand  Most importantly - enjoy and have fun!