Advertising On Youtube: A guide for musicians


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Advertising On Youtube: A guide for musicians

  1. 1. Advertising on YouTube: A Guide For MusiciansA digital marketing guide by @million__media This presentation is based upon the short eBook, ‘Advertising on YouTube – A Guide for Musicians”. See our full series of digital marketing guides and online eLearning courses for the music industry at: & A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  2. 2. Advertising on YouTube: A Guide For MusiciansA digital marketing guide by @million__media •  The popularity of YouTube Advertise on YouTube! •  Introducing Google Adwords - Bob Leftsetz •  How does Adwords work? •  How to target your audience using & Amazon •  How to use keywords and placements to focus •  Small changes can make a big difference •  Images vs Text – which is more effective? •  The importance of a good landing page •  Continuous changes can work wonders •  How to use remarketing to avoid treating everyone the same •  Using Adwords as a research tool to save and make money A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  3. 3. YouTube is the world’s most popular videowebsite and rivals TV for time watched YouTube’s growth has been phenomenal, •  Three times more people watch especially amongst passionate music fans, music videos on YouTube than who quickly realised it offered an enourmous download music. •  Over 800 million unique users visit free jukebox of music-on-demand. Music YouTube each month videos are amongst the most watched Over 3 billion hours of video are videos on the website as fans discover, •  watched each month on YouTube share, embed and playlist their favourite •  72 hours of video are uploaded to tracks. YouTube every minute A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  4. 4. Google Adwords enables artists, record labels &promoters to advertise to a targeted audience Google developed Adwords to enable Adwords earns Google over $40bn per anyone to create adverts that could target year. It’s a remarkable tool because people searching for a specified keyword. anyone can set up an account and After they bought YouTube, Google within minutes use the same advertising developed Adwords to provide a way of mechanics employed by multi-national corporations. Once the audience and placing an advert before or on a video by a keywords have been defined the budget specific artist. can be set to suit each campaign, from £1 to £1m – the amount differs but the principles remain the same. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  5. 5. Adwords can place messages on videos watchedby highly engaged & passionate music fans Since Adwords enables us to target videos YouTube makes money by placing by specific artists, we can create a very adverts either before a video – called a ‘pre-roll’ – or an overlay, like the effective campaign promoting our own example above. The overlay can be music or releases. Imagine if you could either text or an image and comprises of place an advert on TV that is only seen by a headline, a promotional message and fans of bands you specify. Adwords enables a link. Clicking on the advert takes the this and further more, at a very low cost-per- use away from YouTube to the click rate. advertiser’s specified destination. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  6. 6. Tools such as and Amazon can be usedto identify artists with a similar audience has been analysing the songs played by When people play music on sites such as millions of people to determine an accurate list Spotify, MySpace, Facebook, Deezer or many others, make a note, of ‘Similar Artists’. In other words, we can called a ‘Scrobble’. As a result they can carefully target fans on YouTube who like similar calculate ‘similar artists’ to one specified artists assuming they are more likely to be based upon millions of plays. interested in what we’re promoting. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  7. 7. Using Keywords & Placements enables themessage to be targeted to the right audience. Having determined the list of similar artists Google Adwords enable you to target an we can use the tools provided by Adwords advert based upon location, to target fans watching the videos. Using the demographic and device. Defining location means you can promote gigs at artist names as keywords, and by specifying a local level. You can also specify the the location, device and audience we can device, so for instance, can place a set a precise audience of people to see our clickable phone number on adverts advert. No other media provides so much seen on mobile phones. targeting and for such low cost. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  8. 8. Music For Meditation Music For Meditation Change your energy and state Changes your energy and stateof mind. Unique, exclusive free of mind. Unique, exclusive freelessons lessonsSmall changes in the message can result insignificant changes in the effectiveness. Writing Google Adverts is 90% common In the example above the only sense and 10% science. Words are limited so difference is the ‘s’ at the end of the message must be very clear. However, ‘change’. Yet this one letter made the advert on the left more than 180% more the science is using very small changes to effective. This is because ‘Changes’ have big effect on results. The use of a single implies automatic and subliminal while letter, a capital, a full stop or a phrase can ‘change’ implies the process can be dramatically improve your click through controlled, something important to people who meditate. rates. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  9. 9. Spot The Difference Elton John Red Piano Show Elton John Red Piano TourThe word ‘Show’ is more effective than theword ‘Gig’ or ‘Tour’. One result we found was calling a live In an advertising campaign for Elton performance a ‘Show’ resulted in almost John we trialed two different words in the double the number of clicks than the word headline. The word ‘Tour’ is often used by Promoters when they advertise the live ‘gig’ or ‘tour’. The reason isn’t clear but we dates. And yet our research highlighted suspect the public like to think they’re seeing that using the word ‘show’ was actually a ‘show’ rather than see a band on ‘tour’. 2.5x more effective. We think this is It’s a very subtle difference and yet the vast because the public prefer to think they’re seeing a show, while the live majority of live press & outdoor advertising industry think of an artist going on tour. still use the word ‘Tour’. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  10. 10. Using an image overlay can result in 3x moreclicks than a text advert By creating an image overlay you can increase Using an image for the overlay can click through by over 300%. The advert can be be over 3x more effective. The use of a small image, which could be word-for-word identical to a text overlay. However, artwork or the band, increased the an image can catch the eye by using a darker likelihood of someone clicking. background, enhanced fonts and a small image of Further, we found creating a local the band or artwork. If paying using CPM this advert and including the name of the venue increased click through, as increase in effectiveness can have dramatic results did naming one of the songs the on click throughs. artist would play at the show. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  11. 11. BARCELONA?Make sure your Landing Page is as close to thefan’s final destination as possible Having paid for a click through you must Have you ever booked a flight with one of ensure the fan gets the information they the budget airlines? And, it’s only when want. Note: this may not be the ‘Buy Now’ you land you find out the airport is actually 50 miles away from your destination and page you would like, but a page giving the coach journey takes longer than the them more information. For instance, flight? This is similar to your website research has shown fans do a lot of research landing page. People don’t want to be before buying a gig ticket. Provide them several clicks away from their final destination. Take people as close to with the information and the ability to invite where they want to be, which may not be their friends. your home page. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  12. 12. Unlike traditional advertising Adwords cancontinuously change as the campaign is optimised Adwords allows you to continuously change Once an advert is booked on radio, TV, press and optimise your advert, even after it’s or outdoor it is very difficult to change. gone live. This can have far reaching However, Adwords can be continuously optimised to work towards the most effective consequences as you learn which words, clcik through rate. Different words and images phrases and images your audience respond can be used to learn and test. Each insight to. can increase the effectiveness of an advert. We could often increase click through rate TENfold through making continual changes. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  13. 13. Re-marketing is a powerful way of targeting fanswith a different message, ‘coz they’re not the same Adwords provides the tools to target fans who have already visited your website or bought your album. The message can differ, Adwords has a feature called for instance, to people who have already Remarketing, which can track a user on heard the album you can ask them what a website and subsequently target they thought of it. A review can actually be adverts at them. This could be used, say, to target fans who visit the official site. By an extremely strong form of marketing, identifying themselves as a fan they can triggered by your advert. receive a different advertising message, perhaps asking them to rate the album. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  14. 14. Adwords can be used as a very cheap buthighly effective market research tool Running adverts using different images can When working with Master Shortie quickly determine which image your fans (above) we used a number of different respond to. This may be different to the images using Google Adwords. The image that got the most clicks was image you would choose as your personal subsequently used as the artwork for the favourite. The ‘winning’ image could be single. This is an example of how used for future artwork, tour posters or Adwords can be used simultaneously as advertising, saving you money in expensive a research tool, perhaps before significant sums of money are spent on research or focus groups. poster or press advertising. A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  15. 15. Advertising on YouTube: A Guide For MusiciansA digital marketing guide by @million__media This presentation is based upon the short eBook, ‘Advertising on YouTube – A Guide for Musicians”. See our full series of digital marketing guides and online eLearning courses for the music industry at: & A digital marketing guide from Million!!
  16. 16. Credentials: •  Invited to present Digital Marketing at MIDEM 7 years running •  Lectures on The Music Industry at The Institute, Europe’s finest school of modern music. •  Presented Digital Marketing at conferences around the world •  Was voted by The Observer as one of the 500 people who will change the future of the UK •  Chair of music charity, Community Music, one of the UK’s longest established music training coursesAbout the author Neil Cartwright is a veteran of Digital Marketing, having built his first website in Million Media Website 1995. He joined Sony Music as their first dedicated digital marketing manager in 1997 and pioneered in areas such as social Learning Academy media, online PR, digital distribution & Direct to Fan. He now runs his own agency and training academy A digital marketing guide from Million!!