GymBrand Martial Arts App Presentation


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See what a GymBrand Smartphone app for your business could look like. Available for iPhone and Android devices. Suitable for Gyms/Clubs, Fitnmess Studios and other businesses needing a presence on the mobile patforms.

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GymBrand Martial Arts App Presentation

  1. 1. Custom Designed Loading Screen
  2. 2. Home Screen Stylish backgrounds and a functional layout – beautiful interface with custom backgrounds and an overallbackgrounds and an overall look to match your brand and style. The functional layout makes navigating your app a breeze. Choice of tabs and features from a comprehensive list
  3. 3. Contact Us Tab Your contact info is a push of a button – your members can contact you easily with direct calling and emailing. Make yourself easy to find – withMake yourself easy to find – with maps and directions to your location/s members will never have trouble getting to you from wherever they are.
  4. 4. Class Timetable Tab
  5. 5. YouTube Video Channel Tab All your videos in one place – direct links to your videos on your YouTube Channel puts everything in one place for your members easily accessyour members easily access
  6. 6. Chat Wall Tab Communicate with your members – you and your members can socialise, postmembers can socialise, post comments and ask questions with the chat wall/comments page.
  7. 7. More Tab
  8. 8. Info Tabs
  9. 9. Messages (Push Notifications) Tabs Stay in touch with your members – Push Notifications allow you to keep your members up to date with events, schedule changes andevents, schedule changes and specials. With our advanced Push Notification system you can send ‘Offers’ or text notifications and even limit the recipients to a particular location.
  10. 10. Social Media Link Tab Link to your existing social media – your App can link directly to your Facebook page, Twitter, YouTubeFacebook page, Twitter, YouTube and more.
  11. 11. Enquiry Form Tab Set up stylish email forms – email forms make it easy for your members to submit forms to you. You can use them for feedback forms, enquiry forms, sign-up forms, competitionssign-up forms, competitions and countless other purposes.
  12. 12. Coupons/Reward Offers Tabs Reward your members – loyalty programs will reward your members for attending classes,members for attending classes, making purchases, referring friends or attending your gym or club.
  13. 13. Events Tab Your event information is always handy – all your events are displayed in a clear list view with the date and time shown Comment and post event photos – for each event you and your members can post comments or photos, click attend and add the event to their phone calendar.
  14. 14. Photo Gallery Tab Show off your club – include a professional image gallery in your app to show off your club and facilities. The image gallery has been optimised for viewinghas been optimised for viewing on iPhone and Android Smartphones.
  15. 15. Other types of Tabs
  16. 16. Push Notifications - Templated Offers
  17. 17. What you get • Apple and Android Apps (plus HTML5) • Custom design/Choice of tabs and features • Unlimited push notifications • Access to Content Management system (CMS)• Access to Content Management system (CMS) • Support and training • Hosting and backup • No Developer fees - we publish to Apple and Google stores • Analytics on your App
  18. 18. Cost • Single site App $900 to build/$79 per month* • Multi-site Group App (subject to Quote) • No Fixed contracts • No extras• No extras • No advertisements (unless yours) * Ex GST
  19. 19. Why Have an App • Increasing use of mobile devices • New features offered by mobile devices • Easy to find and engage with you • Easier and therefore increased referrals• Easier and therefore increased referrals • Increased communication with members • Possible revenue from advertisements Just as it is mandatory to have a website it is becoming equally essential that you have an App for mobile users.
  20. 20. Reasons to have a GymBrand App • 1. Push notifications: If you didn’t know, push notifications are sent out in a similar way to text messages to all of the people who have downloaded your app. This is a great way to reach all of your customers, in one simple step, to inform them of special deals or important updates on what is going on- anything you feel is important for your customers to know. • 2. Class schedules within 2 touches: Creating a tab in your Smartphone application with your gym or fitness centre’s class schedule is a great thing to have available for your active customers. With an app, your customers can have access to times of their favourite workout classes, wherever they are, in two touches.workout classes, wherever they are, in two touches. • 3. Differentiation: With a GymBrand app, you can market your gym in a new way. Going mobile is a very cost-efficient way to market your company to your customers. Mobile marketing is a great way for you to stay differentiated from your competition. • 4. Integration: Social media is everywhere and most, if not all, of your customers use it. Integrating your gym or fitness centre’s social media sites into your Smartphone app can be easily done and has great benefits. You and your members can access your social media pages from within the app, which make staying in touch easy. • 5. Word of Mouth- Create a buzz of your own by having a Smartphone app. When your members start using your app they will want to talk about how convenient it is and how easy it is to use. Positive word of mouth can create new memberships and get your gym or fitness centre’s name out.