Run to Surpass My Personal Record


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Run to Surpass My Personal Record

  1. 1. Run to Surpass my Personal Record20 Year Focus and Goal Driven Marketing Plan for L.I.O.N. Genmar Genmar Cataquis January 2013
  2. 2. Focus and Goal Driven Plans for L.I.O.N.Genmar To Surpass My Personal Record Mission and Vision 6 Basic Roles Brand Launch 10 Life Strategies Now vs. 20 yrs after Check Points End in Mind
  3. 3. Daily reminder…Mission/Vision My purpose in life is to use my God-given talents, skills and abilities in leading my team and family in seizing every opportunity to excel with integrity in every aspect of life. To be LION like in leading my team, fierce in conquering competition, focus on our team’s goal and united in achieving greatness. To develop a solid foundation in my children and instill the values of honesty, hard work and faith in God.
  4. 4. Achieving the Goal is doing the basics or 6 Rolesconsistently… Practicing Christian Model Father Faithful and Loving Husband Supportive Son Guiding Brother Champion Leader
  5. 5. “Today will never come again. Be aPracticing Christian blessing. Be a friend. Encourage someone and take time to care. Let your words heal and not wound.” anonymous
  6. 6. Model Father
  7. 7. Faithful and Loving Husband
  8. 8. Supportive Son
  9. 9. Guiding Brother
  10. 10. “A good leader is one who can tell anotherChampion Leader how to reach his/her potential; a great leader is one who can help another discover this potential for him/herself”… Bo Sanchez
  11. 11. Personal Brand LaunchLionLion
  12. 12. Personal Brand LaunchLion Gen. MarkLion Genmar
  13. 13. Personal Brand LaunchLion Gen.Mark Cat a kissLion Genmar Cataquis
  14. 14. Personal Brand LaunchLion Gen. Mark Cat a kiss LillyLion Genmar Cataquis, Lilly
  15. 15. 10 Life Strategies by Philip McGraw1. You either get it or you don’t  What are my strengths – need to maximize; What are my weaknesses – need to improve.2. Create your own experience – I am accountable to whatever experience I have.  I have the sole ownership and responsibility in developing myself.3. People do what works – What motivates me to work  My family and my desire to achieve my goal motivate me to succeed.
  16. 16. 10 Life Strategies by Philip McGraw4. You cannot change what you don’t acknowledge – Be truthful and accept what is not working  I need to constantly assess, evaluate and make necessary adjustments in order to align my actions towards the achievement of my goal.5. Life rewards action – Make careful decision, then pull the trigger  I need to plan well, make tactical risk-taking and act accordingly.
  17. 17. 10 Life Strategies by Philip McGraw6. There is no reality, only perception – Have a positive outlook in life.  Always look at all events positively, get positive learning and move forward.7. Life is managed, it is not cured – Learn to take charge of my life and hold on.  Occasional pains or set-backs should be considered as character building, it is an essential ingredient to success.
  18. 18. 10 Life Strategies by Philip McGraw8. We teach people how to treat us - Own, rather than complain about how other people treat me.  Do unto others what I want others to do unto me.9. There is power in forgiveness – Hatred, anger, and resentment can eat away my heart and soul  No matter how hard it is, I need to learn to forgive those who have wronged me.10. You have to name it to claim it – Focus on what I want, recognize it and claim it.  I want to be successful in my current position, develop my skills and be ready for every opportunity and challenges that will come my way.
  19. 19. What will be my pacing today? Questions I need to answer?
  20. 20. Things I need to remember daily….  What are the things I should be thankful for?  What are the things to improve on?  How can I influence others today positively?
  21. 21. Enjoying the Sweet Victory ofSurpassing my Personal Record
  22. 22. My 20 years journey…. Here and Now 20 Years After Active 37 yrs old  Healthy 57 yrs old A wife and 3 young kids  A wife & 3 adult- children, Employed in a Company professional and with kids of their own Manages a team/district  Have my own business  Travelling the world  Manages my own farm and foundation “SEEK not greater wealth, but simpler pleasure; not higher fortune, but deeper felicity”… Mahatma Gandhi
  23. 23. Check points: things I need to do… Put it in writing Monitor Progress Seek Feedback/Find a Mentor Adjust Accordingly Keep on moving Forward
  24. 24. Highlights for Beating my PersonalRecordWinning is not just reaching the finished line of the race. As a LION it is how I overcome all the obstacles and detours along the way. It is the lessons I’ve learned, the people I met, and the challenges I have overcome that made the journey towards the finish line a record breaker…
  25. 25. Run to Surpass my Personal Record20 Year Focus and Goal Driven Marketing Plan for L.I.O.N. Genmar Genmar Cataquis January 2013