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Library journal book reviewing

  1. 1. Reviewing Books for LibraryJournal David M. Lisa Director West Long Branch Public Library West Long Branch, N.J. September 25, 2003
  2. 2. Why Review for LJ? Good professional development activity. Get published regularly (monthly)! Practice writing according to a house style. Opportunity to specialize in a particular subject area. Affect collection development worldwide!
  3. 3. How to Start Reviewing for LJ.1. Write some sample reviews.2. Decide on an area to specialize in.3. Contact the LJ editors.4. Complete the application process.5. Plan a monthly schedule and prepare tools.6. Begin receiving and reviewing books!
  4. 4. Preparing to Write the Review Receive book and note deadline date. Read book and make notes. Rough out review while reading! Research author and other books that are similar to the book you are reading. Consider your library and other types of libraries.
  5. 5. Writing the Review Library Journal Reviewing Guidelines:  Length of review: ~175 words.  Include an evaluation and comparison to other books on the topic.  Include author’s qualifications.  Use LJ citing guidelines (if you cite).  Include a recommendation.  Put your name and affiliation at the end.
  6. 6. Submitting the Review Prepare an e-mail template. E-mail review to Keep a copy of your review for comparison to print version (or for questions from editors). Time out appearance of review and check LJ issues for publication.
  7. 7. Types of Materials Galley copies. Pre-publication copies. Published books. Piles of paper… Electronic versions.
  8. 8. The Results Free copies of the books you review. Correspondence from authors. Free, exclusive reception for LJ reviewers at ALA! Monthly publication in a professional journal. The respect of your peers.
  9. 9. Resources Check my Library Journal review page for more information: E-mail me with questions: