Clontarf vikingfestival


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Clontarf vikingfestival

  1. 1. 1.35 Showtime Theatre School officially open’s the show with local stage school kids2pm Lord Mayor Arrives Bull Wall Greeted by CBA Applerock Studios is a Multi-use space located in the heart of the Escorted to stage city centre. We offer three different areas of use, some of which can be LM has tour of prom combined to accommodate different themes depending on requirements. Formalities commence Available for Rehearsals, Photography/Video, Gallery, Location, Opening VT with Elaine & Gus, Exhibitions/Installations, Auditions, Pop-up events. Blessing of the event Applerock Studios 17/21 Foley St, Dublin 1, Tel: 8364400 / 0872361515 Fr Martin Hogan – St Johns Email:, Web:, facebook: Applerock Studios2pm Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club Boats in the water Water The Guilty Party was formed by the members of Shane MacGowan’s band to fill up their diaries while Shane is off playing with The Pogues2.15 Live Music All day Prom and doing other projects. If you like Radio Nova you’ll love The Guilty2.30 Children’s Combat Prom Party! Classic Rock and pop from the 70s, 80s and 90s.3.00 Have - a - Go Archery Prom Jemson Green are a 5 piece hard rock band who’s influences have come together to form a style of music each member is proud of and3.30 Viking Warrior Tactics & Weaponry Display Prom proud to be a part of!! Ronan - Vocals Shane - Guitar Steve - Guitar4.00 Air Sea & Rescue Display (Coast Guard) Water Bambi - Bass Shaun – Drums4.30 Have - a - Go Archery Prom Billy Tracey & The Ha’Penny Heads. Billy Treacy grew up over a pub in Dublin’s City Centre with his bedroom situated directly over5.00 Battle of Clontarf Prom the stage of the Singing Lounge. Falling asleep to all sorts of music5.30 Children’s Combat Prom good bad and indifferent , singing the standards of the day (long before Karaoke was ever heard of) where he got his influences fro6.00 Have - a - Go Archery Prom6.30 Warrior Games Prom The Reggulators. In June 09 The Reggulators first appeared in public supporting their good pals Weedway in la Annesley - a plush North Dublin venue. They played to an intimate crowd of superstars, celebs,Clontarf Business Association would like to specially thank Elaine Mulvenny and models and Ubis. The next morning the lads where splashed all over theDermot Johnson of DCC for making this day happen. local papers an the rest as they say is history.Also Our sponsors who have helped us along the way. Revival is a three piece band from Dublin. Playing all the hits from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s.Fáilte Ireland • MKN • Roberts & Roberts • Ozo • Clontarf Castle • Band members - Karen Byrne, Andy Gray, Mark Moroney.Spar Ireland • DCC Arts Council • Dublin Port 01 833 9892 Produced by O’HARAS
  2. 2. Clontarf Viking FestivalWelcome. Clontarf has a wealth of incredible food & restaurants. In celebrating this, our emphasis isOn behalf of The Clontarf very much on this year’s Viking Festival and we have catered for all tastes and senses.Business Association I would From the Viking Theatre to Viking Life as it was then, to the Battle of Clontarf, from foraginglike to welcome you all to this, walks to air sea & rescue show, the Food Village on the prom is an ideal place to stock upthe showcase event, in our on local specialities or to meet for a picnic on the prom, listen to live music while enjoyingcalendar. a taste of Clontarf, with free children’s entertainment and kiddie activities and live Viking reenactment, demonstrations, talks and workshops on the Viking’s, the weekend is packedThis year is bigger and better with something for everyone!with the introduction of theViking village and extended Friday 8th Junekiddies area. Time Description LocationOur business community have 7pm Viking Themed Dinner Downstairs Bar/Restaurantpulled out all the stops with 9pm Trad Session Yacht Barmany new stalls and interactive (One night only)stands to enjoy. Please dropby the Clontarf business Saturday 9th Juneservices tent and browsethrough the information on 11.00 FREE Historical walk of Clontarf Clontarf Castle (meet Clontarf Castle ending in Viking Theatreour local services be it aplumber,builder, solicitor or 12.00 Talk on The Battle of Clontarf Viking Theatretravel agent. Keeping business Ragnar the Viking (as seen in The Only Viking in the Village).in Clontarf is the message Understanding the ‘Battle of Clontarf’ - who were the main characters, why did it happen and who really 12.30 Local Ceoltas BandI hope you have a wonderful 1pm MC - Ray Shah opens the Festivalday and respectfully remindparents to watch out for the 1pm Viking Village opens to the Publickiddies as we are close to 1pm Kiddie Village opens to the Publicwater. Bouncy Castles, Face Painters, Clowns, Stilt Walkers, Obstacle Course and lots moreFinally a sincere thank you to 1pm A tented encampment - mercenaries, merchants and a monier. Clontarf’s vivid Viking history brought to life on the Promenade, by Montague Heritage Servicesour committee and the many with authentic crafts, clothing and combat! Ongoing displays throughout the daysteward volunteers who have with entertainment for all the family. Try your hand at archery, let your little Vikingmade today possible. This is try their hand in the Children’s Combat Training and witness the warriors as theyreal community spirit in action. brandish their weapons of warfare. See how the people of old Dyflin went about their daily lives and find out ‘What did they wear, eat and do?’ Meet with Ragnar theEnjoy and think local, STALL HOLDERS: Viking and many other costumed characters and learn about the historical heroesshop local. • Hampers • CRA • Fairco Windows • Kinara • Moloughney’s • Nolans, Bay • Clontarf Castle and villains that helped to put Clontarf on the map. The Viking Village will be open • Spar • 1014 • Pure Magic • Clontarf Florists • Travel Broker • Downstairs, The Edge all day during the festival from 1pm - 7pmGus O’Hara • O’Regan Pharmacy • JacknJill • Gilbert & Wright • Indigo • Vernon Stores • Tir na Og