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Headtower news 25


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newsletter for historical society

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Headtower news 25

  1. 1. Shasta Lake Heritage & Historical Society Headtower News A “Boomtown Memories” newsletter 3400 Shasta Gateway Dr. Ste #H, City of Shasta Lake Museum Hours: M & W 9-12:30 or by appointment. Call 275-3995 or Email: Volume 8 Issue 1 Poker Run August 2011Here come the cars in The Damboree Poker Run. Darlene Brown was greet- ing participants, or was she directing traffic? Drivers ar- riving drew a card from a deck of poker cards held by Don Rendahl. While partici- pants were there, several viewed the museum and a fun day was had by all. Darlene and Barbara Cross dressed as Dam WorkersThe museum is completed and open for view-ing. Butch has made & placed new signs atour entrance so it is easier to find our buildingsite. Volunteers have spent many hours gath-ering, organizing, and displaying donateditems. A goal is to have school classes visitour museum. If you have items that youwould like to donate, contact the museum onMonday or Wednesday. Let us know if your Inside the museum, Barbara and Darlene look on while Dean &family has something to share. Maureen Goekler sign the guest book. Introducing our new Board Members: Mike Daniels - Mike volunteers on Monday Lorna Rendahl - Lorna volunteers on Wednes- with his wife, Donna. Graduates of Central day. Her husband, Don, is a ―dam‖ kid, and is Valley High School, they bring a lifetime of ―on call‖ when we need help. Lorna is our family history & local knowledge to our soci- ―techy‖, and brings her extensive knowledge of ety. Mike is a Director on the board and does computers & finance to our society. She is an data entry into our files. Officer on the Board, our new Treasurer.We try to be accurate but please, we are not liable for any additions, omissions, errors and/or corrections that mayoccur in this publication. Any photographs or material used may not be scanned and/or reprinted or reproducedwithout contacting us for permission of use. Thank You - Deb West, Editor/Darlene Brown, Assistant
  2. 2. Page 2Volume 8 issue 1 10th Anniversary Celebration Dinner Shasta Lake Heritage & Historical Society In June, Shasta Lake Heritage & Historical Soci- ety celebrated Ten Years with the annual dinner. People gathered at the John Beaudet Commu- nity Center and were treated to wine donated by Bursini Vineyards of Cottonwood. Laughter pre- vailed as people shared stories and renewed friendships. The room was decorated in Red White & Blue. The ―Cerepa Sisters‖ (who grew up in Pine Grove), sang a medley of patriotic songs, and Above. Jack Trapp & Matt Rumboltz World War II favorites, including I’ll Be Seeing Below, Ruth Huey & Ella Barbera Jack Ures & Paul Stremple You, The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Com- hosted the Wine Table pany C, and honored each branch of the service with their Official Armed Forces Song. Mayor Rod Lindsay led the Pledge of Allegiance, and retired Sheriff, Jim Pope led the invocation. Karen Alvord Debbie Goodman Yvonne Harrison Entertained with Patriotic Songs The Video Honoring our Veterans, 1917 –1958 was enjoyed after a delicious dinner catered by Nok Hamburg. Floyd ‗Red‘ Fris- bie was honored as Volunteer Of The Year. Raffle Baskets filled a table and were donated by Del & Gerda Hiebert, Bonnie & Butch Hurlhey, Darlene Brown Evelyn Hoppes & Marian Trapp & Barbara Cross, Matt & Darlene Rumboltz, and the Monday crew: Sadie, Red, Sold raffle tickets Ruth Ann, Evelyn, Nancy, Mike & Donna. Special thanks to Jack & Marian Floyd ‗Red‘ Frisbie Trapp for three raffle baskets, Mary Hale for four home baked pies/cakes, Joy & Volunteer of the Year Tom Burnham for eight bottles of their Burnsini wine, and Linda Hardy/Far East Café for a gift certificate. President Barbara Cross intro- duced the new Board Members & Special Guests. Videos old and new sold like hotcakes. Dar- lene Brown produced an hour long video with pictures and stories cele- brating veterans and their stories from World War I through the Korean War. The tables were decorated by Darlene Rumboltz which provided a festive at- mosphere. The evening was a big suc- cess and a tribute to all who have Nok Hamburg served in the armed forces, with spe- Marlys Barbosa catered the dinner cial focus on our local military families. sold raffle tickets
  3. 3. Page 3 Volume 8 issue 1 More Pictures of the Dinner Shasta Lake Heritage & Historical Society Left: Earl West won the raffle basket donated by the Mon- day Office Crew. Right: Darlene Rumboltz decorated the tables Below: Lorna Rendahl & Nancy Casterline enjoy the dinner Below right: Lorraine Bennetts & Butch Hurlhey greeted dinner guests Sadie, Red, Evelyn, Donna, RuthAnn, Earl, Nancy and Mike Attending the dinner, and featured in the DVD video are some former Shasta Dam Workers who attended the Damworkers Reunion Luncheon in May.Clarence Barger: Army - was a cryptographer, and radioman during WWII in the Philippines. Afterthe video, Clarence presented our society with a card table naming businesses in Central Valleyduring the 1950‘s.Tom Davis: who lives in Red Bluff, and was an aerial gunner (tail gunner) on B-17‘s during WWII.George Heidel: a Merchant Marine who served on so many different ships during WWII, he can‘tname them all.Jack Humphrey: at age 91, Jack just finished writing his book Come Fly Your Kiteabout his service as a Liaison Pilot with the 47th Squadron ‗A‘ in the European Theater during WWII.Don Cross: Served during the Korean War as a lineman in communications. Clarence Barger Tom Davis George Heidel Jack Humphrey Don Cross VETERANS in the DVD:Allison, Frank E./ Baker, Everett / Barger, Clarence / Barnhart, Ray N./ Bell, John Wilson / Bridges, Frank S./ Brock, James ―Jim‖/ Brown, Charles W.Brown, Claude O./ Brown, Lawrence / Brown, Odell / Brown, Ralph / Brown, Robert W. ―Bob‖/ Buese, John J./ Buese, William McCray/ Burge, Dewey J./ Burns, AbBurns, Paul / Burns, Nancy / Burns, Carl / Burns, Robert ―Bob‖/ Carpenter, Gordon/ Carr, Francis / Carr, Kenneth / Carr, Laurence / Carr, Paul / Carter, KayCerepa, Gerald / Cerepa, John A./ Cerepa, Richard / Chambers, Ernest Lee / Coulter, Chester / Craft, Patrick R./ Cross, Donald / Cross, Morton / Cross, RussellCullis, John / Cupp, Nolan/ Dale, Russell C. / Daniels, George / Davis, Tom / Dorman, Dwight / Downing, Lloyd / Downs, Alton / Dupre, Joseph / Elverud, DonEndicott, David/ Endicott, Jack (Bench)/ Endicott, Wallace ―Mickey‖/ Endicott, Lawrence ―Bill‖/ Erickson, Clifton / Evans, James / Fine, Tommy / Flanagan, MathewFletcher, Loren/ Forte, Francis ―Pete‖/ Frisbie, Floyd ―Red‖/ Gardner, Robert E./ Garner, Ted / Getchell, Robert / Glacken, Woodrow Wilson / Gomes, Allen K.Graeff, Vincent / Granger, James / Gregory, Roy / Grove, Leonard / Grove, Wesley / Grove, William G. / Haner, Donald / Haner, John A. ―Jack‖ / Hardin, Harry RHardt, Edward / Heasley, Ralph E./ Heidel, George / Hendrickson, Earl / Hiebert, Del / Hiebert, Royal / Hoppes, Alan / Hoppes, Lewis Ted / Hubbard, DonaldHubbard, Gardner / Hubbard, Milton / Humiston, Frank / Humphrey, John J. ―Jack‖/ Hursey, Richard / Johnson, Harry G./ Jones, Neil R. / Kank, WesleyKelley, Robert E./ Kobe, Frank Jr./ Kohn, George / Kuehne, Rubin/ Lefler, Archie / Longnecker, Charles / Louis, Robert P./ Lower, Archie L. Jr.Lower, Archie L. Sr./ Majdic, John Fredrick / McCardle, Robert F. ―Bud‖/ McConnell, Edwin/ McConnell, Fred/ McConnell, Thomas / McDaniel, Edward S.Menzie, Mary Bernice/ Miller, Frank / Miller, Jesse / Miller, L.J. ―Buck‖/ Murphy, Charles / Nucholls, James / O‘Brien, Bud / Potter, Victor / Pope, Jim / Powell, JackPreston, Jimmie / Price, Winfield S. Jr. ―Bud‖/ Radcliff, Marvin / Randall, James W./ Richard, Clebert ―Dick‖/ Ricks, Bill / Rodriegues, Tony / Rowland, VernonSchell, Mel / Schuette, Wesley / Seely, Bill / Sholfield, George / Shoup, Clarence / Shoup, Erle / Shoup, Franklin / Shoup, Leslie / Shoup, MichaelSiemers, George E./ Slaughter, Donald V. / Slaughter, Reginald S./ Smith, Elmer / Spear, John / Spear, Vernon / Stephan, Clarence / Stewart, Jim DaileyStoppenbrink, Bill / Stotts, Caroll / Stremple, Paul / Stubblefield, Kurlin E. Jr./ Sullivan, Robert K. / Tavey, Bruce / Taylor, Earl / Tenney, Donald / Tenney, HughThorne, Bennie / Tingey, Nolan / Tullis, William T. ―Fuzzy‖/ Underwood, Jesse / Varela, Max / Warmack, Roy / Walters, Darrel / White, Albert ―Al‖
  4. 4. Page 4Volume 8 Issue 1 Memories of Skunk Hollow Shasta Lake Heritage & Historical Society by Loene (Terry) Trubkin with memories from Dick Terry, Fran Warmack, & Ruth Ann (Husman) KobeEditors Note: This article was written by Loene Terry ,who attended Toyon School and graduated from Central Valley High School in 1960. Afterretiring from a busy career that included being a stockbroker, newspaper publisher, and president of a company, a few years ago, she added a lawdegree to her list of achievements. When able, Loene works as a child advocate attorney in Southern California. On a personal note, she is a multi-time cancer survivor and continues the fight . After her last bout, she kayaked in the Arctic Circle. This Lady comes from Strong Northern CaliforniaStock and lives her life each day to the fullest . ( with limited space, we have excluded her intro about Shasta Dam )Our family missed the first wave of development ( at Shasta Dam ) . It wasn ’ t until February 1944, themonth the diversion tunnel was sealed and water storage began at Shasta Lake, that we came to ShastaCounty. Our Dad, Tom Terry, a journeyman machinist, had worked on Parker Dam with one of the ShastaDam foremen, Ray Pickard. Ray visited us at Mare Island Naval Shipyard in Vallejo where Dick and I wereborn and Dad was a civilian Navy employee. Ray proposed a job at Shasta Dam. Dad supposedly reminded him that a war was on and he was a vital if small Tom cog in preparing ships for the Pacific theatre. A week later, Dad received a pink slip. Did Top: Tom Terry & Ray Pickard in machine shop Ray Pickard have clout with the authorities? Bottom: Tom & Genevieve The record is silent, but family lore is that Terry on the front porch timing of the pink slip was no coincidence. Still, it was some months before the promised job materialized. In the meantime, there was a ma- chine shop job in Redding and a rental house on Machinist Crew at Shasta Dam South Market Street. Once Dad was employed at the Dam, we moved to a temporary camp over-looking the project. By then it was full summer, and our Mom, Genevieve, who had lived much of her life near theocean ’ s cooling breezes, couldn ’ t get used to the heat. She spent most afternoons, when we toddlers weredown for naps, sitting nude in a tub of tepid water, with a fan blowing in her direction. At the end of the dam ’ sconstruction, Dad was one of the lucky few offered a permanent position with the Bureau of Reclamation. TheDepression, which had started long before 1929 for farm families like theirs, scarred both our parents. Theyyearned for security, and a federal government job must have seemed perfect. If the summers were hot, and most streets were un-paved and shopping and medical care were ten miles south on Highway 99, still there were good neighbors and new schools andother families with young children. The war had drawn to a close, the Depression was becoming a memory, and a feeling of optimism was growing. With a steady paycheck assured, our parents turned that optimism into buying a house. They could have chosen one of the three little towns along Shasta Dam Blvd. Instead, for reasons that are opaque after all these years, they chose to live in Skunk Hollow, previously known as “ Electric City ” because many electricians who were wiring the Shasta Power House genera- tors lived there. Skunk Hollow was and is a narrow canyon a few miles west of what was Central Valley and cheek-by-jowl with Toyon, which lay across a creek and up a low hill to the west. The canyon starts out flat at Shasta Dam Blvd. and runs north, increasingly narrow and corkscrewed, about three miles to Shasta Lake. In the beginning, there was just a dirt lane that ran perhaps a half mile along the lower canyon, spewing red clay dust whenever a car drove through. Eight houses perched on each of the east and west sides of the lower canyon. The community ’ s children at- tended Toyon Elementary School, and they didn ’ t have to walk far for the school bus. To be con-Loene standing in front of her home
  5. 5. Shasta LakePage 5Volume 8 issue 1 A Note From The President... Barbara Cross Heritage & Historical SocietyWe’ve had another successful year, thanks to our tireless volunteers. We have received many wonderful donations from:Cindy & Ed Glacken, including a water pump from the Stella Woolman Gregory home at Old Pollock; a very old baby doll- from Bon-nie Hurlhey; an old camera from Don & I; many military photographs that were used in the DVD - a list of the donor names are in-cluded in the DVD credits; Shasta Dam photos - from Beverly Boychuk; a book on Iron Mtn.- from Janet George; School photos- fromAl Herring; and a large donation of memorabilia from the Ella Barbera Estate by her daughter, Judy Barbera.We also received the following donations of money: $40.00 from Derald Kellis, $100.00 from Jack & Margaret Humphrey, and$150.00 from the Shasta Lake Garden Club in appreciation for our help and support of their annual Garden Club Tea.We have elected our new Board of Directors and Officers. Please look at the last page for the new slate of Officers.We participate in as many community activities as possible: We will be participating in the 9-11 ceremony next month at the FireHall, and we are preparing for the Citywide Yard Sale in late September - a fundraising event for us.We will co-host the annual luncheon of Historical Societies in the Northern Cali- Historical Societies of Northern Californiafornia Area, with the Anderson Historical Society. This will be in lieu of our regularmembership meeting in September. Reservations are needed by September 2, Hosted by Shasta Lake & Anderson Societiesplease contact me, if you want to attend. 275-5848 or e-mail Annual Meeting & LuncheonOne sad note this year was the loss of five of our members in July. Ella Barbera, September 17, 2011Raymond Frisbie, John (Jack) Haner, Florence Hoppes, and Everett Hubbard who 11:00 to 3:00will all be remembered in our hearts. Anderson Grange Hall“People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Embrace allequally!” … …… unknown. 8085 Airport Road Anderson, California Congratulations DEB WEST! Training is over - and our new editor is doing wonderful! Deb, a retired school teacher & long- time area resident, brings with her, many talents and a love of history. I will continue to work with her as an assistant, but I will be focusing mainly on our website & DVDs. Speaking of DVDs, our next DVD will be on MINING, in the greater Shasta Lake area. Photos & stories about the places with special emphasis on the families living during that era. We are collecting material now. Please contact me if you have info on any mining/families around this area. Thanks, Darlene Brown. Thank You for supporting our efforts to preserve history. We are grateful for your endorsement. Benefactors:Adams, John – Henderson, NV Boothroyd, Bert - Salinas Brown, Bill & Darlene - Shasta LakeCity of Shasta Lake Craft, Betty - Redding Cross, Don & Barbara - Shasta LakeEnglish, Bruce & Kittie Lou- Bandon, OR Farr, Larry & Nancy- Shasta Lake Hale, Lucretia - Monte SerenoHaner, Norma - Redding Herring, Al—Woodenville, WA Hiebert, Del & Gerda - ReddingHill, Ben & Agnes - McLean, VA Hoppes, Dale - Redding Hoppes, Evelyn - Shasta LakeHukill, Robert & Gail—Tucson, AZ Johnson, Leigh - Medford, OR Kiwanis - Shasta LakeKnauf Inc. - Shasta Lake Malcolm, Guy—Sunnyvale Polf, William A. - New York, NYPope, Jim - Redding Strohmayer, John & Connie – Redding Tavey, Bruce & Verlen - ReddingTaylor, Alice - Shasta Lake Trapp, Jack & Marian - Redding Businesses in Shasta Lake:530 Collective R. Chambers, M.D. Farmer‘s Market Place Lake Shasta Caverns Nok Hamburg CateringNorth Valley Bank J.D. Russell, D.D.S. Shasta Lake Chiropractic Shasta Lake Veterinary Clinic Sunshine MarketVan Wyhe‘s Engraving And ….Camp Shasta Coffee (Lakehead) and Rosemary‘s Antiques - (Redding) Our Thanks to the following Individuals & Families for renewals:Nellie Bell, Russell & Lorraine Bennetts, Sadie Brown, James Dicks, Bill & Darlene Duncan, Floyd Frisbie, Margaret Gardner, Earl Hendrickson,Gerry Hubbard, Ruth Huey, Margaret Kardell, Ruth Ann Kobe, Jerry Miller, Virginia Oliver, Gene Rowland, Wayne Rowland, Paul & StephanieStremple, Greg Watkins, Earl & Deb West, and John Wilson Welcome New Members:Theresa Burge-Redding, Frank Divers-Redding, Pete Droesch-Redding, Richard & Diana Evans-Redding, Matt Kibler– Redding, Tessa Newman -Redding, Sabine Rosales-Redding, Nola Shoup - Ono, Neva Wacker-Shasta Lake and Fran Warmack - Shasta Lake.
  6. 6. Shasta Lake Heritage & Historical Society 3400 Shasta Gateway Dr. Ste #H Shasta Lake, CA 96019 275-3995 A 501 C-3 non-profit organization Fed ID#68-0485141 Please check the date next to your name for membership dues renewal. Thank you for helping us save on reminder postal costs. It is appreciated! IN MEMORIAM Please send in this coupon with your dues: Ella Barbera July 2011 Name____________________________ Raymond Frisbie July 2011 Address ______________________________ ________________________________ Vincent Graeff February 2011 Phone ______________________ John “Jack” Haner July 2011 Email _______________________ Florence Hoppes July 2011 Please check the applicable box: Everett Hubbard July 2011 Individual $10 Family$25 Donation made in memory of: Business$30 Benefactor $100 Ella: by Bill & Darlene Brown, Don & Barbara Cross,Mike & Jonny Fish, Ruth Fish, and Jack & Marian Trapp Board of Directors:Raymond: by Bill & Darlene Brown, Don & Barbara Barbara J. Cross, President 275–5848 Cross, and Evelyn Hoppes Darlene Brown, Vice President 275-1000Vincent: by Bill & Darlene Brown Henry Hurlhey, Recording Secretary 275-2815 Lorna Rendahl, Treasurer 246-3048Jack: by Bill & Darlene Brown and Don & Barbara Cross Lorraine Bennetts, Director 275-8712Florence: by Barbara & Don Cross and Evelyn Hoppes Mike Daniels, Director 275-2672 Del Hiebert, Director 275-4085Everett: by Bill & Darlene Brown, Don & Barbara Cross, Ruth Huey, Director 275-1961 Evelyn Hoppes, Barbara Hunter, Darlene & Jack Trapp, Director 243-6984 Jack Powell and Jack & Marian Trapp Evelyn Hoppes, Past President 275-2772