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                                                                                            10th July 2009
NEWS from around and about Norwood
           MUGA Playground                                                             ...
NEWS from around and about Norwood
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NEWS from around and about Norwood

   Reception Butterflies

Children in Reception have been observing the life cycle o...
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38 (2009)


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38 (2009)

  1. 1. Norwood 10th July 2009 NEWS  Issue No.38 Term Dates Stars of the week We would like to congratulate the following children for being Stars of the Week! Summer Term 2009 DON’T FORGET SCHOOL CLOSED ON MONDAY -13th July RD Jamie Shaw (silver) 3B Megan Powderly (silver) PLEASE ADJUST DINNER MONEY TO £6.20 Production of ‘Oliver’ Wednesday 15th July at 7.15pm RD Gabriella Niemen (silver) 3B Nia Pagana (silver) Eco Centre Visit for School Council & Eco committee: Friday 17th July. RP Joshua Leddy (silver) 3R Freya Hanson-Lewis (silver) Year 6 Leavers Service: Tuesday 21st July at Leyland Road RP Nancy Whiteside (silver) 4CP Sally Murray (silver) Methodist Church. Coffee served for Year 6 parents from 9.00 am. Last week of term: 1K Jasmine Hitchcock (silver) 4CP Megan Fyles (silver) Dinner money for Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st July will be £3.10 1K Bethany Southern (silver) 4JP Erin Thornton (silver) School closes for Summer holiday: Tuesday 21st July at 2.00 pm. 1K Katie Badley (gold) 4JP Abbi Wilson (gold) Autumn Term 2009 1B Emily James (silver) 5P Liam Campbell (gold) Children return to school: Thursday 3rd September 1B Morgan Dodsworth (gold) 5M Luke Dempster (silver) Year R start part time: Monday 7th September Year R start full time Monday 21st September 2L Ollie Rimmer (silver) 5MHannah Bushell (gold) Half Term: Monday 26th - Friday 30th October (inc.) 2L Cerys Valentine (silver) 6C at Llangollen School closed: Staff Training day - Monday 2nd November. 2M Emily Hagan (silver) 6M at Llangollen Children return to school: Tuesday 3rd November School closes for Christmas holiday: Friday 18th December at 2 pm. 2M Lewis Taylor (silver) Please update your diary with new dates which are added each week. Gold and silver is awarded to children who have previously received star of the week. Children in the Spotlight Class changes for 2009-10 We are pleased to announce the classes for September 2009, which are as follows:  Emily Berry has league. Jamie was awarded Was Will Be With  gained her 25m Rainbow the Manager’s Player of the Swimming Award. Fantastic! Year. Congratulations! - - RP RT Mrs Piggott Mrs Thorpe  Ashley Gavan, RD 1B Mrs Baron  Hannah Brookfield RP 1D Mr Doupe has achieved her Level Matthew Van Sprang 1B 2W Miss Wainwright 7 swimming award. Well Rimmer, Daniel 1K 2M Mrs Murray done! Lawrence, Tom 2L 3B Mrs Bentley Langford, Owen Taylor  Cameron Heyes & Tom Mitchell’s 2M 3K Mrs Kenrick has gained his 10m & 3B 4CP Mrs Phelps team came 3rd in a recent 3R 4JP Mrs Perrett  25m swimming awards. Congratulations! Football Tournament. Congratulations! 4CP 4JP 5P 5M Mr Postlethwaite Mrs McCarthy  Lewis Taylor, Ben  Aaron Rimmer took 5M 6C Mrs Coleman Drummond, Jamie part in the Charity Fun 5P 6M Miss McCarthy Russell & Oliver Green Festival 2009 & was the Miss Wainwright was appointed this week and is joining us are members of Southport from Edge Hill University. The children will also benefit from Goalkeeper for his football Trinity U7’s Football team specialist subject teaching from Mrs. Goulden, Mrs. Ashcroft, team who were the Team of who came 3rd in their Mrs. Rigby and Mrs. Taylor. the Day. Well done!     Norwood Crescent, Southport, PR9 7DU. Tel: 01704 211960. Fax: 01704 232712 Head Teacher: Mr Lee Dumbell. Email:
  2. 2. NEWS from around and about Norwood MUGA Playground Holiday Activities Equipment Team Read at your local Library Get down to your local library this summer and you’ll find a magical challenge waiting for children as part of the Summer Reading challenge 2009. Visit for further information. The children were introduced to it at a recent assembly. And it’s all free! Tennis Summer Camp Activities run by LTA Licensed Coaches are available at this camp which takes place at Southbank Tennis Club, The The new play equipment in the school yard is time tabled for children to use Rookery Sports Ground, off Roe Lane. throughout the school day. We also make it available to the After School Please contact Keith Eckersall Tel: 0777 Club. Therefore we request that parents do not allow their children to use 282 5548 or email: this equipment at 3.15 pm. for more details. Speakeasy Course Gymnastics Summer School Congratulations to all parents, who recently attended a Speakeasy Course Marshside Gymnastics Club will be running its Summer School at with Kim Taylor & Annie Quinn. The following parents should be very proud ‘Swimscool’ in Slaidburn Crescent and at Stanley High School for 4 of themselves, at gaining Level 2 accreditation. weeks during the summer holidays. Please contact Kevin and Gill Karen Bishop, Eileen Cockwill, Claire Finn, Heidi Halsall, Sadie Heyes, Andy Corcoran on 212067 for further information. King, Elaine Leddy, Carol Morgan, Joanne Pagan, Louise Roughley, Tracy Scutt, Claire Stewart, Mary Whitehead & Sandra Wilkinson. We look forward to a celebration lunch in October, with the presentation of FAMILY FUN DAY the Open College certificates. Well done & thank you for all your hard work & enthusiasm. Stanley High School – Saturday 18th July 2-4 pm. All profits will go to improving the service of ‘New Generation’ - a local children’s club in Summer Fair Raffle Prize Winners search of new premises. Admission free. Contact Kerris Tel: 547097. Congratulations to all the winners of the raffle prizes at our Summer Fair. We 5th Family Prize – Family ticket The Bugman by Errin Telford 4CP hope they have been able to enjoy these exciting treats! Our appreciation goes to for Martin Mere, 2 Complimentary Gill Gaskell and all those who donated Tickets for Sandcastles, Girls & these excellent prizes. If you know of any Boys Toothbrush holders & sweets contacts who could donate in the future please can you let Gill know. Janet Marshall 6th Prize – Night Out – Tickets 1st Prize - £100 cash, Cuddly for Vue Cinema, 4 tickets for toy, Bottle of Champagne Southport Theatre, £25 voucher for Mr & Mrs J. Roughley a meal at Pizzeria Italia Sandra Wilkinson As I walked into the classroom, orange legs and was a brown 2nd Prize - £50 cash, Cuddly something amazing caught my colour. It was a millipede, but Toy, 2 bottles of wine 7th Prize – Night out at Premier eye and I knew something great not an ordinary millipede, this Julie Marshall Inn for 4 inc. Breakfast – Choc. Wine was about to happen. Curiously, millipede was 20 cm long D. Bilsborough I sat down and studied the and 2cm thick. When I held it, 3rd Prize – Ladies prize £25, dazzling, blue box with the words because it had so many legs, it Hugo Boss toiletries, Family Lunch 8th Prize – Cleaning – Two hours ‘THE BUG BOX’ printed neatly tickled me. at the Royal Clifton & Wine cleaning by professional company & upon the side. Mr Swailes who I will never forget that day and all cleaning products was sitting next to it introduced the different bugs I saw. I would Lisa Cowling himself. love to meet the bugman and his Mrs C. Phelps My favourite creature had 256 bugs again! 4th Prize – Mens Prize £25Hugo Boss toiletries, Lunch for two at the Golf Day at Mottram Hall Ramada Hotel & Wine Graeme Simpson Thank you to the Champion Newspaper for their Nicole Ferrier (Mr Dumbell’s brother) support in developing our newsletter.
  3. 3. NEWS from around and about Norwood Junior Children’s University Sports Day The Juniors’ were blessed with good weather for their annual Sport’s Day. Graduation 2009 A great time was had by all. Many thanks for the parent’s support on the day. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were mixed up into teams named after countries and each took part in 10 different activities scoring points on each event for their skill, accuracy or speed. Points were also awarded for teamwork and co-operation. The morning culminated with the sprint races: Year 3 Boys – Tom Mitchell, Year 3 Girls - Ishbel Cooke, Year 4 Boys - Jamie Hough, Year 4 Girls – Errin Telford, Year 5 Boys – Callum Roughley, Year 5 Girls Lucy Dutton, Year 6 Boys - Jack Wilson & Year 6 Girls – Hannah Jolly Congratulations to the winning team France! On Wednesday 24th June, thirteen Year 6 & eight Year 2 children attended a Graduation Ceremony at Edge Hill University. These children had gained the necessary credits by taking part in a range of extra- curricular activities. The children are pictured in the University’s grounds prior to the ceremony & inside the Faculty of Health building.. Bryoni Ashton, Lilly Cockwill, Sophie Edwards, Georgia Hough, Daniel Monahan Malraux Irvine, Hannah Jolly, Alex Nolan, Katy Rigby, aiming at a target Elisha Russell, Megan Seath, Bethan Todd, Georgina Walkerdine, Maddie Hayes, Stephanie Hendry, Patrick Kilduff, Lauren Merryfield, Luke Prendergast (absent), Ollie Rimmer, Robert Watson & Heather Weights. Malraux Irvine running with a baton over hurdles. School Menu Congratulations to the Junior Menu 3 Sports Day winners France!
  4. 4. NEWS from around and about Norwood Reception Butterflies Children in Reception have been observing the life cycle of the The caterpillars were hairy (Rebecca Kilduff) butterfly and enjoyed releasing them into the open air recently. The caterpillars were so big In their own words here’s what they had to say about it… they turned into cocoons (Henry Watkinson) They were a caterpillar first, then a cocoon, then a butterfly (Owen McKenzie) There were 9 butterflies (Brooke McFord) We shouted “Come on butterfly…” (Harry Hopkins) They flew out one at a time (Nicole Helsby) One couldn’t get out and we had to help it (Toby Vickers) Finally it flew away (Arran Peacock) It looked like they were blowing away (Pascal Saleta) One landed near us (Jack Barton)