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Recommendation letter format


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this is the format for any professional recommendation letter

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Recommendation letter format

  1. 1. Reference of the collegefully. Date: Letter of Recommendation As a seniorprofessorof BKSchool of BusinessManagement,Ihave pleasureintestifyingtothe managerial andcreative abilitiesof NajeebullahHematWali Jan.Ihave knownhiminthe capability of MBA studentforthe academicyears2013-2015. He has offeredhismajorasHuman Resource ManagementandMarketingas minor& he has provenhimself tobe goodall roundstudent. As professorof core subjectlike (subjectnames).Iappreciate hisinterestinthese subjectsandzestto workout givenassignmentpresentation&reportintermof documentFile. He has goodinter-personal skill,canunderstandEnglish,ismaturedandhasa positive outlook.He has gainedexperiencesfromcompletion of the SummerInternshipProgram andGrand Project. I wouldrecommendhimforhischosenacademicandprofessional endeavors. Sincerely, (Facultyname)