Luxury Resort Hotel Project in Turkey


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Very profitable Resort Hotel Project in Turkey, Return Of Investment is less than 7 years,

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Luxury Resort Hotel Project in Turkey

  1. 1. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages is an invitation for a profitable projectC&M Group was established in 1986 in response to anincreased demand for detailed project strategy, designand planning due to greater challenges in the Leisureand Residential Tourism property Development & InvestmentFor Profitable Projects‘ Connecting People, Creating Knowledge ‘
  2. 2. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages• What do we do?• We transform ideas into profitableprojects by integrating conflictingneeds and know-hows into oneseamlessly driven effort.•With expert knowledge, throughresearch and key industrypartnerships we advise the bestapproach for each uniquedevelopment project and weintegrate team, needs and expertiseto achieve the desired result withinthe expected timeframe.• Project Name : Bodrum Güvercinlik Beach Resort• The Project Place : in Aegean Region, in Mugla,Turkey• Premium Location in Turkey, near the beach• Tourism Zone with total construction 48700 m2• Luxury Resort, SPA and Welness• Total Swimming Pools – 6050 m2• Total Restaurants – 1200 m2• 516 rooms ( 392 Standart and 122 Suit Rooms)• 1400 Beds• Quarantee ROI in the next 7 years• Win to Win Properties :
  3. 3. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages
  4. 4. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages Güvercinlik Beach Resort
  5. 5. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages
  6. 6. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages LocationGüvercinlik Bay in Bodrum• Location and Environment• Güvercinlik Bay, is the first bay where travelers meet the AegeanSea on their journey to Bodrum Peninsula. Güvercinlik Bayopens into the Mandalya Bay• The hotel site, can be reached after 2 km detour from GüvercinlikBay from the Road junction Meşelik, on D 330 Mugla – Bodrum.• Our land is located in the Güvercinlik Bay in Milas district ofProvince Muğla, between Milas Airport and Bodrum city center.• Distances from the plot:• Milas-Bodrum Airport 17 km• Bodrum 18 km• Güvercinlik Town 2,2 km• 18 hole Vita Park Golf course 5,5 km (Bargilya Bay),• 9 hole Bodrum Golf Club 27 km.
  7. 7. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages
  8. 8. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages
  9. 9. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages Information• Total Construction: 48.700 m2• Total Swimming Pool : 6050 m2• Restaurant : 1200 m2• Total Suit Rooms : 124• Total Standart Room : 392• Total Room : 516• Otopark : 80 Cars• Helicopter areas : 210 m2• Recepcion : 1250 m2• Lobi : 1200 m2• View Terraces : 5600 m2
  10. 10. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages
  11. 11. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages Heaven
  12. 12. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages
  13. 13. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages & Animal Variation• Plant Variation • Animal Variation
  14. 14. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages Activities
  15. 15. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages Ventures Turkey@CMinvestmentsTR• “Do what is right, letthe consequencefollow.” It serves asa daily reminder thatsuccess will indeedcome and go, butintegrity is forever.• The slogan of C&M Group Companies
  16. 16. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages Project Strategy• Our adaptive services are tailored tomeet the exact needs of a variety ofprivate and corporate clients such asBanks, Property investors or REITs.• We will direct or quide independent andcorporate clients working within the realestate market. We will ascertain thefeasibility of a project and accordingly acritical path for successfull results.•
  17. 17. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages : Market Value• C&M venture knows that today’sevolving tourist and residential realestate market may result in needto reassess and realign an assetor operation.• Our team initiates core changesthat will provide new momentum tothe project and identify alternativesources of revenue.• We apply fresh thinking andsound strategies to give yourproject a clear and achievablegoal.
  18. 18. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages : Contemporary Tourism andResidential Projects• We enable you to realise the visionof creating outstandingdevelopments in any location.From initial designs and propertybranding to the regeneration ofexisting or proposed projects,wecons,der every last detail to ensurethat cost, practicality andaesthetics are maintained inbalance.• Whether the project feauturesstylish apartments, bespoke villasor mixed-use condominiums, ourteam draws inspiration from localarchitecture to give true contextand unique style that representsthe client and selected market.•
  19. 19. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages : destinations to assuresustainability• Based on sound research and market analysis, C&M Grouptransforms the inherent properties of a site into a conceptsuitable to deliver year-round potential.• A successfull masterplan provides more than just a range ofproperties. It should also provide a diversity of theme anssustain the existing community.•
  20. 20. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages & Inspire• Commit : long term partnerships• We provide comprehensive or field-specific advice whichproduces a positive return for the corporate or private investor.• Our Hospitality support services can be adapted and finely tunedto provide the necessary recommendations or directmanagement expertise to enable quick and successful results.• Inspire: leadership&dedicated team work• Through dedicated work and unique industry expertise, the keymanagement of C&M Group has attracted high profile investors,secured long term relationships with key hotel and leisureoperators and earned the full support of government authorities.• Our team knows that each project requires through and efficientmanagement yet must also provide a suitable rate of return forthe developing investor whilist also respecting the needs of thesurrounding community.
  21. 21. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages Ultimate Holiday Villages
  22. 22. May - 2013 The Ultimate Holiday Villages• The Ultimate Resort & Spa and Villas• Ultimate Beach Resort & SPA The Ultimate• Casa Ultimate Ultimate Beach & Villas• Ultimate Beach Club Ultimate SPA• Ultimate VIP Ultimate Events• Ultimate Style Ultimate Lifestyle• C&M Group• Global C&M Investment and Management• ‘ Finance, Investment, Consulting, Project Development and Management ‘• C&M Hotel Management & Development• VIP Luxury Travel• C&M and Treugast Hotel Consulting Company (JV)• Win to Win Luxury Real Estate (JV)• Whats new at Jones Lang LaSalle : ‘ Turkey is on the investor radar. ‘•••