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CM Global investment, finance and management corporate profile_feb2013


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CM Global investment, finance and management corporate profile_feb2013

  1. 1. • C&M Global Ventures•• Our Slogan• “Do what is right, let the consequence follow.” It serves as a daily reminder that success will indeed come and go, but integrity is forever.• Integrity means doing the right thing at all times and in all circumstances, whether or not anyone is watching."• - Amy Rees Anderson•• ‘’ Approved, Recognised and Trusted ‘’
  2. 2. Index• Page 1 : Introduction• Page 2 : Index• Page 3 : Our Mission : Helping you achieve your goals• Page 4 : Who we are ( Expertise areas & our Values )• Page 5 : Group Companies• Page 6 : Key Credentials• Page 7 : Our investment process is structured for your success• Page 8 : How you benefit from our investment process• Page 9 - 11 : Business Divisions• Page 12 : Forming Joint Venture• Page 16 : Our Approach & Key Characteristics• Page 17 : How we measure our performance• Page 18–24: Expertise Areas• Page 25–29: Referances and Business partners• Page 30 : Reputation Management Approach• Page 31 : Project Process Mapping• Page 32 : Strategic Process of C&M group• Page 33 : Contact Details•
  3. 3. Our Mission : Helping you achieve your goals“Our mission is to support our clients to reach their businesstargets. We assimilate their business strategies and servethem to reach their business targets through ourcommunication and relationship expertise.”Shaping the future. Together C&M Group is a global management consultancy andTurkey’s leading advisor on business strategy. We partnerwith clients in all sectors and regions to identify theirhighest-value opportunities, address their most criticalchallenges, and transform their businesses. 3
  4. 4. Who We Are• Member of International and Local Associations & Institudes• Have the largest Business Networks and • Our Values Platforms • İnvest with confidence,• Our expertise areas: • A prime driver for venture capital, • An integral part of international services, - Project and Business Developments • Wide and wise eye for opportunities, - Investment Management ( Asset & • The decisiye eye on project opportunities in our selective regions, Wealth Management) • Win-Win partnerships, - Business and Marketing • Partners in value creation, Communications • Share in our new perspective, • Dominal force in Real Estate, - Joint Venture Projects • Catalyst for success in Retail, • Solid business support for industry, - International Project Finance • One toone investment servives, - Investment Consulting & • We all work together for the benefits of all of Management ( 6 Sigma ) our business partners and clients. - Real Estate Developments and • Because All together different!. Investments • - Hotels and Tourism Developments
  5. 5. C&M Group Companies C&M Global Investment, Finance & Management C&M Hotel Luxury Real Luxury Travel International Investment Management Estate Institude Turkey Finance & www.inprofin. ru Development www.w2wManagement properties. www.luxetravel (Global) www.treugast. com comdanismanlik. C&M REIT com Turkey
  6. 6. Key Credentials• Real Estate, Hospitality, Infrastructure & Construction, Telecommunication, FMCG, food & agriculture, energy and utility / infrastructure, IT, sectoral business understanding and experience• Expertise in managing stakeholder engagement process for major investment projects in line with international requirements and standards.• Longstanding trust based media relations at all levels• Expertise in effective use of social media for communication purposes• Crisis management experience in various sectors, incidences and corporate structures• Experience in multinationals and national companies• Experience in program / Project Management / Project Development• Partnerships and co-operations currently existing with their international partners enables C&M Group to provide reputation management, financial communication, business&marketing communications, traditional&social media managements and event management in the international arena 6
  7. 7. Our investment process is structured for your success • 1-Asset Servicing & Management• Investment Management • For greater insight and control of your assets • C&M Group offers investment capabilities• Whether you want to take an active lead across all major traditional and alternative or free-up your time by delegating day-to- asset classes for private clients, financial day investment decisions, we are intermediaries and institutional investors committed to your financial success. around the world. Every service we offer is designed to meet your needs. • The right solution for all your needs.• It takes clear goals, a well - executed strategy and the ability to move fast in • 2-Wealth Management order to achieve investment success. This • C&M Group offers high net worth and affluent is what we offer you through our individuals around the world a complete range investment process of tailored advice and investment services.• A C&M Investment Management Mandate Whether they are investing internationally or in bundles a wide range of our investment their home country. capabilities into one tailored offering. Your client advisor will assist you to define your • Our advisors will take the time to find the investment risk profile, which enables our best solution for you. By drawing on our investment specialists and portfolio diverse range of products, we can tailor managers to manage your assets in the your personal consultation to your precise most appropriate way to achieve your wishes and requirements, whether you goals. require help with your day-to-day banking, retirement planning, investment goals or• We understand your business. home financing.•
  8. 8. How you benefit from our investment process • Step 1 - Research • Identify key drivers and trends in global markets and economies. Our analysts continuously monitor the global markets. They provide daily insights and independent views across all key markets in order to put the latest developments in context and to identify investment opportunities as well as market risks. • Step 2 - Scenarios • Develop best-case, baseline, and worst-case scenarios • Economists apply these insights within our analytical frameworks, which aid in the assessment and anticipation of market developments, to identify economic trends and major inflection points both globally and locally • Step 3 - Strategies • Define a range of appropriate investment strategies • Investment strategists leverage these research insights and scenarios to identify and assess key market risks, favorable investment opportunities, and risk and return expectations • Step 4 - Review • Challenge investment strategies and views through rigorous debate • Senior investment professionals in our Wealth Management Chief Investment Office ensure replicable, high-quality results by debating and rigorously challenging investment strategies and views with top investment professionals from across C&M as well as leading external investment experts. These debates are a vital component in the formulation of our independent C&M Wealth Management House View.
  9. 9. Excellence by Experience Business Divisions Trust BrandBUSINESS DIVISIONS Business Divisions C&M SOLUTIONS GROUP Global Operations Strategic Investments Consultancy & Alliances Real Estate Management & & & Hospitality Joint Development Ventures & Construction Expertises, Strategies, Implementations and Services
  10. 10. Company Profile Business Divisions Brand ExperiencePERFORMANCES MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY Industry Feasibility- Project Rollout-Strategies Functional Studies Development Construction Controlling Creating Hotel Concepts taking German and international hotel standards into particular consideration
  11. 11. Company Profile Business Divisions Brand ExperiencePERFORMANCES STRATEGIC ALLIANCES Strategic Alliances Forming Joint Negotiating Development of Ventures Contracts Projects Professional support with C&M Global as Joint Venture Partner
  12. 12. Company Profile Business Divisions Brand ExperienceFORMING JOINT VENTURES C&M Global Partner Solutions Group • Properties • Local Know How Joint Venture • Invest • Operational Management
  13. 13. Company Profile Business Divisions Brand ExperiencePERFORMANCES INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE International Institute of Applied Hospitality Sciences Research Publications Cooperations International & Knowledge Projects Transfer Market research & studies, scientific papers etc.
  14. 14. Company Profile Business Divisions Brand ExperiencePERFORMANCES OPERATIONS OPERATIONS Operational (Pre-) Opening Turnaround- Interim Asset & Wealth Management Management Management Management Operational Management with C&M Global Solutions Group
  15. 15. Company Profile Business Divisions Brand ExperiencePUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE Investment Ranking - Turkey The new generation investment Trend Survey Operative Comparisons for Hotels and Gastronomy Health Resort Industry Report Hotelinvestment-Attractiveness-Index (NEW!)
  16. 16. Our Approach & Key Characteristics• Our Approach - Your reputation is our reputation - Communication ultimately serves to reach business objectives - Sustainable relationships/engagements are key for success• Our Key Characteristics - Business value driven - Proactive - Always accessible - Deadline obsessive - Fast - Open and frank 16
  17. 17. How we measure our performance• Stakeholder Assessment through pre/post Reputation Surveys - Yearly assessments - Quarterly corporate communications effectiveness assessments• Media Coverage - Targeted message delivery - Reach to right audience• Syndicated surveys e.g. most reputable , admired companies, best companies to work for, accountability ratings• Stakeholders attitude/behavioral change, engagement• Targeted 3rd party endorsements• Alternative/social media reach and feedback• Ambassador recruitment 17
  18. 18. ∙ Project DevelopmentExpertise Areas ∙ Project&Operational Management Management ( 6 Sigma) ∙ Sustainability/Corporate social Consultancy Services responsibility management and communication Global Project Financing ∙ Investment Management ( Asset and Wealth)Business & Competitive Intelligence Services ∙ Leadership communication International Marketing & ∙ Issue/Agenda management Sponsorships ∙ Stakeholder management (media, NGO’s, academia, governmental Equipping & Trade authorities) Education & Training ∙ M&A communication ∙ Joint Ventures ∙ Public Affairs 18
  19. 19. Expertise Areas Management • Brand Positioning & Development • Business segment / category Consultancy Service commmunication planning and execution Global Project Financing • Strategic marketingBusiness & Competitive Intelligence communication planning Services • Viabilities / Feasibilities / International Marketing & Appraisals Sponsorships • Product launch communication Equipping & Trade planning and execution Education & Training • Social media engagement • Business Planning • Lobbying 19
  20. 20. Expertise Areas • Management Buy ins / outs Management • Start-up Project Funding • Commercial Investments Consultancy Services • Project Loans & FinanceGlobal Project Financing & Financial • Equity Investments Services • Merger and AcquisitionsBusiness & Competitive Intelligence •Equity investors search Services •Corporate Finance and Services International Marketing & Sponsorships •Entrerprise Risk Services •Financial Outsourcing Services Equipping & Trade •Financial Advisory •Tax and Legal Services Education & Training •Audit 20
  21. 21. Expertise Areas Management • Global Trend Analysis • Loyalty Programs Consultancy Services • Branding Issues Global Project Financing • Manufacturing Strategies • Sales & Distribution NetworksBusiness & Compettitve Intelligence Services • Surveys & Focus Groups International Marketing & Sponsorships Equipping & Trade Education & Training 21
  22. 22. Expertise Areas • Advertising / Sponsorship Management • Public Relation & Communications Management Consultancy Service • Research Analysis Global Project Financing • Mystery Shopping • Marketing Services Business & Competitive Intelligence Services • Marketing Feasibility Studies • LobbyingInternational Marketing & Sponsorship Equipping & Trade Education & Training 22
  23. 23. Expertise Areas • Equipment Selection Management • Tender Preparation Consultancy Services • Acquisition Documentation • Project Installations Global Project Financing • Testing & Certifications • International TradeBusiness & Competitive Intelligence Services International Marketing & Sponsorship Equipping & Trade Education & Training 23
  24. 24. Expertise Areas • Company Seminars Management • Taylor-Made Courses Consultancy Services • In-House Training • Project Management Courses Global Project Financing • Education & Training • WorkshopsBusiness & Competitive Intelligence Services International Marketing & Sponsorships Equipping & Trade Education & Training 24
  25. 25. is the project developer of … Foreign Economic RelationsTurkish Contractor Associations Board A GLOBAL POWER OF TURKISH PRIVATE SECTOR Entes Construction Housing Development Tepe Construction Administration of Turkey In 81 Cities, 800 Towns, with Soyak Construction 2.218 Worksites, 520.211 Housing Units.. Sembol Construction Council of Shopping Centers And others… Krea Real Estate 25
  26. 26. REFERENCES & CONTACTS – Service Provider
  27. 27. References ( Corporate Communication Services) 27
  28. 28. References : ( Consulting & Business ) 28
  29. 29. REFERENCES & CONTACTS – Hospitality Industry
  30. 30. Reputation Management Approach 30
  31. 31. Project Process Mapping C&M: 31
  32. 32. Strategic Process of C&M Business Objectives & Strategy Competitive Analysis & Reputation Survey SWOT Analysis Communication Objectives Positioning & Key Messages Stakeholders & Target Groups Analysis Specific Messages to Stakeholders & Target Groups Communication Tools/Channels Analysis Strategy Action Plan 32
  33. 33. C&M Global Solutions Venture C&M Global Solutions Group ( Head Office ) Turkey Ltd. Company YuksekAlan Mah. 519.Sok. Y.Mehmet Apt. No:71/12 TR-07000 Antalya Tel: +90 (0)532 275 17 37 Fax: +90 (0)242 321 24 08 C&M Global Solutions France 90 rue de Mas de Portaly 34000 Montpellier France Tel: +33 (0) 677 98 49 86 Fax: +33 (0) 467 30 22 27 C&M Global Solutions Russian Federation 119002, Moscow Arbat Str.No:12, bld.1 Tel: +7 (499) 685 11 09 Fax: +7 (495) 691 33 39 Email: München Berlin Brixen Shanghai Antalya&Istanbull