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Christmas presentation by Amy

A presentation about British christmas traditions for primary school.

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Christmas presentation by Amy

  1. 1. Christmas in the United Kindom
  2. 2. Christmas is a very important holiday in the UK There are lots of special English Christmas traditions.
  3. 3. Trees and decorations Every family has a Christmas tree and lots decorate their houses with lights.
  4. 4. Even the Queen!
  5. 5. Some people go a bit over the top
  6. 6. December 24th - Christmas eve Christmas eve is the night before Christmas . Children write letters to Santa Claus and tell him what presents they want. Families spend time together. They might watch a Christmas movie on TV. One of the most popular Christmas films is The Snowman
  7. 7. Christmas eve Before going to bed, children leave mince pies and milk for santa claus. They leave a carrot for Rudolf, his reindeer.
  8. 8. Christmas eve Children hang Christmas stockings by the fireplace or at the end of their beds, so that Santa can fill them with presents.
  9. 9. Everyone wishes for a... White Christmas Which means snow, but this is very unusual!
  10. 10. Father Christmas Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, brings presents to all the children . He lives in the North Pole and flys around the world on his sleigh, which is pulled by nine reindeer. Elves help him make presents for all the children.
  11. 11. Father Christmas He comes down the chimney, and leaves presents in Christmas stockings and under the Christmas tree.
  12. 12. Christmas day The family open their presents together.
  13. 13. Christmas dinner We eat a big meal together at lunch time
  14. 14. Christmas dinner Turkey
  15. 15. Christmas Crackers
  16. 16. Christmas dinner We eat mince pies and Christmas pudding... We set the pudding on fire! =6xDe_B8hymQ
  17. 17. After Christmas dinner... The family relax together and start thinking about Christmas next year...
  19. 19. Christmas quiz
  20. 20. What is this?
  21. 21. Where does Santa put the presents?
  22. 22. What do we eat for Christmas dinner?
  23. 23. What is this cat eating?
  24. 24. Name two things you get in a Christmas Cracker....
  25. 25. Do you like Christmas?