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Measuring The Success of Tourism & Event Queensland’s ‘Instameet’ Campaign

Paper presented at the CAUTHE conference. Gold Coast, Australia

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Measuring The Success of Tourism & Event Queensland’s ‘Instameet’ Campaign

  1. 1. Measuring The Success of Tourism & Event Queensland’s ‘Instameet’ Campaign Darryl Woodford & Katie Prowd @dpwoodford | @katieprowd
  2. 2. STRUCTURE ● About Us ● Value of Social Media ● About the Campaign ● Methodology ● Instagram around the world, and in QLD ● The TEQ Instameet campaign ● Imagery & Reactions ● Long Term Impact & Value for Tourism ● About Hypometer
  4. 4. AND THE RESULT...
  5. 5. ABOUT THE CAMPAIGN ● “World’s Biggest Instameet” - 4 Oct 2014 ● 89 Separate Meets ● Goals: ○ Bring attention to QLD as a tourism destination ○ Generate imagery that can be used for promotional campaigns ● Meetups hosted by paid photographers / influencers ● Campaign focused on Instagram
  6. 6. METHODOLOGY & TECHNOLOGY ● Gathered data that used official hashtags (#instameet, #thisisqueensland, #queensland) on Instagram, as well as before-and-after data on the TEQ account followers on Twitter & Instagram. ● While <1% of Tweets are geotagged, >50% of Instagram images are. ● Utilises analytics technology developed in-house: ○ for content ○ for follower growth (‘accession’)
  8. 8. ...AND IN QUEENSLAND ● Two forms of location data: ○ defined Instagram locations (e.g. Abell Point Marina, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary) ○ geotagged tweets, with exact latitude and longitude ● Expected concentrations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Cairns/FNQ/Whitsundays. ● Some participation from outside official events
  9. 9. SITUATING THE CAMPAIGN ● An undoubtedly successful campaign ● #thisisqueensland was the primary hashtag used on the day, with 4,662 images. This was a jump from <500 before and after the event. ● #queensland saw a small spike on the day (1,344 images), however also saw spikes on weekends before and after. ● #instameet was also used for 1,657 images. These are not included in the graph for scaling, as international instameets (e.g. USA) saw much higher volume.
  10. 10. THE CAMPAIGN ITSELF ● 3,000 of the images were posted before 9am. ● Sunrise and Sunsets were the most common time periods for photos on #thisisqueensland (promoted at official meetups). ● Other hashtags rose steadily throughout the day.
  11. 11. IMAGERY Most popular image of the day‘Image Wall’ @ 11pm, 4 October
  12. 12. INTERACTIONS ● Both Likes & Comments followed a long-tail distribution, which is fairly standard for social media content. ● Most popular image received >9,500 likes, while over 90% of the images had less than 10. ● Only 41 posts (0.6%) had >50 comments, while 5,535 (83.8%) had less than 5. ● Should allow TEQ to determine the most impactful images.
  13. 13. LONG TERM IMPACTS ● We developed a way to determine (within a few hours) when user x followed account y. ● Thus able to map growth other time. ● Instameet campaign led to over 6k new Instagram followers for TEQ, a large proportion of which can be expected to continue to follow beyond the campaign. ● Increases reach of TEQ, but whether that converts to increased tourism numbers has yet to be seen.
  14. 14. VALUE OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR TOURISM ● Optimise the experience of guests through their social media interactions ● Monitoring and evaluating the short and long-term success of social media campaigns ● Marketing/Building Narratives: “The Gold Coast is the most talked about tourist destination in QLD”
  16. 16. A BRIEF PLUG FOR HYPOMETER ● Hypometer has been featured in/on: ○ ABC News 24 & Channel 7 ○ The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, The Age & Brisbane Times ○ Pacific Magazines ○ 4BC Brisbane & ABC National Radio ○ MusicFeeds ○ FasterLouder ● Happy to discuss uses of technology after this session
  17. 17. SUMMARY Darryl Woodford & Katie Prowd | Twitter: @dpwoodford / @katieprowd / @thehypometer / @socialmediaQUT