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SPBNET Company profile. SPBNET is Russian webdev company delivering business solutions and internet tech support for corporate customers. SPBNET main competence is web applications (Internet and Intranet) projection and development

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SPBNET Company Profile_english_03.09

  2. 2. General Information Head Office Company SPBNET Company was established in 2003. Company focuses its effort on delivering business solutions and internet tech support and consulting for the corporate customers. SPBNET main competence is web applications (Internet and Intranet) projection and development as well as support and promotion services. Solutions and services • Websites, social networks, web applications • Intranet systems • Multimedia (flash presentations, cards, trailers, games) • Internet Marketing License and certificates: • Internet projects tech and information servicing • Certificate by Yandex (Russia’s largest internet search engine) № 07-310 from April, 6, 2007 Specialists (authorized partner) Projects on the staff: developed: • Accreditation certificate from Russian largest contextual advertising service Begun № 2007- 518 from 01.01.2007 > 30 > 120 • Governmental license № 31981 for telematics services (valid till May, 31, 2010) 2
  3. 3. SPBNET Clients 3
  4. 4. Branch Companies Internet advertising agency Netrika Netrika is an Internet advertising agency established in 2008. It is involved in rendering promotional services like media planning, ads production (banners), banner advertisements placement, contextual advertising placement, SMO & SMM, PR on the net. www.netrika.ru Creative design studio Deepartment Deepartment is a creative design studio established in 2007. It is involved in development of website design, graphical design, multimedia presentation production and promo sites. www.deepartment.ru 4
  5. 5. Partners PeterStar Company is one of the leaders of the telecommunications market of Russia’s Northwest Region. SPBNET is an outsourcing developer of web solutions for PeterStar clients. SPBNET designed the project of a new PeterStar corporate website launched in 2008. SPN Ogilvy Public Relations - Russian branch of the largest international communication company Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide. SPBNET company consults agency personnel about Internet technologies and implements a part of works of the agency. One of the largest communication and advertising agencies in St.Petersburg. SPBNET Company is agency’s partner in web projects design, management and implementation. Yandex Company operates Russia’s largest internet search engine and affiliated services including text-based advertising system (Google AdWords analogue). SPBNET is the official Yandex partner (Yandex.Direct advertising system) and has certified specialists on the staff. Begun – the leading Russian contextual advertising network covering the most popular sites of Russian Internet. SPBNET is the official Begun partner, and due to that SPBNET clients have special discounts on advertising within the network. 5
  6. 6. Projects implementation points 6
  7. 7. Typical site production stages Projecting stage SPBNET project development Project team: features: 8 specialists at the least Profound surveys and usability projecting before project development start 7
  8. 8. Projecting SPBNET main approach is to develop web systems according to our client’s business needs. Our priority are not only visual features (design), but marketing meanings and especially technical usability. Our feature is that the process of web production is foreseen by complex research of the project target audience interests, needs and behavior. The results of this analysis are used by system architect to form convenient informational structure and navigation of the future website, to construct user interfaces (prototypes) and data bases. The detailed technical task is prepared on the basis of this research. Owing to projecting stage our Client can analyze the proposed solution and can make corrections at the beginning of the development process 8
  9. 9. Design concept is developed in accordance with interface prototypes approved by Client Example: Prototype Design 9
  10. 10. SPBNET Software Products Client can edit website content and structure himself. System feature set can be updated by attaching new modules Self-developed flexible platform for Internet and Intranet resources administration Sapphire Framework 10
  11. 11. Sapphire CMF features Unlike many content management systems (CMS) Sapphire CMF has the mechanisms ensuring fast system updating and expansion which allows using umbrella schemes in management of groups of websites as well as integrating the web-resource with external applications and systems used by the customer (databases, automatic control systems, 1С). Sapphire CMF is a kind of MVC systems, i.e. it has three basic elements - a core (controller), data display module (viewer) and a model set (model) used as a basis to create functional modules. Functional modules are selected and modified individually for each project, which allows implementing in the system any non-standard solutions. Sapphire CMF-based websites smoothly integrate with the customer’s entire business-process system. 11
  12. 12. SPBNET web projects servicing facilities * Services are provided if only necessary Monthly servicing cost vary and depends on facilities need for each Client (volume of work is estimated in hours). Servicing is necessary for: Project efficiency Information Target audience Loyal and regular and high performance security and prospective customer group maintenance ensuring customers attraction formation Efficiency control Monthly detailed report is prepared by company’s specialists and submitted to the Client 12
  13. 13. Contacts: 15 A, Parashutnaya st., St.Petersburg Russia 197349 Tel./fax: +7 (812) 331-555-1 E-mail: pm@spbnet.ru 13