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Arvind Updated

  1. 1. Arvind Sagar. G Associate Manager – Computer Science Corporation Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) – HFI DOB: 06-Apr-1979 Mobile: 91-9052403424 e-mail: Summary  Having 8 years of experience in IT Industry.  Currently working as Associate Manager – Computer Science Corporation, India  Trained and Certified Usability Analyst (Human Factors International)  Expertise in Conducting Usability Evaluations and Re-designing web applications.  Sound knowledge on methodologies and processes.  Having 2 Yrs of experience in team management and resource allocation.  Conduct Knowledge sharing sessions and receive regular feedback from team members.  Attended trainings on leadership and team management.  Participated in Usability test sessions. Education  B Sc Visual Communication (Passed in the year April 2000).With Computer graphics imaging as Major  Advanced Diploma in Multimedia and Web technologies. Professional Experience User Experience:  Web Site/Applications - UX Evaluation.  Evaluate screenshots/ live applications - Evaluated approx 45 Applications and 5 websites.  Find user experience metrics based on qualitative and quantitative assessments.  Prepare Strategy/Agenda  Evaluate in-depth evaluation on all the screens which involve:  Navigation Design (IA).  Page Flow Scenarios  Task Flows  Form Fields - (Usage, Device Switching, Validations)  Visual Design - (Brand Identity, Brand Value, Brightness Vs Contrast, Layout proportion)  Data Presentation  Overall Recommendations  Proposed Design  Justifications and related benchmarks User Interface:  Low Level Prototype  High Fidelity Prototypes.  HTML Development  CSS Development  Visual Design.
  2. 2. New Technologies  iRise Analysis and Practice. Software Proficiency Web designing: Adobe Photoshop, Balsamiq, Power Point, HTML, CSS, In-Design Graphic designing: Adobe Photoshop Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP Series Achievements Was awarded for best performance on User Interface Development and Design – 25th May 2006 Conducted presentations to practice and institutionalize usability at corporate level Project Details Computer Sciences Corporation – June2009 – September 2010 Client: PayPal Designation: Sr. Interaction Designer Develop and design user centric elements from wireframes to advance prototype for PayPal. The work involves: Project: Quick Draw Settlement Withdrawal: The goal of the “QuickDraw” initiative is to develop liquid bank withdrawal products using wires in United Kingdom (existing Withdrawal capability), Argentina, Vietnam, (new bank Withdrawal capability) and using local ACH-out in Brazil, Israel and Malaysia (new bank Withdrawal capability), through a single platform (Citi WorldLink platform). Withdrawal capability via ACH-out and Wire enables users to withdraw funds from their PP balance to the local bank accounts in a timely, convenient, and relatively cheap (for ACH) manner. It provides incentive for sellers to sign-up for PP and to use it as a way to facilitate business transactions. In the markets like UK, a faster withdrawal option coupled with multi-currency settlement will meet key requirements of merchants, positioning PayPal for higher adoption in large and mega merchant’s segments. Team:  Product Manager.  Sr. Interaction Designer.  Design Mentor.  Visual Designer.  Content Writer.  Web Development.  Development.
  3. 3. User Experience Process:  Experience page flows in sandbox environment..  Capture screenshots to understand the current structural page flows.  Design on optimized page flows.  Brain storm of optimized page flows.  Present scope document for the project.  Segregating task flows to map with the page flows  Create low fidelity wireframes (paper prototypes) to justify the optimized tasks on each page flow.  Prepare for mentor review on the proposed design.  Present to the cross functional teams on the proposed design.  Discuss on change on development and impact analysis.  Final UED spec Sign off.  Hand off to Visual Design.  Review meeting with content resource in SJC.  Prepare for Audit.  Support. Project snapshots and UED spec to be provided upon request. APAC Funds In - Usability: PayPal has its online payment gateway which is widely used in the US market. The intention of this project is to understand the demographics and the legal attributes to test online payments using PayPal and third party engines. In India Bill desk is a prominent provider for online payments which is linked with other banks and financial institutions for online payments. We need to discover online payments which would engage the user in a set of procedures to activate the online payment system using PayPal. The exercise would conclude the qualitative and quantitative aspects of user behavior for each flow. Team:  Product Manager.  Sr. Interaction Designer.  Design Mentor.  Visual Designer.  Content Writer.  User Experience Researcher. User Experience Process:  Experience online flows using Bill Desk, Online Banking.  Understand the legal parameters of PayPal using online payments.  Capture existing PayPal US online payments.  Brainstorm on the existing US flows.  Create Prototypes (paper works) for India flows.  Present to Product, UE researcher and Mentors.  Brainstorm on the proposed flows.  Create UED Spec on the proposed flows.  Co-ordinate with Visual Design standards and Content Manager.  Deliver Spec.  Prepare for Audit.
  4. 4. Preparing for Usability testing: Location: Human Factors International Participants: 8 Profiling and personas: UE researcher to co-ordinate with the agency.  Examine the questionnaire.  Add point that would probe the user for more information.  Pilot test with IDC folks on the design Vs the questionnaire.  Usability test kick off.  Capture Video of participants.  Notes on user pain points and feedback.  Present to the team and the product manager. Project snapshots and UED spec to be provided upon request. Capgemini Consulting (Previously Kanbay) – Dec2006 – June-2009 Client: Johnson and Johnson Designation: Sr.Consultant – UX Lead # Conceptualizations - Integration of Google Mashup for BT sales portal: Understanding Phase: The UX team had a one on one discussion with the client to understand the crucial business objective: Activities: Focus Group Session  Business User  Stakeholder  Project Manager  Delivery Manager  Tester  UX Various design patterns and concepts were drawn by client. Manage to understand the initial requirement. Documented the MoM. Understood the client benchmark. Construction Phase: The UX team has not given any recommendations at that point of time. The UX team has taken 3 full weeks to do an IA and the task flow for the sales application. The UX team also had an option of introducing Google Maps into the project (This was the first time this concept was presented to the client) Documents Delivered:  MoM Document  Initial Requirement Document  PPT on the wire frames  Details of the next call. Further iterations were included after breaking the crucial line in the requirement. The second revision of design PPT was delivered with the relevant changes.
  5. 5. Implementation Phase:  Brand document received from the client.  High Fidelity prototypes delivered.  XHTML, CSS validations passed.  Style Guides Documented.  Sign Off Project Nutshell User Experience:  Business Theatre  OBI Centocor  Sales Dashboards  Sales Conventions  Market Place  Sales Supply  On Boarding  Sales Connect  Touch Point - CRM  Second Life User Interface:  Sales Dashboards  Sales Conventions  Market Place  Sales Supply  Sales Connect  Touch Point - CRM  Second Life  Ortho Biotech  Remicade  SHP  Be Active  Tibotech  Virco I-flex solutions - May2004 – Dec2006 Client: Deutsche Bank, Citibank, Invest Corp, Standard and Poor, State Street, Allan Gray. Designation: Associate Consultant – Interaction Design Develop and design user centric elements from wireframes to advance prototype for Deutsche Bank, State Street and Citibank applications. The work involves:  Implement user requirement specification to derive simple task flow.  Develop page types on task and information scenario.  Wire frame User Experience Mockup’s on User Requirements.  Site Architecture, Navigation Frequency.  Develop prototype with respect to product functionality.  Implement corporate skins based on institutionalization of brand and standards.  Implementing realistic client side functionality into the websites.  Enhancing User interface and flexible functionality with individual ideas.
  6. 6. Siemens Information Systems Limited - Aug 2003-Dec 2003 (On Contract) Designation: Web Designer I gained my previous experience in working for Siemens Information Systems Limited. I take the key responsibility for the construction of Siemens Productivity and Quality Intranet site. Basically the challenge is the usage of creative design with Siemens guidelines and standards. The site is loaded with fresh colors and effective design for both static and applications. Cisco Systems (On Contract) - Nov 2002-July 2003 Designation: Web/Graphic Designer  Maintain and create of new interface designs for Cisco Systems.  Maintain Global Partner Engineering that has its main base in San Jose. Cisco GPE site comprises of latest R&D facilities and its description.  Undergone series of migrations: Cisco India to Cisco Asia Pac Standards. The intranet site and application has been migrated with Cisco Standards, brand value and Policies. The interface has given a unique appearance in look and feel along with esthetic design.  Looking on to the other phase, actively involved with senior representatives of Cisco Systems for the construction of another User interface for Online Travel Booking tool. The site involves with online booking, from and to India or within India.  Played major streamline with the developers and designed a front-end Interface that has proven utility both to the designing and the programming point of view.  Create prototype on different shades and layouts for a unique look and feel.  Holding talks with the client onsite for content flow and functionality specifications.  Conceptualize intranet site with corporate standards and implementing functionality.  Presentation of the prototype to senior project managers and team and discuss usability concepts at personal interests. Teembrains Technology Pvt Ltd (formerly ecalyx India Pvt Ltd) - Nov 2001-July 2002 Designation: Graphic/Web Designer Client: Civilonline Role: Web Designer Team size: 5 Responsibilities: User Interface Design & Development Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash Projects Details: brings the construction industry together to achieve fast and cost-effective bid management and provide a market place for materials and services. By harnessing the power of the Internet, provides tools to help construction professionals quickly find the most qualified and competitive trade partners. Client: Teembrains
  7. 7. Role: Web Designer Team size: 4 Responsibilities: Design concepts, incorporate design direction, and produce final creative work. Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash. Projects Details: Teembrains provides scalable, expandable, secure and custom eBusiness solutions to the Global 2000 & startup organizations. This website features all the solutions offered by Teembrains in addition to the methodology in practice. The site also offers online Posting of resumes, and Job openings. Personal Details Name: Aravind Sagar.G DOB: 06-04-1979 E-mail: Phone: 91-9052403424 Location: Hyderabad For Communication E-mail: Phone: 91-9052403424