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FMP Production log

  1. 1. Salford City CollegeEccles Sixth Form CentreBTec Level 3Extended Diploma in Creative Media ProductionGames DesignFinal Major ProjectProduction LogName Chris MunroDate CommentsTuesday19/02/2013Today I began to research the target audience. I looked at popular arcade games on various websites. I also Created a Questionnaire.Wednesday20/02/2013I handed out some questionnaires, and I created a online survey using, I then posted to link to the survey on gaming forums so I can open up to wideraudience.Thursday21/02/2013I did research into how online gaming websites such as miniclip generate revenue through advertisements on the site.Friday22/02/2013Researched into audience profiling.Tuesday26/02/2013Continued audience profiling research and Compiled questionnaire answers into graphs.Wednesday27/02/2013Hosted a focus group and began audience profiling conclusionThursday28/02/2013Finished Task 2. Created a mood-board.Friday01/03/2013Started Task 3, looked at games, control and game mechanics.Tuesday05/03/2013Finished Task 3 + uploaded to bloggerWednesday06/03/2013Made pitch. And finished task 4. Uploaded pitch video to blog.Thursday07/03/2013Started task 5 pre-production, drew up a rough idea/storyboard for visual reference.Friday08/03/2013Task 5 pre-production – production plan.Tuesday12/03/2013Task 5 Pre-production – budget.Wednesday13/03/2013Budget, contract.Thursday Gui Main menu prototype build
  2. 2. 14/03/2013Friday15/03/2013GUI Main menu prototype build .Tuesday19/03/2013GUI Main menu Prototype Build + Sound for GUI. Start of SpaceCraft controller/functionality for level 1.Tuesday09/04/2013Level functionality, Particle Emitter for Thruster.Wednesday10/04/2013Shooting functionality, collision detection with a certain object.Thursday11/04/2013Today I ran into a major Error. This error is a major setback as I now have to restart my entire project from the start. I need to rebuild the GUI, and the game level. Lucky I stillhave access to the scripts I used so I should be able to get back on track.Friday12/04/2013Today I was able to recreate the ship controller with working particle effect (thrusters) . I also added in a new feature that rotates the ship slighty when moving allong theHorizontal axis. I added in the shooting scrpit and fixed it so the its doesn’t collide with the ship its self.Tuesday16/04/2013Today I worked on the shooting functionality and made a target that had health and when shot 1 point of health is subtracted. So when its shot 3 times it is destroyed.Wednesday17/04/2013I worked on creating an in game GUI, so when the player hits the ESCAPE key, a menu pops up and the user is able to back out to the main menu.Thursday18/04/2013Today I tried to give the game and objective, I tried to create the functionality of ‘winning’. The objective being the level will only be completed if a platform is activated and theplayer then lands on the enemy space station. I tried to do this by using simple a variable with a true or false value, I set the variable to FALSE and on the platform activatingfuntion i changed the variable to equals TRUE. On the winning script I wrote a simple debug console message of ‘You win’ I only wanted the console to print the message if Itnoticed that the variable was TRUE however it printed the message even if I didn’t activate the platform.Friday19/04/2013The winning functionitly proved to be more complicated than expected so I spent the day browsing forum on unity looking for a solution.Tuesday23/04/2013I think its about time I started improving the general look of the game so I opended up blender in attempt to create a spacecraft. However I couldn’t think of a good design so Ilooked up at other people designs online. I came across a website where you can buy and download models, I found a design I really liked and ot was free. So Ive decided to findfree models and use them in the game.Wednesday24/04/2013Thursday25/04/2013I added in a Score GUI to the game and did a little testing to figure out what needs fixing and doing and noted them down.Friday I looked at other projects online in hope that it can help with my ‘Win’ functionality, and I also looked for other solutions on the unity forums.
  3. 3. 26/04/2013Tuesday30/04/2013I looked online at certain websites to find free models that came with textures so I can use them in my game.Wednesday1/05/2013Score/shooting functionality, now when and asteriod is shot and destroyed the player gains points, however this isnt complete as when I shoot and destroy another astreriod thescore stays the same, ill have to do more research and find a solution.Thursday2/05/2013When I tested my game, the collision detection was broken mainly my spacecraft would either pass throught the object or collide and not explode, so I fixed this up to the point itwould not pass though.Friday3/05/2013I re-visited the Win functionality and decided to try what I did on Thursday 18/04/2013, and still no luck but I wassure that it would work so I looked on more forums and found out that I wasn’t calling the Script I was simplycalling the variable so I added it in… but still it wasn’t working so I asked my friend if he knew why it wasn’tworking and he did, he showed me that the variable wasn’t a global variable. So finaly I have the WinFunctioanlity Working.Tuesday7/05/2013I fixed the Collision detection so now the ship explodes on collision.Wednesday8/05/2013I addd in a new line of script so that the spacecraft will only explode if the usercollided too hard.Thursday9/05/2013I tried many different methords that was suggested online in order to create ‘score over time’ how ever I kept getting problems with the Code and it wasn’t working.Friday10/05/2013I Wasn’t able to meet my target of exporting a prototype version. I was still trying to find sollutions into the GUI of my game. What I was able to acomplise today was a fuelamount GUI. It’s a green bar that decreases when fuel is being use (when the player is pressing Down a Key). I then turned my attention back to the score GUI but I still wasn’tsuccesful in getting the GUIText to display the score properly.Tuesday14/05/2013I was able to display the score by using a GUI.Lable instead of the standard GUIText.
  4. 4. Wednesday15/05/2013I imporved the overall layout of the level trying to make it more challenging and over all look better.Thursday16/05/2013Today I created 2 new scene’s that will load either when the player wins or loses/gets destroyed. They arent guite what I want yet but its starting point and ill work on themmore.Friday17/05/2013I mainly focused up on doing touch ups today I did some more work on the level and decided to dellay the idea of and enemy turret for now, instead I have created a barrierwhich is just small meteorites orbiting the winning platform and the user can disable it by landing on another platform. This adds more purpose and objective to the game and imquite pleased with it.Tuesday21/05/2013I worked on my game over the weekend I made a lot of changes such as, I added and enemy that moves left to right, once the player destroys the the enemy the activationplatform spawns, the player then lands on the activation platform to gain fuel and turn of the barrier protecting the win platform. When I got in college today I created two C#scripts which makes the enemy fire ever few seconds. When I tested the level I found it quite hard and challenging, just what I wanted. I then cleaned up a little on the menusystem I took away the old scroll texture I was using as a guide. Originally I was to replace this with sci-fi panels but I coulnt find any that would work with my game, so I justadded in a space background. I added in a quick title using GUIText. And then when I was happy I Build/Exported the game.