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Ning presentation 10 13-10


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Framingham State University MSN Program Ning slide show by Mary T. Mathieu and Cindy DeLuca

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Ning presentation 10 13-10

  1. 1. presented by CINDY DELUCA, RN & MARY T. MATHIEU, RN FSU MSN PROGRAM FALL 2010 Ning
  2. 2. What it is... Platform for creation of social network site Ning in Chinese means peace URL = Slogan – Create your own social network for anything. Located in downtown Palo Alto, CA. Competes w/ MySpace, Facebook You TubeTube What is NingWhat is Ning
  3. 3. Ning History Developed in 10/2004 Founders Marc Andreessen and Gina Bianchini Initially free, until 04/2010 Dr. Bechtel started FSC MSN 2012 FSU MSN BlogFSU MSN Blog FSU MSN 2012FSU MSN 2012
  4. 4. Who uses Ning? We do! Politicians Talk Show Hosts Musicians Educators Non-profits
  5. 5. Ning Pros Make clinical, teaching, and scholarship connections (Skiba, November/ December 2008). Developers have some creative control. iPhone interface as of 03/2009. Interaction w/ fans Sharing insight and connecting w/ friends Connect w/ experts on any subject. Public or private
  6. 6. Ning Cons Cost of service  Three Fee schedules  Effect on non-profits Technical Glitches reported
  7. 7. I REFUSE TO “I refuse to pay”
  8. 8. CUPCAKES FOR A CAUSE Bake Sale To Support NING
  9. 9. Ning Site Creation Branding and visual design freedom Unique member profiles Public or Private Invite and Share
  10. 10. Ning Site Creation (cont.) Latest Activity - Real-time status updates RSS Feeds - Ongoing access to blogs/websites Photos and Videos – Upload and share Chat - Online in real-time Groups – Dedicated discussion Discussion Forum – like Blackboard Blogs – as a tab or on main page Events – organize and track Ning Apps – additional features
  11. 11. Ning Demonstration You Tube VideoTube Video How to NingHow to Ning
  12. 12. References Skiba, D. J. (November / December 2008). Nursing Education 2.0: Social Networking for Professionals. Nursing Education Perspectives. 29. (6). 370-371.
  13. 13. Question and Answer Period
  14. 14. Thank you for listening!