Trey Term 4 Task 2011


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Trey Term 4 Task 2011

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Trey Term 4 Task 2011

  1. 1. Task 2011 Term 4EvaluatingBy Trey Soper Rua
  2. 2. What have I learnt?This Task has been on how wepersonally evaluate. In our class wehave done a lot of evaluating around theGeneral Election 2011. We have focusedon how everyone evaluates to maketheir decision on who they are voting for.Though doing this work I have learnt alot about the Election and surprisingly Iknow more about the different systemsfor the election than my mum. We havealso talked about how countries are runby the government. We talked aboutcountries that run under Dictatorshipsand how fair and unfair it is. We havealso talked about how we are run by aDemocracy.
  3. 3. Where did I start?I started out knowing that JohnKey was part of National andPhil Goff was part of Labour. Ionly knew that we lived under aDemocracy and that everybodygot to vote over about 20.
  4. 4. Where am I now?I am now at a stage where I knowas much maybe even more aboutthe way countries are run and theelection than my mum. I now knowthe difference between the differentsystems that everybody had to votefor in the referendum. I know thedifferent ways countries are run. Welive under a democracy like a lot ofother countries but other countriesare not the same. Like that NorthKorea live under a dictatorshipwhere everybody is given equaleverything.
  5. 5. What’s Changed?This task has made me realize that weevaluate when we don’t even know we are.I have also learnt a lot Politics and howgovernments are run in different countries.In class we had to do a flow-chart on howwe cross the road. It was harder than we allthought and it proved that we evaluatewhen we cross the road without eventhinking about it. Using evaluation as aguidance we started talking about politicsand the General Election this year. Wefocused on how people evaluate to maketheir decision in the General Election. Wealso talked about different ways countriesare run.
  6. 6. What’s Improved?My knowledge for politics hasdefinitely gotten better thoughall the work we have done inclass and my knowledge forevaluation has gotten better allthe work and class discussionsthat we have done.
  7. 7. How did I do it?For this task one of the mainthings that helped me learn wasdiscussions in class. Gettinginvolved in class discussionshelps me learn more than goingoff and working independently.What also helped me waswatching 3 News and using thethings I had learnt in class tomake sense of the political stuffthey talked about. I also learntfrom looking at how to cross theroad that we evaluate withouteven thinking that we areevaluating.
  8. 8. How did I get here? John Key is part of National???I got from knowing pretty muchnothing about politics and theways governments are run toknowing a lot about politicsand knowing how differentgovernments are run. I gothere by getting involved inclass discussions and listening Beforeto what Ms Tahu says when Aftershes talking about I now knowTask, Politics and of course about the listevaluating. I also got here from MP’s and thewatching 3 News at 6:00 and electorates.trying to use what I learnt from See to help me make sense.
  9. 9. Thanks for watching!!!