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Coels project Term 4 Task


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Coel's Term 4 Task Presentation

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Coels project Term 4 Task

  1. 1. Task Term 4 EVALUATION!!!!!!OHNO YEAH!!!!
  2. 2. Young one evaluation is the key to decision making .It is when you think back on what something you have doneCheese and fix loose ends Whats for the future . evaluation
  3. 3. Hmm the cheeseburger or the big Mac well Igf remember the big Mac was too much for my tummy so I pick the cheeseburger 
  4. 4. I played with What did you do Lego and today made a helicopter! Good youevaluated .
  5. 5. But I just finished the last task……damn Where I started I started off by thinking this task was going to be boring and I was ……Absolutely correct . But Istarted off by knowing something about evaluation but never took much notice of it .
  6. 6. What I learnt• I learnt that you use evaluation all the time but don’t know it also that evaluation can help a lot on making previous things better . I learnt that evaluation can help a lot when making a decision . HMMMM which one should I pick
  7. 7. My evaluation • So I think this task was a little bit fun but boring at times I think I take more notice about evaluation .
  8. 8. FINISHED!!!• This terms theme for my presentation was Lego  awesome
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