DepEd chooses model schools in Mis Or for CITLE Project DepEd Mis Or hires 664 New Teachers
The Division of Misamis Orient...
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K TO 12 starts to bloom
Kindergarten, Grades 1, 2, 7, and 8 of K to 12 are now in full swing. A plan conceived , no...
The name Misamis Orien-
tal was derived from the word
Misa, a Spanish term for mass
or a church rite. When Christi-
anity ...
Kuyamis mis or 2013
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Kuyamis mis or 2013


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Kuyamis mis or 2013

  1. 1. DepEd chooses model schools in Mis Or for CITLE Project DepEd Mis Or hires 664 New Teachers The Division of Misamis Oriental hosted a “Regional Workshop on the Reconciliation of Accounts and Preparation of Calendar Year 2012 Financial Reports" on July 8-12, 2013 at Hotel Koresco, Pueblo de Oro Golf Estate, Airport Road, Lum- bia, Cagayan de Oro City. The Workshop was participated by the Bookkeepers of the 14 Divisions in Region 10 and the Bookkeepers from the Secondary Schools that are Implementing Units. The participants were welcomed by the Division Office-Incharge, Dr. Erlinda Dael, EPS-1, during the Open- ing program on July 8, 2013 at 9 AM. Mrs. Emilinda O. Yamut, Chief AO, Budget and Finance Division, Re- gion10, gave a message to the partici- pants during the program. The District of Sugbongcogon marked July 25, 2013 as a Historic Day as it launched the ICT e- Reading Program. The said district which comprises the municipalities of Sugbongcogon and Binuangan at the far-stretched Misamis Orien- tal,gave an open hand to the ICT e- Reading Program at Alicomohan Elementary School, Sugbongco- gon. The launching at 9 AM was attended by Vice Mayor Mildred Lagbas Mondigo of Sugbongco- gon, Vice Mayor Marcelo Abao Volume 2 # 1 Official Publication of the Division of Misamis Oriental June—July, 2013 Sugbongcogon District launches ICT e-Reading Program of Binuangan, Alumni Presi- dent , Diosdado Pao Jr. Baran- gay Captains, PTA Officials and members, District Supervi- sor of Sugbongcogon District, School Heads, and Dr. Erlinda G. Dael, EPS 1, Division of Misamis Oriental. All schools received daylight projector, and external memory storage which showed an ad- vantage over Computer Technol- ogy in this kind of institutional endeavour. Erlinda G. Dael The government of the Philippines through the Department Education (DepEd) recognizes the need to achieve and sustain quality education and foster a culture of excel- lence and Continuous Improve- ment (CI) in basic education in the country. To help address this need, the DepEd in partnership with the government of Australia and Human Capital Asia is implementing a project called Continuous Improve- ment Towards Leaner Excellence (CITLE) to institute quality and continuous improvement in schools . Four schools in the Division of Misamis Oriental, Region X were chosen as mod- el schools: Baliwagan and Laguindingan Central Schools together with Baliwagan and Laguindingan National High Schools. The project is funded by Australian AID (AusAID) and managed by the Philip- pine Australian Human Resource Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF) and Human Capital Asia (HCA). Thirty four model schools in the five regions in the country are the focus of the continuous improvement (CI) interventions. The School Heads of the 4 schools together with the Schools Division Superinten- dent of Misamis Oriental, Dr. Cherry Mae Limbaco, CESO V attended the training on Plan- ning Workshop for the Implementation of CITLE Project held in Tagaytay ,July 8-11, 2013. DepED Mis Or hosts Regional Workshop Erlinda G. Dael To ensure proper and wide implementation of the K to 12 Program, the Division of Misamis Oriental hired 180 Kindergarten Teachers, 157 Elementary School Teachers and 327 Secondary School Teachers totaling to 664 as of July 2013. These Teachers are as- signed in the different schools all throughout Misamis Oriental which showed Teachers' need based on eBEIS data of the Division. The Teachers received their ap- pointment as soon as they have attended the Teacher's Induction Program (TIP) at the Division office Confer- ence Hall on specified schedule. The services of these newly-hired Teachers will lead to a reduced class size. In a long plan system, it will then meet the goal of the Department to attain Quality Teaching-Learning Process.
  2. 2. Page 2 K TO 12 starts to bloom Kindergarten, Grades 1, 2, 7, and 8 of K to 12 are now in full swing. A plan conceived , now received. A dream fulfilled, so to speak. DepEd Secretary, Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC, happily announced to Pres. Benigno (P-Noy) Aquino III that all schools have officially and religiously implemented the K to 12 since last year. This school year, in May 2013, DepEd launched a weeklong seminar– workshop for Grades 2 and 8 teachers to complement the Grades 1 and 7 that have been found to be successfully carried out since a year ago. The government through the Department of Education spends and finances the said training program for teachers. However, there is still a nimbus of doubts and antagonism hovering in some sectors of the society against K to 12. They pessimistically see this program. For them it is adding insult to an injury. The poor parents openly defy it, for the program is just lengthening their sacrifices in letting their kids finish high school. Moreover, they see it as another excuse for unscrupulous public officials to rob the money of the government. But the survey bares out that the program is indeed beneficial to our people. The department has been giving out the necessary aids to the students. And this aid has trickled down to the poorest of the poor in our community through the 4 Ps Program (Conditional Cash Transfer Program) of the current administration, a fulfillment of EFA (Education for All) Program of the millennium. Hence, for the other camp, the said K to 12 is tagged as a boon to everyone. “What is proposed well must be disposed well,” declared Luistro in his message to the entire Filipino race especially to the studentry through tri- media. “What we had conceived is now in bloom,” Luistro added. Thus, in his fourth State of the Nation Address, P-Noy commended the department for a job well done. He has vowed to assist whatever the depart- ment has schemed to better the program. Is K to 12 the stairway to a bright tomorrow of the juvenile Filipinos who shall tailor out dreams and spin schemes for a greater and better Philippines? Will it help knead and develop the future leaders of the country to usher our republic to her prosperity, harmony, and tranquility? Editorial Board Writers/Contributors Education Program Supervisors District Supervisors School Heads Journalism Teachers Campus Journalists Non teaching Staff Adviser Cherry Mae L. limbaco, Ph.D,, CESO V Schools Division Superintendent
  3. 3. The name Misamis Orien- tal was derived from the word Misa, a Spanish term for mass or a church rite. When Christi- anity was still new in the Phil- ippines, the converts were usually heard to shout "Misa!, Misa!" every time the priests traveled in the area. Thus, over a period of time, the Spanish missionaries called the province "Misamis". Other sources revealed the word "Misamis" is derived from "KUYAMIS", a variety of sweet coconut which was the staple food of the earliest known Negrito settlers of the territory. The word "KUYAMIS" was corrupted to Misamis when the Spanish colonizers came. KUYAMIS We Still Have A Chance Mr. Rey F. Ubalde Bobuntugan National High School Bobuntugan, Jasaan, Mis. Or. One day as I rode in a bus going to a press con- ference in a certain city, I happened to see a van that bumped and crashed against an old sturdy acacia tree at the rode side. It turned turtle and crates of eggs fell down to the concrete road. The noonday sun sweltering in blaze scorched the dripping albumen and egg yolks from the broken eggs on the street. Minutes later, these stuffs unexpect- edly turned out to egg omelet and scrambled eggs spelling in the roadside. God! What an incredible horrendous sight to behold! The scene somewhat startled me. Our earth...with its sun...together with the whole environs unspeakably turns into a giant ov- en...sizzling and burning like a rotating inferno in the vast Milky Way. It is just a plain manifestation of a stark reality that Mother Earth is now engulfed by the fiery fingers of simmering death, so-called global warming that on- slaughts hundreds of living souls on its barren and parched surface, including us, the earthlings. But, that is just one side of the coin. Once, in a stormy January, our barrio was al- most erased from the map of our community when a monstrous super typhoon mercilessly swept and lam- basted it with its unthinkable fury. The river swelled upstream and carried away and drowned every thing on its crazy uncharted course. Mouth of a gaped, eyes frightened, heart throb- bing fast, I witnessed the catastrophe that stirred my soul, froze my spirit and paralyzed my whole limbs for a moment. What a horrible scene God has painted when Mother Nature turns her vengeance to men who unctu- ously destroy the natural gifts of marvel and splendor. The glorious halleluiah of the flowers and birds in the sunny morning drastically shifts to a requiem of death in the twilight of life. Then I realize each of us has a vital role to play in order to save our Mother Earth partially beleaguered in the hairy hands of doom. It’s not too late to start a new and turn a new leaf to chart a new bright destiny of our only planet. Through quill and scroll, the student journalists can make and unmake our future. Let pieces of infor- mation and education fly high and low through the breadth and length of the land. Let the voices of the ju- venile ring up to the peak and down to the abyss-that Mother Earth needs you and me to save our to- morrow.